BTT: Picking And Choosing…

Happy Thursday peeps! The weekend is almost here. Lucky for me I have a 4 day weekend…time to get caught up on all kinds of things.

Today I’m participating in Booking Through Thursday and here’s the questions…

Overall, what factor most influences your choice of your next read?

What is it that makes you want to read a book by an author you have never read before?

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The E-spot: Embracing Our Inner Perv

For the past 3 years, I have been living a bit of a sheltered life when it comes to reading. After my mammoth crush on Robert Pattinson began, and Twilight being my main source of finding the goods on him, I stumbled across fanfiction. Twilight fanfiction, for the most part, though I have read some Rob stories as well. The first I read were good, fairly tame in the sex department. I have been reading romance novels since a teenager, when I would pilfer my mom’s Harelquin’s and historical romances…so while these were thrilling for me because it was Edward engaging in some naughty deeds, it was par for the course.

The further I delved into fanfiction, I began seeing comments on some blog threads about some of the more “hot and steamy” fics out there, so I went to check them out. I remember reading some of these fics on my computer at home, with my sister and niece and my 18month old daughter in the room…my face burning, my heart pounding…hoping my sister wouldn’t notice and ask me what I was reading.

The thing was, it’s not like I hadn’t been exposed to this level of erotica before. However, they had been obtained through friends when I was younger…the books passed around so many times they were falling apart. They were also relegated to reading in private…not wanting anyone to see the cover. Now I had an almost unlimited supply of erotic fanfiction, no cover to worry about anyone seeing and a whole community of women I could speak with openly about these fics.

Last fall I came crawling out of my sheltered fanfiction existence, only to find that there seemed to be a turn in the tide…and thanks to books like Fifty, more women are openly reading what is considered erotica. Yay for us, right? Erotica. Raise your hand if it still feels like a dirty word. *eyeballs those of you with hands raised* Seems we have some work to do…

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