Fanfic Friday: Redemption

I recently read an AU story that reminded me of what brought me to fan fiction and ultimately what made me fall in love with the original Twilight story. Redemption. When I think back to what I was feeling when I finished reading the series the first time, I remember that last scene, when Bella lets her shield down long enough to reveal to Edward her feelings, thoughts and experiences of their relationship through her eyes. He finally got to see what she saw in him. Love. Being worthy of that kind of love. Just thinking about it now, as I write this, makes me tear up and swallow the lump forming in my throat. I know, I’m being sappy. Don’t think I haven’t noticed, that the trailers for the final movie haven’t even remotely addressed this scene. As cool as it looks to see Edward locking eyes with Bella, before picking her up one-handed and swinging her around, using her as a weapon in this all-compassing fight scene, I know that’s NOT in the book.

Wow, I’m seriously digressing here…

Anyway, people can criticize the series all they want, but I know what the books brought to my life. That being said, I want to share with you a story that was originally featured in our “halfway mark” post, back in July. Elena recommended this story actually, and I am here to say, if you need or want a reminder of what the original story is really about, An Italian Winter by Raum did that for me.

The setting, like the title says, is in Italy, and Edward is there to find/hunt down a person, who we learn has a personal connection to Carlisle. He feels betrayed by Carlisle and the rest of the family, so he has left them. I probably should let you know, this story doesn’t follow canon, but I wouldn’t let that stop you from reading it. This AU story starts out with Bella confronting Edward at his home, because she can’t sleep at night. She assumes the music coming from his home is a recording, not actually Edward playing the piano. Edward is drawn to her, because she is the one person who’s mind he can’t hear. So begins their friendship that turns to courtship, until Edward is forced to decide if he should reveal his true nature. Her trust and compassion for him also makes him think twice about the plans for revenge that he has let rule his existence, for years. Told from Edward’s point of view, this is beautiful love story about coming to terms with the past and forgiving one’s self, in order to love someone else fully.

That story got me thinking about other AU stories I’ve read that portray Edward as the lost soul he thought he was, because of the time he spent away from the family. I think he called it his rebellious phase, right? Daedalus in Exile by EZRocksAngel is another story that has Edward seeking forgiveness for the lives he took as a young vampire, following his true nature.

Edward disappears immediately after seeing Bella in Biology class that fateful day, never to return to Forks. Isolating himself in Blue Ridge Mountains years later, he is trying to find redemption in creating a garden of memories. Finding Bella lost in the woods close to his home, is completely unexpected. He again is forced to set aside his true nature to care for her, when she is injured. Does she remember him and will she accept him for what he is?

Redemption can come in many forms. Love. Acceptance. Forgiveness. I sometimes wish that the critics, who want to think that Twilight is just some silly story about young love between a vampire and a human, could see what I saw in it.

So there you go, I am putting myself out there. Hoping that someone else will agree with me. Is there anyone else concerned about the last movie not meeting his or her high expectations?


10 thoughts on “Fanfic Friday: Redemption

  1. abinar says:

    I guess the previous movies have lowered my expectations. Bella rode away from Edward with Jake. They always add a (boring and pointless) fight scene. *shrug* It will be what it will be. I just want to see Edward.


    • katiebirdie says:

      That’s what I should do. Lower my expectations. I think that because that last scene in the book is my favorite, in the whole series, it’s pushing me to expect it to be done right.


      • Lucia says:

        I read somewhere that derictor decided to do a slightly different ending to the movie as the one in the book so i think that your worries are justified Katie. The only thing that makes me calm is the fact tha Mrs. Meyer authorized all those changes and i am sure she wanted to keep the main themes in the line with book


      • its been said that the end is a big “i love you” letter for the fans from bill. several of the actors has said that in a few interviews. i guess we shall see.


      • katiebirdie says:

        I did read that Stephenie and Melissa sat down together to work on a different ending, something with more action. Kristen has mentioned in interviews already that she teared up at the end, at her first couple of viewings. She also said that the fans will love the ending, so we will see…


  2. abinar says:

    I think My Wounded Soldier is a good redemption story. Set in Civil War times, Edward feels immense guilt over the death of his brother but, when he meets Bella, he works hard to be the man she deserves. This Edward has a special place in my heart. His love for her is just… there are no words. *dreamy sigh*


  3. i love stories like these.


  4. Elena says:

    I’m so happy you liked Raum’s story, Katie. She’s a great author and I love her writing. Soon I’m going to start her other story, “A Good Liar”. I loved “De Immortalitate”, another beautiful story by Raum.
    I haven’t read Dedalus in exile, but I’m definitely going to check it out. Happy Weekend! XO


  5. Jess says:

    I’d never heard of either of these, but put them in my TBR list. I just spent the better part of this past week reading An Italian Winter. OMFG. This is one of the best fan fics I’ve ever read. THIS is why I love Twilight. Thank you for mentioning it.


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