Elena and Tamie Discuss Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard (chapters 9-12)

I hope you’ve all been as eager as Elena and I this week to discuss chapters 9-12 of Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard.

I won’t keep y’all…

In chapter 9 Gabriel takes Julia and Rachel to Lobby. While she’s dancing, Gabriel removes her from the dance floor and returns her to their table. Was he jealous or protective?

Tamie: I think if we asked Gabriel he would say he was just being protective…I don’t think so. He may indeed feel protective of her, but I think it’s more a matter of feeling jealous. He may not be able to admit it to himself yet, but Julia has seriously gotten under his skin.

Elena : He was definitely jealous, in my opinion. He’s very attracted to Julia but he doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Seeing her with another man on the dance floor stirred the jealousy he’s trying to keep at bay. He doesn’t like watching Julia with another man — he had a similar reaction when he saw Julia with Paul in the previous chapters. Why does it bother him so much? Because he feels something for her.

In chapter 9, while he’s dancing with Julia at Lobby, Gabriel seems to have some flashes of recognition–he seems to remember her for the briefest of moments. But then everything vanishes. What was your reaction to this scene and why did Gabriel’s mind choose that particular moment to start remembering, in your opinion?

Elena : I have to say that, while reading this scene, I was really hoping Gabriel would remember everything. He was so close to recognizing her. I could almost see Julia’s hopeful expression and I felt for her when he didn’t. It would have crushed me for sure. I believe he started remembering in that particular moment because it was the first time he’d held Julia so close to him, since the orchard. While dancing he could feel her, gaze into her eyes like he did when he first met her and those feelings probably triggered his mind.

Tamie: I agree Elena. I too was hoping he’d really remember, but I guess for now it’s just buried too deeply.

Julia mentions that she was hungry. Gabriel is horrified and extracts a promise from her…Discuss.

Tamie: Gabriel knows what its like to be hungry even though it was so long ago. I think he can’t bear the thought of someone else feeling that. I also think there’s more to it though. Yes, food is a basic need, but think about it. How many 1st dates involve a meal? How important are traditional meals with loved ones not just on a daily basis, but on holidays, or other get togethers? We equate food with comfort, love, and even sex. I loved that he made her promise.

Elena : I agree Tamie. Gabriel can’t stand seeing someone hungry, especially Julianne.

At the end of chapter 9 Julia says goodbye to Gabriel in a surprising way. What did you think of her goodbye? What did you think about his response?

Tamie: While I understood Julia’s reaction I have to admit I was a little thrown by her goodbye speech. I loved it when she meant to walk away and Gabriel not only blocks her way, but then says “You’ve delivered your speech; I believe courtesy demands that I be given an opportunity to respond to your remarks. So if you please…” HA! Way to go Gabriel. If I hadn’t been holding my Kindle the first time I read the speech he makes I think I might’ve stood up and applauded.

Elena : This is one of the scenes I would have liked to witness first hand. I believe her speech was meant to show Gabriel that Julia can stand her ground and she doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone, especially to him. I too liked his response to her. Another case where his reaction is very strong, almost too strong and proves the point that he cares a lot about her.

In chapter 10 it’s said that Julia doesn’t force Gabriel to remember because she doesn’t want to break him. Do you agree with her stance? Do you think it’s better to make someone remember or to let them remember on their own? And what would you do if that someone was as special to you as Gabriel is to Julia?

Elena: I’m not a psychologist or anything, but I believe it’s very important not force someone to remember. Trying to do the opposite could have devastating effects on someone’s psyche. Memory loss is a very sensitive topic and people cope with it differently but I think Julia made the right decision. It’s painful of course, not going to deny this. I don’t want to imagine how I’d feel if someone who was so special to me didn’t remember me. But forcing him to wouldn’t have any good effect, in my opinion. The better thing to do would probably be giving hints slowly, and Julia sort of does that.

