18 and Over Book Blogger Follow: What book has you by the knickers?

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Question Of The Week: What book are you currently in the middle of? Not ‘just finished’, I want to hear about what you’re currently deep into and your thoughts on it right now. Loving it, not so much, or mixed feelings, maybe? Get it all out, sometimes how we feel about a book in the middle is totally different then how we feel at the end. It will be interesting to hear about it now and then go back to check out everyone’s reviews later!

Right now I’m a little over halfway done with the ARC of Nexus by C.L. Parker. I mentioned this book in a post I did this past Friday. It’s a book I’ll be reviewing on September 29th as part of the blog tour, so I don’t want to say too much about it and spoil the review.

Having said that I will say I’m truly enjoying it. It’s the last book in the Supernova trilogy. I’m always sad when a series that I’ve loved comes to an end. There’s a part of me that wants the characters to go on forever, and I suppose in a way they do…I can always go back and reread the books. That sentiment certainly applies to this series. C.L. is a wonderful writer, and I know I’ll love whatever she comes up with next.

If you haven’t read this series I would highly recommend it. Cataclysm which is book two in the trilogy was on my top ten list for 2011.

Hey peeps…what book has you by the knickers 😉

Tamie Xo

13 thoughts on “18 and Over Book Blogger Follow: What book has you by the knickers?

  1. D. Kelly says:

    I am in the middle of Consequences by Aleatha Romig. At the moment I have mixed emotions about this book. The characters are involved in kidnapping, forced captivity/intimacy/Stockholm syndrome, and physical domination which makes this a very dark read and definately not a feel good, light romance. However, I can’t seem to put it down. I liken it to driving down the highway and coming upon an accident. You know you shouldn’t look but you just can’t seem to help yourself. It has the potential to end on a happier note (I think). We will see what the author has in store for me.


  2. CL Parker says:

    I just squee’d all over myself! I was NOT expecting this 🙂 BTW, your knickers are downright sexy, momma 😉



  3. Glad you’re enjoying Nexus. I loved it!! 🙂


  4. Mindy Nabors says:

    Can’t. Wait. For. Nexus!!!!! Cl is an amazing author and an awesome person!


  5. Liesa says:

    I loved reading this book!! The best in the series!! I love CL Parker and her stories, can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!!


  6. alisongail99 says:

    WAiting for NEXUS…..


  7. paris says:

    not in the miidle of a book right now – just finished one this morning and will move on to The Curse by Kenyon & Love after i read my e-mail


  8. shay aka 50shayds says:

    Im not reading anything at the moment besides fanfic.


  9. Geovanna says:

    I’m reading Highland Avenger by Hannah Howell. I’ve read other books by her and have really enjoyed them. This one is also very good. Plus, isn’t there just something about these Scottish men??? Maybe it’s just me. 😉


  10. Karen DeBusk says:

    I loved Cataclysm by CL Parker!!! Her book to release (/27 is really awesome too!


  11. just finished a book this morning, Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane, started to read Game of Thrones by George RR Martin and found that I had to put it down until I had a lot of time to concentrate as the beginning was a little confusing, it looks like a terrific story….in the meantime I’m going to read a Romance for some light reading…


  12. Cristin says:

    Currently reading Futures and Frosting it’s the book after Seduction and Snacks. Its freaking hilarious.


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