Fiction Fandoms: From Twilight to Black Dagger Brotherhood

November 2008, I was attending college (as a mature student, lest you mistake me for a young thing) and one of the girls I met in my classes who WAS a young thing of 21, would not stop talking about some movie called Twilight. I had seen the trailer on TV, and a certain actor *cough Rob cough* had piqued my interest. Hearing the word “vampire” from the lips of the then-unknown-to-me Bella, and I knew I would be watching it. What I didn’t realize, was that it was based on a book until I saw Twilight on the shelf at the bookstore.

I brought it home and in true form, my sister nabbed it and read it before I could. She finished it in two or three days and promptly asked me upon finishing…”Where is the next one?” The next one what? There was a next one? News to me. When I went back to the bookstore, I couldn’t believe I had missed it the first time. The display, did indeed have all four books. I bought New Moon and Eclipse, leaving the hardcover of Breaking Dawn on the shelf until I had a chance to read the other books and decide whether I deemed it worth the $40 it was going to cost me.

I read them in less than a week. Right before Christmas. During exams at school. I was at home when I finished Eclipse and called my sister, telling her not to cross the threshold without Breaking Dawn in her hands on pain of death. I was only partially kidding. Not since reading Jane Austen’s works had I fallen that hard for book characters. I wanted more. I read them again. And again. I watched the movie a few dozen times. Still I wanted more. How could I get more? Through my new-found Robsession and love of Twilight, I came across a few blogs that fed my addiction. Namely, Robsessed ¬†and our beloved RAoR (Random Acts of Rob). There I had some amazing discussions about Rob and Twilight, and I was introduced to Twilight fan fiction. A whole new way to feed my addiction to Edward. Eventually I was introduced to Twitter, but I didn’t really get the point of it. In fact, I didn’t really get on board with the Twitter thing until April of 2011, even though I had had the account for two years.

Why am I giving you a personal history of my Twilight addiction? I’m getting to that…as well as the BDB. So please, join me and my ramblings (which will lead to a point, I promise) after the jump.

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