Tamie: Julia must realize instinctually that she shouldn’t push the memories, and OMGosh that has got to be such a challenge…kinda devastating too. If I’d never taken a psych class I wonder if I could have had such insight and control. I would so badly want him to…remember the orchard… remember me.

In chapter 10 Rachel tells Julia some things about his childhood before he was adopted by the Clark’s. Thoughts?

Tamie: This is one of several times that I was moved to tears in this story, and my heart ached at the visual it left in my head. Even with later love and care… after such a painful beginning it must leave scars and damage. We become the whole of who we are as we age, but I believe we make choices, at least to some degree based on what we learn and experience in childhood. We can choose to be victims or survivors. Even though Gabriel is successful as far as what the world sees on the surface…I’m not exactly sure which choice he made…yet.

Elena : I actually had tears in my eyes when Rachel disclosed that part of Gabriel’s past. It’s clear he had a painful childhood and we only got to the surface, for now. Thanks to Rachel’s words I started putting together the pieces of the (beautiful) puzzle that is Gabriel.

In chapter 10 Rachel gives a gift to Julia saying it’s actually from Gabriel. Julia has a strong reaction at first and wants to refuse it. She seems to have an aversion to gifts in general. Why do you think that is?

Elena : I believe this has to do with Julia’s pride. She doesn’t have much money and whenever someone gives her a gift, she feels like she’s being kept. But I believe she has to learn to accept gifts. Gifts are an opportunity for people to show that they care. There’s a beautiful quote in chapter 12 that says :” Never be ashamed to accept a gift when there are no strings attached.” I couldn’t agree more.

Tamie: Usually when someone has an aversion to gifts it’s for one of three reasons 1) They don’t believe they deserve it. 2) They believe there’s a cost associated with it that they aren’t willing to pay. 3) They believe they must somehow reciprocate. I’m not really sure which of these fits Julia best in general, perhaps it’s a little of them all. I love that quote Elena!

In chapter 11 Julia kisses Paul…What was your reaction to this kiss? What is your opinion of Paul at this point of the novel?

Tamie: My reaction?!? NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!!! Hell NO!!!! Yup…my reaction really is that strong. First off, I don’t like that he calls her rabbit…even though it’s meant as an endearment. Don’t get me wrong…I love bunnies, and I love “The Velveteen Rabbit”, but it really sets my teeth on edge whenever I see it in the story. Secondly, I don’t think Julia really has feelings towards him other than friendship. Hmm…Paul…totally nice guy, but he just doesn’t do a thing for me. Whenever Gabriel calls him a “Angelfucker” you can bet I’m agreeing with him πŸ˜‰

Elena: Firstly, I was surprised that Julia was the one to initiate the kiss, because she’s usually shy and guarded but at that moment she found a boldness that I didn’t expect from her ( at this point of the story) . I may have jumped and yelled ( not too loudly, I promise πŸ˜‰ ) when I read she was kissing Paul. Don’t get me wrong. Paul is a very good guy and I like him. He’s always a gentleman and cares for Julia, but he doesn’t hold a candle to Gabriel Emerson. The Professor is THE man and he’s meant to be with Julia. No one but he.

Tamie: You said it Elena.

In chapter 11 Christa, Paul and Julia are having a conversation which the Professor interrupts. Talk about your reactions to this scene.

Elena: Christa is one of the nastiest characters I’ve read about. The things she said to Julia were awful and I admired Julia for not replying back with retorts just as nasty. Her goodness shines in this scene. She doesn’t lower herself to Christa’s level and that’s truly praiseworthy. When The Professor interrupted? Well, I loved it. He set Christa straight and defended Julianne. Well done, Gabriel πŸ˜‰

Tamie: Well let’s just say it straight out…Christa is a bitch. If we didn’t know it before we certainly know it now. I can’t imagine saying the things she does to people and getting away with it, but there are peeps in real life that manage it. When the Professor walks up and hears it? Priceless.

In chapter 11 Julia says : “Why not think that sometimes–just sometimes– you can overcome evil with silence? And let people hear their hatefulness in their own ears, without distraction?” What do you think of her words? Do you agree?

