FanFic Friday: Favorite AU Stories

Hi there!! I’m going through my nostalgic phase again, and I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse, as it gets closer to November. I am longing for the original Edward, the one I fell in love with. I mean when I finished reading the books the first time, I was definitely Team Edward, but when I found Midnight Sun, I was changed by his thoughts and emotions expressed there. I think it was that incomplete story that drew me to fan fiction. I needed, craved to learn more about Him. Edward Anthony Mason Cullen.

I am hoping that you guys will share some great EPOV stories that are “canon-like”. New ones are hard to find because I can bet most authors feel like it’s all been done, but prove me wrong. I will share my favorites, but only if you’ll show me yours. *giggle* No worries, I’ll go first.

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