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Yes, it’s Tuesday again!  I interrupt the regularly scheduled hotness with this special post.

If you’re over 18 and want to see the pics for this week’s Tantalizing Tuesday, then click the link below to continue.  Consider yourself warned!

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  1. ChocoMG2112 says:



  2. Jess says:

    *drools* He is unreal hot. That said, if a pretty face was all he was, I’d never give him a second glance. I hope he’s OK. I haven’t been following this fuckery very much since that’s just too private. He rocks the buzz cut, but the magical unicorn forest hair was great too. (This comment probably makes no sense. Caffeine needs to come in defibrillator form.)


  3. katiebirdie says:

    I am definitely part of the 1%, and have been seen 2009. I want him to be happy and successful, because it’s what he deserves. Can’t wait to see him on The Daily Show, because the last time he was on there to promote Remember Me, Jon and him were hilarious together.

    Looking forward to bigger and better things for him.


  4. ChocoMG2112 says:

    I am one of Rob’s 1%!! I’m 30 something or 46 or something… I’ve even seen him ad Giselher!!


    • Jess says:

      I will admit that it annoys me that he gets top billing over Catherine Tate now for Bad Mother’s Handbook. She was one of my favorite Dr Who companions. GAH, my geek is showing. I’ve liked almost everything I’ve seen that he’s done (just not a fan of chick flicks where people die at the end). Was it here that Cosmopolis was reviewed? I’d like to read that before I see it. It’s almost perverse, how much I enjoy bitching about how much better the book is when I’m watching the movie adaptation.


  5. Jess says:

    Cool, thanks Tamie. Choco, I kinda had that vibe myself. That’s why I’ve been putting it off. Sometimes (not often) the movie is better. Like, the story is wonderful, but actually reading it is agonizing (THE SCARLET LETTER).


    • Tamie says:

      You’re very welcome. I have the book, but haven’t read it yet.
      Don’t know whether I’ll read it before the movie or not.
      I agree about the agony of some books 🙂


  6. Sheri Zee says:

    I couldn’t get through Cosmopolis, like some of you said, it was an agonizing read, very painful. I just didn’t get it. But I will see the movie, because hey, it’s Rob! And I do love me some Rob. My 40-sumthin self is very proud of my cougar self when it comes to Rob. (However, I’m a complete embarrassment to my kids. Oh well, too bad for them!) Thank you for all the yummy pics! Sigh…


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