Michelle Leighton Interview’s Trick and Cami

We have a few special guests on today.  Michelle Leighton stops by with her beloved characters from “The Wild Ones”.  Thank you Michelle for joining us today and for bringing along Trick and Cami.

Let’s talk about your first meeting. Trick, were you looking for a reason to talk to Cami? And Cami, why didn’t you pick treat?

Trick: I noticed her right away, but it really was an accident.  If I hadn’t spilled the beer on her, I’d have found another way to talk to her.  Probably something equally horrifying, though.  I wouldn’t want to completely overwhelm her with my charm.

Cami: *jerks thumb toward Trick*   Can you believe this guy?  Actually, that’s a total lie.  He was so overcome by my awesomeness, he lost his balance and spilled his beer.  Right, babe?

Trick: *smiles*  Damn straight.

Cami: As for why I didn’t pick treat right away, I had to make him work for it a little, ya know?

Trick:  *laughs*  Whatever!  You were dying to pick treat!  You’re just a naughty little tease.

Cami:  *grins*  Okay, maybe I wanted to pick treat.  Just a little.

Describe each other in two words.

Trick:  Stubborn and beautiful.

Cami:  Stubborn?

Trick: *grins*  Yes, stubborn.  You’re stubborn as a mule and you know it.  Luckily, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on, so I don’t care as much.

Cami: *smacks Trick’s arm*  Wow, you really know how to compliment a girl.

Trick: Oh, was I supposed to be going for complimentary?  *leans in to whisper in her ear*

Cami:  *giggles*  Okay, you’re forgiven.

Trick:  That’s what I thought.  So what about me?  What two words would you use to describe me?

Cami: Selfless and gifted.  I’ve never met someone who is more determined to take care of the people he loves.  Never.  I’ve also never met someone who has so many different talents.  He’s pretty amazing.

Trick:  *smiles at Cami*  Amazing.  That’s the best word to describe Cami.  In every way, she’s just amazing.

Cami, would you have broken up with Brent, even if Trick hadn’t come that night to the bar?

Cami:  Yes.  Definitely.  He was never far from my mind.  Even when I couldn’t see him.  It was just a matter of time before I realized I couldn’t live without him.  That I didn’t want to try.

Trick, when did you decide Cami was worth the risk?

Trick: I knew from the first moment I saw her she was worth the risk.  Worth anything.  I just needed some time to work out the logistics.

Cami:  Whatever!  You tried your damndest to resist!

Trick:  Okay, I tried, but there was no point.  She was part of my future, part of my life from the first word.  You just can’t fight that.  And who would want to?

Trick, what got you interested in the wild horses?

Trick:  My father.  He took me to see them once when I was little.  He would make up stories about some of them, stories about their future and what amazing Quarter Horses they’d make if someone would only give them a chance.  I think, even at that age, I knew that I would come back one day, come back to rescue one.

What is your favorite pastime?

*both laugh*

Trick:  What is this interview rated?

Cami: *slaps Trick’s arm again*  Ohmigod, I can’t take you anywhere!

Trick: Sure you can.  *waggles eyebrows*

Cami: *rolls eyes*  He’s been like this since I said I’d marry him.  It’s all he thinks about.

Trick: Now be honest, if you were lucky enough to have the love of a girl who looks like this, wouldn’t you be thinking the same thing?

Cami:  *blushes*  Next question!  Please God, next question!

If you could do it all over again, what would you change?

Trick:  I wouldn’t waste one single day over thinking things with her.

Cami:  And I would’ve picked treat.


Thanks for stopping by Michelle and for bringing Trick and Cami with you 😉

There will be a great giveaway from Michelle later on today. Don’t miss it!

One thought on “Michelle Leighton Interview’s Trick and Cami

  1. Love these two! Loved this book!


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