Reading is Sexy…Rob Pattinson…

There are so many things I love about Rob Pattinson…*sigh*…his eyes, his expressive mouth, when he has the sex hair going on…and that he loves to read?!? O…hell yes!


O…and look at some of the magazines he’s in…which we all buy to read…yeah right…


Thanks to susanrsm for the video!

O. My….Reading with Rob is definitely SEXY!

Tamie Xo

12 thoughts on “Reading is Sexy…Rob Pattinson…

  1. katiebirdie says:

    This just made my whole morning. *happy sigh*

    I have Carson McCullers on my reading list because of him. I also read Water for Elephants because of him, and so loved that book. I met the author and she was so sweet and kind. He seems to appreciate it when fans give him books too. 🙂


    • Lol, i bought those books too. For the same reason. I love the haunted airman. I found out that was a book called the haunting of toy juggs. Its like 50 bucks for a used paper back. I just dont have the money for it.


  2. ChocoMG2112 says:

    I too have read books just because Rob has read them. **happy sigh** I love that people on sets have said that he constantly has a book or his kindle and reads on set ALL the time. From interviews, I believe he feels a bit flattered (and bemused) that he has encouraged others to pick up different books and read. As Katie said, he said he was again bemused, but delighted to receive books from fans.

    Oh and btw, The Professionals is a great read, and Rob endorsed!! (Hopefully coming to a theater near you in the future, with Rob attached in some capacity)



  3. rdmickey1989 says:

    I do like that he loves to read, but he might get embarrassed if he read what I do. *giggles*

    I have gotten hubs to read some of the oneshots, but never a full ff.

    And that trusty kindle seems to go everywhere with him.


  4. I do love him so. purrrrrrr


  5. Elena says:

    *happy sigh* I love Rob. He’s simply amazing. He’s handsome, intelligent, smart…I too find myself adding to my to-read list the books he reads. Looking forward to more Rob!


  6. Marishia says:

    I love seeing people with books, that is most definitely a turn on…his bed room eyes come a distance second of course. 🙂


  7. susanrsm says:

    Rob’s love to read is so sexy to me. When he rec’d “Ticket to Ride” by Dennis Potter in his interview with in 2008 I just had to buy it. It was out of print but I managed to get my hands on the paperback for $10. A little birdie I know borrowed it from me. 😉


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