Gabriel’s Rapture Discussion Questions: Chapters 34-46 (Part 1)

Hello everybody*waves a purple towel*

The chapters that we’re reading this week are so complex, and so full of issues and emotions that Elena and I want to discuss, so we decided that we needed to break the questions into 2 parts. Otherwise, the post on Saturday will be so long that it might seem rather daunting.

Here is part one of the questions. We will be posting part two tomorrow. On Saturday we will post our discussion in the same way. Part one will run in the morning, and part two will be posted after 12 p.m. EST

Don’t forget that we’ll also have SR’s answers to the questions that were selected this week. Those will run in the second post.

It was brought to our attention that it might be best to include a SPOILER WARNING…in case there are those of you who haven’t read the first book yet. If you haven’t read “Gabriel’s Inferno” yet, you might want to avoid reading the questions or the discussion post til you do…

Alright then…off you go…

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Wordless Wednesday…HOLLAH!

Has it really been three weeks since my last WW?!? *checks the calendar* Why yes…yes it has. My sincere apologies for keeping you from the pretties for so long 😉

Ok…lemme try and make it up to y’all…

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