Book Club Reminders- Gabriel’s Rapture (7/8- 7/14)

Happy Sunday all!

We’ve just concluded our first week of the BT book club, and Elena and I have had an absolute blast. We hope you’re having as much fun as we are. We loved the discussion post we did, and then reading and responding to all of you who have joined in. Thanks guys! We enjoy talking about Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard with y’all, and look forward to the coming weeks as we read farther.

It’s never too late to share your thoughts and feelings with us, so if you weren’t able to participate yet don’t worry about it. Use this link and add your two cents in the comment section.

A huge thank you and collar tug worthy hugs to SR for participating. It’s incredibly fantastic, and super cool when your favorite author takes the time to answer reader questions!

Let’s check out this next week’s schedule for the book club…

This week we’re reading: Chapters 9-20

All questions for SR must be in by Tuesday evening to be considered. You can ask them in the comment section, or if you’re shy you can email them to

Please limit questions to the chapters we’re reading or have read.

On Wednesday (July 11th) We’ll post the next set of discussion questions for you to think on.

**Please remember, don’t answer them until we open the discussion on Saturday**

On Saturday (July 14th) We’ll post the discussion between Elena and myself which is your cue to join in.

Thanks again to all who shared such meaningful answers and thoughts with us, who have shown such support with your visits, kind messages, and by helping us spread the word on twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere. We are deeply appreciative.

Tamie Xo and Elena

3 thoughts on “Book Club Reminders- Gabriel’s Rapture (7/8- 7/14)

  1. karen says:

    are you going to write another book and if so could you hurry rapture is one of the best books i,v read in a while made me cry a couple of times i want more pretty please


  2. Geovanna says:

    You had me so intrigued about Gabriel’s Rapture that I Googled it and ended up downloading and buying Gabriel’s Inferno and reading it…in one day!!! I can’t wait to start Gabriel’s Rapture and see where it goes.


    • Tamie says:

      O…this is awesome. Thanks for telling us. I read it in one day as well. Enjoy Gabriel’s Rapture, and I hope you’ll join in the book club discussion as well🙂


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