Elena: Yes, I agree completely. This is actually one of my favorite passages of the whole series. It’s very tempting to reply to mean words, but I believe we wouldn’t achieve anything good if we did. We’d only feed evil with more evil and what would the result be? Even more evil. So I think that, as difficult as it is, sometimes silence can do wonders and it holds up a mirror to those who are being mean more effectively than any cutting retort would do.

Tamie: I too agree, and more and more I’ve learned to put it into practice. It’s not an easy thing to do. It doesn’t come naturally, especially when it’s directed at someone I care about. Sometimes I still react with words of my own, but I’m trying…really trying.

The library carrel scene. Discuss…

Tamie: When Gabriel first discovers her and his mind starts imagining…it’s very sensual, yes, and seductive. I was actually kind of disappointed once he “came to his senses”. I might even have said…”Well damn” πŸ˜‰ The whole bunny thing is humorous in the extreme.

Elena: Gabriel’s thoughts are extremely sensual. I may have fanned myself several times while reading…I believe it’s clear at this point he can’t deny his feelings for her anymore. He wants her, badly.

In chapter 12 Gabriel again takes Julia to dinner. It’s very different from the first…more personal and intimate. How do you feel about Gabriel at this point? Have your feelings changed at all since you began reading the book?

Elena: I’m absolutely drawn to Gabriel at this point. I said in our last discussion that to me he was a very interesting character from the beginning and I wanted to know more about him. I’m extremely attracted to him and whenever he’s not on the page I just want him to appear.

Tamie: Well, I already stated in our last discussion that I liked him from the start, but as we’ve read further and gotten to know him better?!? My attraction to him only deepens. Gabriel is pure Alpha Male. By this point in the story whenever he acts like an arrogant ass I just smile or laugh.

At the end of chapter 12 Gabriel receives a phone call from a woman called Paulina and he has to leave. He’s anguished and seems almost frightened even. What did you think of this whole scene?

Tamie: Not knowing anything about Paulina at this point leaves me not knowing what to think. I feel anxious, but I’m not sure why. Clearly, it’s something really serious for Gabriel to take off like that.

Elena: My thoughts exactly, Tamie. I don’t know what to thinks of this. There must be something serious going on if Gabriel fled like that. His anguish tore at my heartstrings.

Your favorite sentence(s), paragraph, scene in these chapters.

Favorite sentences:

Tamie :”He smelled of Laphroaig and something distinctively Gabrielian and potentially dangerous.”

“His eyes hardened into two icy blue jewels, and his voice cooled to the temperature of water gliding over a glacier.” (one of my favorite single sentences EVER)

“She’d have me reciting sonnets under your window like a teenage boy.”

“They both inhaled deeply, drinking in one another’s scent.”

“And who knows what kind of shenanigans went down on it.”

Did he just use the word shenanigans in a sentence?

“His whisper was bracing and soft, sexual and seductive, Scotch and peppermint. ‘Come'”

” He would wonder if they were close enough, would their hearts beat synchronously…or was that simply a poet’s fancy?”

Elena : “His whisper was bracing and soft, sexual and seductive, Scotch and peppermint. ‘Come'”

” ‘Facilis descensus Averni,’ he whispered, his ominous and preternatural words striking her very soul. ‘The descent to Hell is easy.'”

“Why not think that sometimes–just sometimes– you can overcome evil with silence?”

“He imagined her voice laving across his name the way a lover’s tongue moves across the skin…”

” He would wonder if they were close enough, would their hearts beat synchronously…or was that simply a poet’s fancy?”

Favorite paragraphs:

Elena : “She was sorry his lips were not Gabriel’s. And this kiss was not like those. In almost half a heartbeat, a great wave of sadness washed over her as she cursed herself for having tasted of something long ago that she could never have after or again. For in partaking of that first taste, she was absolutely ruined. The tasting of the apple was knowledge itself, and now she knew.”

