Tamie and Elena Discuss: ‘Bared to You by’ Sylvia Day (Chapters 1-5)

Today we begin the Bookish Temptations book club discussion of Bared to You by Sylvia Day.

Our discussion will run over these next four Saturdays, so we hope you’ll join in and read along with us…

Today Elena and I are discussing chapters 1-5

In chapter 1 Eva runs into an unbelievably gorgeous man, “Dark and Dangerous” as she calls him. We don’t know his name yet, but he’s described as the most beautiful man that ever existed.   What do you think of Eva’s reaction and how would you have reacted in front of him?

Elena : I completely get Eva’s reaction. I mean…you find yourself in front of the most gorgeous man you’ve ever seen who elicits strong feelings in you just by watching you…How not to be speechless and completely lose perception of time and space? My heart rate would have quickened for sure and I’d have been at loss for words.

Tamie: I loved the first meeting between Gideon and Eva because it was both humorous and sexual. I probably would’ve passed out if I’d been in Eva’s place. To have that kind of reaction to someone you’ve never met before?  I had a reaction to meeting him as well for the 1st time…I believe it’s called literary swooning. I knew instantly that he was gonna be on my fantasy boyfriend list.

What are your thoughts on Cary, Eva’s roommate and friend?

Elena: I love him! He’s so funny, witty and charming all at the same time. I wouldn’t object to having him as a friend 😉

Tamie: I liked Cary immediately as well Elena…if I was going to have a non-family roommate that was a guy? Cary would definitely be right up there at the top of my list. Even before we really get to know him I could understand why Eva feels so close to him. He’s a truly fabulous character.

Gideon knows Eva for only a couple of hours, yet he bluntly tells her that he wants to have sex with her. What did you think of this kind of approach?

Tamie: I have to admit that I was really surprised…but in a good way when this scene happens…kind of an OMG yet hell yes reaction from me. The proper me was thinking that Eva handled it in the right way, but the naughty me was thinking ” Holy crap!…jump on that offer…NOW!.”

Elena: I’ll be honest here and say that I was taken aback by his proposition. It’s all kind of hot, yes, but it kind of creeped me out a bit. Eva was surprised and  irritated as well. I would have reacted as she did.

In chapter 3 Gideon says this to Eva. “You don’t strike me as the kind of woman who wants bullshit and flattery instead of the truth.” How do you feel about this statement? Do you think he is right?

Tamie: Hmmm…can I have both please? Well…not the bullshit part, but a little bit of flattery isn’t necessarily dishonest. I mean if you’re attracted to someone the way these two are to each other I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying it. I understand where Gideon is coming from however, and yes…I’d rather have the honesty than just a bunch of pretty words.

Elena: Eva is definitely a woman who wants the truth. I think Gideon saw right through her. Flattery is nice of course and what woman wouldn’t like to have a man say beautiful words to her? But it might end up being deceiving when it’s not accompanied by honesty. I’d need the man to mean the words he says.

In chapter 5 When Gideon and Eva’s sexual encounter in his office is interrupted, he uses some crass language in regards to sex. How does this make you feel?

Tamie: Had I been in Gideon’s place I think I would’ve used some pretty colorful language myself, and coming from him it seems exactly right.

Elena: It’s in Gideon’s character and given the situation I think he couldn’t avoid it.

Gideon is an extreme Alpha male…discuss

Tamie: I think by now everyone understands that I love the extreme Alpha male in my books. I was once asked if that’s the type of guy I’m attracted to in real life, and it’s a yes/no answer for me. I like a man who is confident and has a strong personality. Would I like the extreme of someone like Gideon outside of the fantasy? Probably not, but I need a personality that is at least my equal in temperament.

Elena: I too love the Alpha male in books. In reality though, I don’t know… It’s a tricky situation. I like men who are confident, of course, but that also know how to be nice and sweet,  how to listen to their partners and understand them.  I like it when there’s equality between a man and a woman in a relationship.

Eva wants Gideon as much as he wants her yet she resists. She doesn’t want a relationship per se, but she wants more than just an “emotionless transaction”. Thoughts?

Elena: I agree with Eva. I’d need more than just a passing fancy. Much more. I’m for commitment, so…

Tamie: Me too…even if I was going to be involved in a strictly sexual relationship…I’d still have to like the guy as a person, be able to have a conversation outside of the bedroom…something.

Your favorite scene, paragraph and sentence in these chapters.

Elena: favorite scene : The first time Eva meets Gideon.

favorite sentence: “I loved the way he kissed me, as if he had to, as if he’d go crazy if he didn’t and had nearly waited too long.”

favorite paragraph: “There was no denying I was in trouble where Gideon was concerned. I craved the way I felt when he touched me, and I loved the way he responded when I touched him back. When I tried to think of what I wouldn’t agree to do to have his hands on me again, I couldn’t come up with much.”

