Booking Through Thursday…Organization

Booking Through Thursday

Organization…me?!? **Falls on the floor laughing**…

How do you organize/store your books?

I have two floor-to-ceiling bookcases and one smaller bookcase. That’s where the majority of my print books live. I do keep some at my computer desk, and a few on the dining room table, O…and of course there’s some on my nightstand, and a few on my dressers. Yeah…I have a lot of books. We won’t even talk about my Kindle 😉

Most of my books are organized by genre, although I keep my most favorites on a shelf of their own regardless of genre.

Do you go through them often? Or do you pretty much just shelve them and then leave them alone until you need them?

Actually I go through them fairly often because I get asked for recommendations, and so I like to keep in mind what I have, and what I love.

What about you guys…organized or chaos?

Tamie Xo

11 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday…Organization

  1. sleeptalker1 says:

    My books are almost in total chaos. My BDB, Twilight, Austen, Cornwell, & Rankin books are together by author but aside from that they’re everywhere. I have loads I haven’t read since I started reading on-line but I can’t give them away. They’re too costly to give away without even being read! I too have bookcases which are overflowing & have the usual stacks by my bed etc. There’s just something about holding & reading an actual book that a kindle or laptop etc can’t replace.


  2. katiebirdie says:

    I am definitely more visual with my books. I love the texture of old books mixed with newer ones, like colors, things like that. I do keep the authors books together. You know, the book series. Because of my iPad, I tend to only buy actual books that I love, and prefer hardback copies. My latest purchase was CJ Roberts’ books, Captured in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark.


  3. Randy Brown says:

    when my unemployed son moved back in with us, the books got boxed and put in safe storage. i have book-shelf ‘units’ waiting to be assembled and loaded and placed back in the room he is using, along with the sewing machine and treadmill.
    thank god for kindle, else i would have to go through boxes to find my books and though it has saved me from buying many hard and paperback books, i have also got a list that i need to get for my ‘keeper collection’ and my night stand still overflows, as well as the 3 bookshelves we have.
    my books start out organized, but then i have the urge to re-read Heinlein or Pratchett or Burroughs or Dylan Thomas. the odd thing is that i keep a boring book, such as 1000 ways to embalm a butterfly on the night stand, to fall asleep to and it will become fascinating, so i have to dig out another boring book.
    what i dream of is an old fashioned library, floor to 20 foot ceiling shelves and a roll around ladder. right now i would have to bend space and time to get it into our 1100 sq.ft. house. maybe i can just get a mural that looks like that.


  4. Trayce (@lemonamour) says:

    I prefer my favourites in hardback as well and have 5 floor-to-ceiling bookshelves crammed full. Though 2 of them contain only classics, rare editions and books published before 1950 – those my Gran has been collecting since childhood. (Like you Katie, I enjoy their feel, oh and especially their smell. It such a rich, distinct smell when you crack open an old leather bound book.) And I completely agree Tamie, I also like having my favourites in all their forms -well except PB- unless it doesn’t come in HB *cough*GabrielsInferno/Rapture*cough* I keep them organised by author and genre.

    As for my ebooks . . . I would say -utter chaos- sums it up best. An organisational expert would need xanax and many bottles of wine to tackle it. Being in hospital so bloody often, I’ve had many (many, MANY, M.A.N.Y.) friends/family graciously place books on my computer and kindle to help me thru. Unfortunately, with so many ppl involved I have numerous copies of the same book in all its many forms. Right now I have over 24,000 books on my computer (though once they’re sorted I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m left with closer to 4,000 with duplicates and all the many forms deleted). I have 2 (yes, two) 1TB(terabyte) external HD’s – filled. And at the rate I’m going I should have them sorted in a decade or so. O.o


  5. shay aka 50shayds says:

    I dont have many books but i do have the twi saga (all 6). The 1st 5 also on audio. The Host, hb & audio. I have a totall of 35 hb’s and pb’s that are mine. Some of those are classic authors and their stories are in one book. I love those. My one sad 5 tiered bookcase is shared with the family and i haave one small bookcase that holds my son’s childrens books.

    Now my nook is another thing. Here are the catagories:
    Fics i read
    Fics not read *as i read them, i move them to the “fics i read”*
    Books i fucking hate *im not deleting them cuz i paid for them.*
    J r ward
    S meyer

    paranormal romance
    vampire romance
    werewolf romance
    Fitness, health & cookbooks


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