” He flexed his arm across her lower spine, and she gasped because it did something to her on the inside. He knew it, of course, and had expected a reaction. What he did not know was that he’d touched her there before, that he’d been the first man to ever touch her there. And her skin had never quite recovered from his absence.”

Tamie: “He sounded like sex. Or at least, what Julia imagined sex would sound like if it was sitting on a white banquette with shining blue eyes and an arrogant jaw, trying to press a cold glass up to her mouth.”

“If you think I do things for you out of pity, then you don’t know me very well. I am a selfish and self-absorbed bastard who barely notices the concerns of other human beings. Damn your little speech, damn your low self-esteem, and damn the program.” He huffed in frustration, trying hard not to raise his voice. “Your virginity is not something to be ashamed of, and it’s certainly none of my business. I just wanted to make you smile and…”

“For no man would have touched her like that before. Eventually, she would be eager and responsive to him. Oh, so responsive. They would kiss, and it would be electric-intense-explosive. Their tongues would tangle and tango together desperately, as if they had never kissed before.”

Favorite scenes:

Elena: The Starbucks scene and the library carrel scene.

Tamie: Lobby (including when he takes her home), the library carrel scene.


Whoa! I hope you guys realize how much this book means to us. Sometimes we get pretty wordy, but it’s hard to contain our passion and love of Gabriel’s Inferno.

Tamie and Elena

P.S. Listening to this book on audio is just amazing. AH-MA-ZING.

29 thoughts on “Elena and Tamie Discuss Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard (chapters 9-12)

  1. Bravo, Tamie and Elena!

    I’m enjoying your book discussion on my favorite book Gabriel’s Inferno and my favorite author Sylvain Reynard. There isn’t even a close comparison. The depth of his writing, the complexity of characters, the rich imagery, and the sensuality and tension that he weaves into this incredible story makes clear there is no comparison. With ever scene and every chapter he pulls the reader deeper and deeper into the intriguing unfolding story.

    I loved the scenes and lines you chose. They were favorites of mine, as well.

    In totality, the drug Reynard administers in addictive from the very first pages, and with every next scene, he leaves the reader craving more. Simply brilliant.

    So is your discussion. I’m transported right back there with you.

    Thank you both for sharing the joy!

    Kat Bastion


    • HistoryTeacher says:

      I so agree! Well said. πŸ™‚


    • Elena says:

      Thank you for your comment, Kat. It’s lovely as always. I completely agree with you. SR is my favorite author. His books are a masterpiece and his writing pulls me in like no other. I’ll read everything he’ll write in the future.


  2. HistoryTeacher says:

    Great discussion! I agree with both of you. We see Gabriel at his darkest in the first 1/4 of the book, but now the hints of light are starting to emerge (but they are still only hints). Julia herself is also quite broken, full of shame and holding it in; timid, fearful, and anxious. Her journey is no less profound than the Professor’s but of course, at this point, we don;t know that yet..

    I have to say that Paul really got on my nerves through much of both books. Yes, he’s a “nice guy” but he also tends to probe too much, and he feels too clingy and intrusive to me. In a way, he’s similar to the Professor in that he takes over too much, protecting Julia to the point that it reinforces her weaknesses to herself. His way of attempting to dominate her seems kinder and gentler, but the end result is the same. So many times, I wanted to just yell, “Would you just leave her alone and back off?!?!?!?” LOL.

    Interesting discussion at work yesterday — one of my co-workers sees Julia as leading Paul on. I guess Paul would think so.


    • Elena says:

      Thanks for your comment and for participating in the discussion. That’s an interesting point. I believe we could say that Julia seems to lead Paul on in some scenes. On the other hand I think she doesn’t actually realize she’s doing this. Paul seems to want to stay close to her at all costs and sometimes it upset me a bit, yes.