Tamie: favorite scenes: Hmmm…have to choose two…when Gideon and Eva first meet, and the scene in Eva’s apartment at the end of chapter 5…YOWZA peeps!

favorite sentences: “I loved the way he kissed me, as if he had to, as if he’d go crazy if he didn’t and had nearly waited too long.”

“I had never seen hair that purely black. It was glossy and slightly long, the ends drifting over his collar. That sexy length was the crowning touch of bad boy hotness over the successful businessman, like whipped cream topping on a hot fudge brownie sundae. As my mother would say, only rogues and raiders had hair like that.”

favorite paragraph: “Gideon: We’ve established some talking points: we have an intense sexual attraction and neither of us wants to date. So what do you want – exactly? Seduction, Eva? Do you want to be seduced?
Eva: Sex that’s planned like a business transaction is a turnoff for me.
Gideon: Establishing parameters in a merger makes it less likely that there’ll be exaggerated expectations and disappointment.
Eva: Why even call it a fuck? Why not be clear and call it seminal emission in a pre-approved orifice?”

Alright peeps…this is your chance to discuss chapters 1-5…feel free to talk about anything you’d like to that happened within these chapters.

You can read our joint review here

Tamie and Elena

13 thoughts on “Tamie and Elena Discuss: ‘Bared to You by’ Sylvia Day (Chapters 1-5)

  1. Susi M. says:

    I finished the book and also fell for Gideon. He is a powerful Alpha Male. I even caught myself wondering, “Christian Grey who?”

    This was my first Sylvia Day book. I loved her vivid descriptions, the imagery created was wonderful. Looking forward to reading other books by Day. What should I read next while waiting for book 2 in this series? Any recommendations?


    • Tamie says:

      I’ve read some really good books the past week or so that I’d rec to anyone…to be clear they aren’t erotica if that’s what you’re wanting but they are really good love stories with some spice.
      Easy by Tammara Weber, Cocktails and Dreams by Autumn Markus, and Slammed by Colleen Hoover


    • Elena says:

      Hi Susi! I’d like to recommend also The Future Of Our Past and the sequel Don’t Forget To Remember Me by Kahlen Aymes. I loved them 🙂


      • Susi M. says:

        Wow. I have so many books I want to read now. Thanks for the recommendations. I really enjoy reading your reviews. 🙂


  2. I totally loved Bared to You & yes like you ladies I fell for Gideon as soon as Eva met him but was so shocked when he propositioned her near the elevators, lol. I guess so like him tho. Loved the action in his office & probably agree with both your choices for paragraphs & defo on the sentence front. I so loved Eva’s orofice comment – showed she could hold her own with him. Is it Oct yet!!!! Got my work colleague to read it & buy the book and she’s now lent it to another colleague!
    Enjoyed reading your comments!! Look forward to more in the future.


  3. Jamie aka Twitchy_palm says:

    I went on a mission today to find this book! I found the one and only copy in the store and immediately scooped it up. I kept hearing mixed reviews on it, but I wanted to know first hand.

    Now once I started reading I could not put it down. I inhaled the first 5 chapters. I totally love Eva. I think that she is an amazing female lead. Cary is most definitely a roommate that I would want to have. He’s just so darn sweet and great to look at. 😛

    As for Gideon Cross..*le sigh* He is def on the top of my list of Alpha Males. From his gorgeous face, masculine body and the way he doesn’t back down. I love a man with drive and determination. 😉

    The scene in his office had me panting. I had to fan myself. Where can I
    find some of that?? And when he shows up at Eva’s apartment…wholly shiz!! *fanning self again* I’m eager to read more and know more about Gideon and Eva’s.

    So happy I bumped this up on my to read list.


  4. Zsadi says:

    Good reviews guys, however, I think I would have a better opinion once I read the second. I like the fact that she comes from money too, so that issue of the guy being hansome, powerful and with money, is kind of balanced. Having a gay best friend in real life, of course I loved Cary, however, he also has a dark and painful past that I hope we can learn about in the future and he also gets his life in order.


  5. Michele says:

    I read the first book ‘Bared To You’ so fast, I had to go back and read again so not to have missed anything. And then I read it again! I love that they both come from money, so there’s no question as to their motives. They truly need each other. And I love that Eva is upfront with Gideon about her relationship with Cary. They look out for each other. Though troubled, Cary’s an awesome roommate and friend. Just wondering if his fascination with blonde models has anything to do with perhaps a crush on Eva. So looking forward to the next story for some answers.


  6. shay aka 50shayds says:

    Are we not doing like the last time? Where the discussion will be at the end of the week.


    • Tamie says:

      It was at the end of the week Shay. We announced it last Sunday and discussed on Saturday like we always have.
      The only thing we did different was we didn’t post the q’s in advance this time.
      We’re deciding whether we want to do that or not 🙂


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