Giveaway winners: Morgan Locklear’s CD…

Let’s all congratulate today’s winners…

The lucky ones who won the signed CD’s from Morgan Locklear are:



Thanks to everybody who entered and to MOG for sharing his beautiful voice via the CD’s.

Winners were chosen by

Tamie Xo

7 thoughts on “Giveaway winners: Morgan Locklear’s CD…

  1. ChocoMG2112 says:



  2. shay aka 50shayds says:

    Oh my, thank you. I love music and i cant wait to listen to it. I will treasure it greatly.


  3. Morgan says:

    Let’s do this again for Christmas please!


  4. Candie says:

    I’m SO excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    It couldn’t have happened at a better time! Money is so tight right now, and life has been beyond stressful!


  5. Candie says:

    I just got the CD and am SO excited! I’ll be listening to it on my way to work! And Tamie, I see you live where I did when we were in H’ville ( I think we were 246?) Thanks again!!!!


  6. debradml says:

    Hey you need to do this again plse!!!!


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