Sexy Sentence Saturday…The Future of Our Past by Kahlen Aymes

It’s time for Sexy Sentence Saturday, and today we’re featuring great lines from another of our favorite authors, Kahlen Aymes. These are from the first book of the Remembrance trilogy: The Future of Our Past.

“Don’t forget to remember me, alright?”

“I cried myself to sleep every one of those nights you went out. I was in hell, praying for daylight when you’d be with me and not them”

“You’re so damn perfect you shouldn’t even exist. Just…look at you.”

“Baby…I can’t tell you how much I love you right now. My chest feels like it’s going to explode, it hurts so much.”

“I should have known. You were always so good to me. I was blinded by my love for you.”

“You know I’m going to marry you, right? I’m not fucking around. You’re it for me.”

“I love you, do you hear me? I can’t breathe without you.”

“The way she affected me, how much I loved her…it was like my life-force. Consuming and endless.”

“You could be going to the moon and I’d still love you. I want to remember every moment of tonight; to savor every touch.”

“She was the most beautiful thing in my life and my mind had settled long ago that she always would be. I loved her so much I could barely wrap my mind around it. It was like the sun being the center of the universe, the planets all held captive around it, unable to break free of the pull and unable to sustain without its magnificence. She was my sun, the absolute center of my universe.”

“If I searched a hundred years, I couldn’t find the words to tell you how you make me feel…or how much I love you. Do you know that?”

“You are my heart. The most beautiful and precious thing in my world. Don’t forget that.”

“Don’t say that. I cherish every moment I’ve had with you. Every single one, okay? Even when we fight. Don’t wish it away. Maybe we wouldn’t be us if things had been different. And I want this…the way it is between us now is worth all of the waiting and longing.”

“Body, heart and soul…I belong to you. Forever.”

“J..You are the love of my life..of my forever. Words cannot express what you mean to me, but I’ll tell you a hundred times a day for the rest of my life. I love you. R”

“Well, it is my soul that’s been stolen…and my heart.”


Ryan and Julia…happy sigh 🙂

If you missed Elena’s review you can read it here and Kahlen gifted us with a wonderful guest post that you can read here

Tamie Xo

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