Tamie reviews: Nexus by C.L. Parker…

The synopsis:

Kerrigan Cruz and Dominic Grayson have fulfilled their destiny, clearing the way for a new Guardian of the Light to emerge. The product of her parents’ mixed blood lines, Victoria Milena Cruz-Grayson must defend the world as the only Guardian of Mankind in existence.

With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Tori must find a way to keep it from falling before the gravity of her existence sends her crashing to her knees and mankind along with her. The real war is inside her psyche; good versus evil in a battle between Light and Dark. But she is not alone in her quest.

The Guardian of the Guardian, Dante is destined to fight by her side. With an arsenal of wicked charm, seduction, and the ability to ignite a raging inferno, his allure is powerful. Will it be enough to convince Tori to choose him?

Coming between them is a man whose existence is confined to her dreams. The only friend Tori has ever known, a man she has grown to love over her short eighteen years. She doesn’t know his name, or why he’s there, but she can’t deny the feelings she has for him. There’s only one problem; when he leaves, her dreams become nightmares plagued by demonic beings hellbent on viciously murdering her loved ones. Over and over again.

Two men, both pledging their undying love and unyielding loyalty, but one is not at all what he seems.

Torn between her lifelong friend and the man destined to stand by her side, the Guardian of Mankind must choose her path. The fate of the world depends on her getting it right. But how can she choose when she doesn’t really know who she is to begin with?

Nexus: There is one truth . . . Everything happens for a reason.

My review:

Whenever I begin reading what I know is the last book in a series that I have loved I feel excitement and anticipation, but it’s always tinged with a little sadness and dread as well. I know that once I’ve read it that the story will be done. It’s hard for me to let go of characters that have found a place in my heart, and Nexus by C.L. Parker is no exception.

I’ve had the ARC of Nexus for quite a while, but I put off reading it because I wanted to wait just a little bit longer for the conclusion. Finally, I could wait no longer, and I dived back into the story that captivated me last year.

Nexus truly begins after a wonderful prologue with the words…Eighteen years later…and I was immediately drawn into the story. I greeted the characters that I loved from the first two books like old friends, and while they play an important role in the continuation of the Supernova series, this book introduces us to two new central players.

Tori is the daughter of Dominic (YUM) and Kerrigan Cruz. She’s been in training for her role as the Guardian of Mankind her entire life. It’s been a sheltered life, and although she’s had the love of two devoted parents and her aunt Gabe…I have to admit that I felt a little bit sorry for her. I liked her immediately, and from the first few chapters I hoped that she would find not only happiness, but have some fun as well.

Enter Dante…let’s pause a moment here. First off…that name just screams “You’re going to love me”…well it did to me and I do. Dante is…well…totally gorgeous, a brit who says exactly what’s on his mind, a Guardian…O and did I mention he has a body that I would kill for? Um…yeah…he’s definitely on my fantasy boyfriend list. Tori and I both think he’s a bit cocky…but hey…why shouldn’t he be?

Dante and Tori have an immediate attraction and connection, but Tori fights it a bit in the beginning, in part because of him…a somewhat mysterious character who she sees only in her dreams through a good portion of the book. He has been around for most of Tori’s life but she’s never told anyone about him. If you’re thinking uh oh right about now ? You should. I felt he was dangerous from the beginning. He’s kind of difficult to explain, but once you read the book it will be very clear. Something else that Tori has hidden from everyone is the demons in her nightmares. Yikes…I wanted her to tell Dante about them, but it takes a long time before he knows.

This story is what I call paranormal erotica. C.L. writes both brilliantly. It’s fast paced and full of romance,  a lot of heat, and things that will keep you turning the pages quickly. At the end of the story everyone joins forces to save Tori from a desperate situation. C.L. makes some very bold choices in the way she ends the book, and I’ll be very interested in what others think about it.

I laughed, I swooned, I raged, I ugly cried…I loved!

My rating for Nexus by C.L. Parker:

A solid 5

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Tamie Xo

One thought on “Tamie reviews: Nexus by C.L. Parker…

  1. katiebirdie says:

    I preordered the book, so yesterday (I think, what day is it, anyway?) I got to download it! Like you, I think I’m going to hold off a bit before reading. I am concerned that the story has moved on from the original characters that I loved so much, but at least Gabe is still around. What about Kerrigan’s friends and that other British bloke from the 2nd book, are they gone?


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