FanFic Friday: It’s HOT Outside

Hi there everyone!! So where I live, it has been insanely hot, temperature wise. Trying to move around in these conditions has been quite uncomfortable. Sweaty, sticky, and gross. We opted to get rid of our car last year, so I take public transportation to get to and from work and to run errands. Thank God I have my iPad with me to keep me occupied. One particular story has been quite interesting to read while commuting, because well, Bella has… um, a “personal encounter” on the train she takes to work. It is HOT, and slightly obscene, because it’s with a stranger. I wonder who that might be?? *waiting, while you think about that* Seriously, I couldn’t make eye contact with anyone while reading this, because I would either giggle or blush myself to death.

Find out more, and see what Annie is rec’ing after the jump…

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