  3. Gladys says:

    Everyone will be happy to know I have self-imposed a ten sentence limit for today’s post – {hears collective sighs of relief}

    I think anyone that has read this magnificently beautiful book could likely talk about it forever. The emotions it elicits (through SR’s brilliant and captivating writing, of course) are enough to stay with you forever. How could you help but not be entranced, transported, enthralled (the adjectives could go on infinitely) with characters so beautifully layered and a story so incredibly rich?

    For me, these chapters spoke to much emotional exploration – and I couldn’t help but sense the very early beginnings of self-discovery and redemption. I enjoyed the great questions posed this week and all of the wonderful insight provided in your responses. Regarding Gabriel’s flashes of recognition for Julia, I thought they were not only driven by his close proximity to her (and what that entailed – touch, sight, sound, smell), but also the cosmic pull of two hearts that simply belong together; that can’t help but reach out to one another, despite circumstances and against seemingly insurmountable odds.

    Though there have been a few rereads already (*smiles as she knows she’s not alone*), it’s simply delightful to relive the chapters covered here each week. The posts are always so heartfelt, enlightening and beautifully written.


    • Elena says:

      Thank you so much for this Gladys. I love reading your comments πŸ™‚ You said it perfectly. This story is unique to me and indeed we could talk about it forever πŸ˜‰ I really like what you said about Gabriel’s flashes of recognition and I agree with you. When something is meant to be always finds a way πŸ™‚


    • Tamie says:

      You don’t have to limit yourself. We’re pretty wordy ourselves and we enjoy reading the responses. Thanks for sharing! ❀


    • Gracie says:

      I could not agree with you more. The emotions are breathtaking. SR’s writing is captivating to say the least. Can’t wait for book three. .


  4. Sara R. Rice says:

    Wonderful discussions. I have reread SR’s books a few times now and each time I feel like I am experiencing something new. The books are so well written. I am really enjoying your discussion as I feel like I can stay connected to the Gabriel series until….hopefully….there is a third.


    • Elena says:

      Thank you, Sara πŸ™‚ And yes, I can’t wait for the 3rd book. I need more Gabriel in my life πŸ˜‰


    • HistoryTeacher says:

      Me,too– I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve listened to them! My books are making the rounds with my friends, and I need to keep up my fix. πŸ™‚ I keep discovering some little gem I missed before. What can you say about SR’s writing except sheer perfection! The audiobook is just unbelievable — John Morgan (whoever he is — no one knows, just like SR!) has a voice that would melt butter. Yum.


  5. Love this discussion. These are pivotal chapters in GI which act as facilitators for the development of Gabriel and Julianne’s relationship … Little tantalising tasters which leave us wanting more. And Gabriel? Well, he is the man sans pareil ❀ Thanks Elena and Tamie xxxx


  6. Thank you Tamie and Elena for such a wonderful discussion. Words can’t describe how grateful and thankful I am for this book. Please, bear with me, this gonna be a long thought πŸ˜‰

    Jealous or protective?
    He’s protective, yes. But a lot of jealousy is also going on. At this point I think Gabriel already fall for Julia. He doesn’t like seeing her with another man, he wants her all to himself.

    Opinion on Gabriel remembering
    I hope he remembers her on this scene, but I know he won’t. If he remembers her, his comments wouldn’t be as flat as “your face is familiar”. And as to why Gabriel’s mind choose that particular moment to remembering, I agree with Elena, because it was the first time he’d held Julia so close to him, since the orchard.

    Julia’s hunger
    I’m with Tamie on this one. Point well made. Tamie πŸ˜‰

    Julia’s goodbye, Gabriel’s response
    One of my favorite scene in this chapter. For me, Julia’s goodbye could come from three things; she doesn’t like to be a burden to anyone, the alcohol is talking or maybe she’s mad because Gabriel still doesn’t remember her. And I have to say Gabriel handle this situation very well with his response. His response suggest that he really cares for her.

    Chapter 10
    It’s not a good thing for someone to force another human being to remember something. I think it’s better to let them remember on their own. As what would I do if I were in that kind of situation? I’m on board with Julia on this one, leave a hint here and there, wait patiently until he remembers.

