Fanfic Friday: Redemption

I recently read an AU story that reminded me of what brought me to fan fiction and ultimately what made me fall in love with the original Twilight story. Redemption. When I think back to what I was feeling when I finished reading the series the first time, I remember that last scene, when Bella lets her shield down long enough to reveal to Edward her feelings, thoughts and experiences of their relationship through her eyes. He finally got to see what she saw in him. Love. Being worthy of that kind of love. Just thinking about it now, as I write this, makes me tear up and swallow the lump forming in my throat. I know, I’m being sappy. Don’t think I haven’t noticed, that the trailers for the final movie haven’t even remotely addressed this scene. As cool as it looks to see Edward locking eyes with Bella, before picking her up one-handed and swinging her around, using her as a weapon in this all-compassing fight scene, I know that’s NOT in the book.

Wow, I’m seriously digressing hereā€¦

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