The Supernova Saga by C.L. Parker: Nexus Video

There’s a very cool video I wanted to share with you that is based on the upcoming book “Nexus” by C.L. Parker.

The Supernova Saga is one of my favorite book series, and I’ve been eagerly waiting for the third book to come out since I read the first two in December.

The release date for Nexus is September 27th 2012!!

If you haven’t read these fabulous books yet I hope you’ll check them out. I’ll have links for you at the end of this post.

Let’s take a look at the video for Nexus first…



Wow! How awesome is that?!? The video maker is Bleriana, and she’s got mad skillz!

OK…I promised you some links so here you go…

You can visit the publisher here: TWCS

Visit C.L.’s Goodreads page

Here’s my review of Cataclysm  along with a guest post by C.L.

Here’s an uber sexy Valentine letter from Dominic that C.L. shared

Here’s the My Book Boyfriend post I did on Dominic


I’ll have more Nexus posts in the future…

Tamie Xo

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