    Gabriel’s childhood
    This scene explain to me that he is damage goods. And I’m glad Grace found him.

    Julia’s aversion to gifts
    I’m with Tamie on this one. You explain all of my thoughts on this, well said.

    Chapter 11, Julia kisses Paul
    I’m shocked. I didn’t think Julia has it in her to initiate a kiss. But very understandable, Paul has been very kind to her. Nevertheless, I just know that Julia would never end up with Paul.

    Professor interrupts
    Tamie and Elena share my thought again; Christa is nasty and a bitch. And I love how Gabriel “handle” her.

    Chapter 11, Julia’s words
    This is one of my favorite lines from the book (mostly because I share this belief for years, not always happy about my decision. But it always end up well for me, I think). This line shows just how strong and kind Julia is.

    Library carrel scene
    His imagination shows me how badly he wants her.

    Chapter 12, Gabriel takes Julia to dinner
    I think it was very kind of him to ask her to dinner. I’m always on roller coaster ride when it comes to Gabriel. I just can’t seem to figure out the purpose or motivation of his actions. But I enjoy the ride πŸ˜‰

    Phone call from Paulina
    I thought, “Gee, this Paulina must be very important for him to leave dinner and Julia like that.”

    Favorite sentence:
    -“Facilis descensus Averni”
    – β€œWhy not think that sometimes–just sometimes– you can overcome evil with silence?”

    Favorite scenes:
    Lobby and library carrel scene.

    Long thought right? I apologize if it’s too long. Thank you again for the discussion. See you guys next week πŸ˜‰ xx


  7. gelytayz says:

    Wow, should there be a need to say more when I believe everything else has been covered up here.;) This is a happy place to be. I am so glad for your discussions about GI. Knowing that there were so many others who mutually feel the same way about GI are so heartwarming, I’m sure SR is quite fascinated as well how he was able to fascinate us all. (“,)

    These chapters, I can tell how confused the professor was or has become–from almost recognizing her from the past and showing discreetly how much he cared for Julia by giving/providing what she needs and “might need”. I saw so many emotions from Gabriel’s end…he is concern, confused, he certainly like Julia (but he is in denial), frustrations, happy, angry, I visualized and felt so many faces of the professor up to the 12th chapter where he needs to leave her for Paulina. Gosh I can’t even contemplate his anguish in that part.

    As for Julia, the torture of knowing she was forgotten was of course, such an overwhelming distress (for her I know, but hell! For me too!).

    …and all the lines mentioned above, I heart too.;)

    Keep ’em coming ladies. Love this discussion.

    Til’ next week I assume.;)

    PS. And I truly envy you for being able to hear the professor speak in the audio. (Anticipating when can I…)



    • Elena says:

      Thank you, Gel. We love seeing that people love these books as much as we do πŸ™‚ Gabriel’s anguish in chapter 12 tears at my heartstrings. We really see how much he’s suffering and we don’t know the reason yet. We begin to think that there’s something in his past that is coming back to haunt him.


  8. yl110 says:

    Hello, Elena and Tamie. I adore these chapters and the library carrel scene is one of my favorite. It’s tender and a masterpiece of writing. And I agree with you, Elena, because I’ll read everything he’ll write in the future and I hope to be able to read everything he wrote in the past.


  9. Krystal says:

    I really appreciate your discussion and enjoy reading what others have to say about my 2 favorite books, GI and GR. I like to see if I have the same opinions as others, and it looks like I do! I wouldn’t mind if your discussion on these books lasted forever and ever. I’m waiting (not so patiently) for book #3!!!!!!!


