Gabriel’s Rapture Discussion Questions: Chapters 9-20

Right off the bat Elena and I want to thank all of you that have joined in our discussions of Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard  (Geez you guys… I just caught myself writing @sylvainreynard )

It’s nice talking to others that share our love of this book, and to read other people’s perspectives don’t you think? I just want to remind everyone that it’s perfectly acceptable to join in at any time, the more the merrier. Also, please don’t feel as though you have to answer/discuss every question unless you want to. If you feel strongly about just one or two then talk to us about those.

We’re having a great time, and hope y’all are as well 🙂

and now let’s go look at those q’s…

O…hi there pretty book.

Discussion Questions: Chapters 9-20

1) At the beginning of chapter 9 Julia says no to Gabriel…he doesn’t react very well to the rejection but it’s interesting as to why…”He needed to make love to her to know that it was all right –  that they were all right”  Have you ever experienced that kind of  feeling? Of needing physical reassurance?

2) In chapter 10 Gabriel and Julia are celebrating Christmas…what would YOU put in a stocking for Gabriel? What present would YOU like to receive from him?

3) Richard says to Gabriel not to wait too long to make a commitment to Julia, because it could be too late. What do you think of Gabriel wanting to wait? Would you have agreed with him?

4) Julia’s discourse to Gabriel about the sticky little leaves is a very powerful one. What do you think about it and about the effect it had on Gabriel? What are your sticky little leaves?

5) In chapter 11 Gabriel makes some new revelations about him and Paulina. Did your opinion of her change at this point of the novel?  What about at the end of chapter 12 when we’re given a scene of Paulina in a motel room?

6) In chapter 15 there’s a scene where Paul worries about what might have happened to Julia.  Was there ever a moment when you thought Paul’s attentions toward her were too strong? What is your opinion of Paul in general?

7) What was your reaction when Julia received the letter from the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies, and when Gabriel told Julia about Christa accusing him of sexual harassment to the University?

8) Food and sensuality…In chapter 19 there’s a very sensual scene between Gabriel and Julia that involves a fruit…Is there a  food you find particularly aphrodisiac?

9) Several times during these chapters we learn that Gabriel has withheld information from Julia…what are your thoughts on this? Also, is omission the same thing as lying?

10) What are your favorite sentence(s), paragraph, scene in these chapters?


Ok peeps, Elena and I will see you on Saturday and we look forward to another great discussion with all of you. Remember to hold your answers for chapters 9-20 until we post our discussion. We’ll also post SR’s answers to 3 of the questions that were asked this week.

Until then…take care…be kind ❤

Tamie and Elena

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