  10. Sylvain Reynard says:

    I want to thank you both, Tamie and Elena, for hosting this discussion. I know that readers around the world appreciate a venue in which to talk about the novel and I’m certainly grateful that you chose this book for your Book Club. All the best and thanks again, SR


    • Tamie says:

      Yay! SR you came to visit :))) It’s been our pleasure and privilege to share, and discuss your books here.
      I’m so excited that next week is my favorite chapters, during blogiversary week.
      Thanks for writing a book that has captured the hearts of so many…including ours ❀


    • Elena says:

      Hello SR! It’s our pleasure πŸ™‚ Thank You for writing such an amazing series. These are books that are very special to us and to thousands of readers. They have touched us deeply. So thank you again for sharing your talent with us. Looking forward with great excitement to book 3 πŸ™‚


  11. Hello Ladys and I enjoyed as always:)

    Ch9. @Lobby I like this scene very much. My head played along with the reading very well. I think the talking about “happy i’m our first” and “let me feed you” had me all craZy…lol
    And when they had the “talk” in the dark hall of Lobby, now that was so Fan yourself times for me:) oh and Tamie, the “he sounded like sex.” my favoorite! And ” Don’t you know not to take candy from strangers, little girl?” (ass)
    “I suppose it’s all right to accept apples, Gabriel?” (u go girl!)

    I think this is when he starts becoming a man to me
    “Why don’t you just stick a knife into my heart and get it over with?”-J
    “Am i so evil?”-G
    I think this is the time that J knows she has to say goodbye to G because she is trying to may the pain stop for herself and the best way she can is to let him go…. and the standing in her door way and almost kissing her….boy SR had me on that on! Right on Tamie:)

    Hunger: i think G feeling is if your going hungry that you have a lot more going on to get you to this point and its a hard road.

    Ch11. I love Paul! When i think of him i pic E’s xboyfriend/friend from VD (the blond):) I think she kissed him to see waht was there and i love that she is getting a back bone. Remember she is trying to say goodbye to the Gabriel she knows from her past.
    I love the Evil with Silence! I would also like to see karma come to Bitch Christa, u know we all have a Christa in our lives at some point:/
    Library Carrel was hot, sweet and nice:)
    I didn’t like that he seen her play with his name that was just nuts for me but the “Rabbit out of the bag” i loved that.

    Ch. 12
    He leaves with P’s call and i was like “Shit!”

    Favorite Scene: @ Lobby
    He moved her until they were hidden in a long, dark corridor, pushing her against a wall. pg98-99

    Scene when i knew:
    He got the call from P and had to leave.”Here’s the smell of blood still; all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand,” he whispered. Gabriel kissed her hand reverently, but it was his own hand he was staring at. pg149

    Favorite Sentences:
    *Like a hummingbird, he thought. So tiny. So fragile. Be careful…

    “I’m trying to keep the wolves at bay”-G
    A lion in chargeof wolves, she thought. how convenient.

    I kissed you a lot, Gabriel, for one glorious evening. But you don’t remember. I wonder if you’d remember me if i kissed you…

    Yes, brown-eyed angel, I heard what she said to you. Don’t worry. I’ll fix her.

    Maidenhead? There would be blood. For the price of sin was always blood. And a little death.
    The Angelfucker strikes again pg137 LOVE IT!!!!

    Did he just us the word sheanigans in a sentence? ( i am still trying to get over this. I lol everytime hear the word )

    *I can only assume that all bath water would be appalling to drink, Professor Emerson, but I’ll take your word for it. Sicko.

    *Emerson Whore

    *I go there to find women to fuck, Miss. Mitchell (yep, she made him say it and i loved every min of it):)

    *She was undoing him slowly, bit by bit, and he did not understand how.

    and remeber the friendly note on pg150. He is a slick on that Gabriel! lol πŸ™‚

    I love at Gabriel in two lights…. one is as the Professor (the hard ass) and the other as Gabriel the big brother, son, ….lover in the woods long ago;) Thats how i made it all work in the begining.

    I just want to thank ou great ladys for what you do πŸ™‚ and i enjoy my time with you all every week! BS


  12. iriselli says:

    The Lobby and he Carrel are two of my favorite scenes. πŸ˜‰


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