Elena’s Picks: O…Those Love Scenes…(part 1)

Last week I shared some of my favorite kissing scenes in books and this time I wanted to share with you some of my favorite love scenes—scenes that make your blood pump fast in your veins…

To me a love scene doesn’t have to be detailed to be hot and sensual. I mostly focus on when it occurs in the story, what is the relationship between the two characters when they make love and of course, like in kissing scenes, I need to feel the chemistry between the characters in order for me to consider a love scene a well written one.

Here are some of my favorite love scenes in books. I warn you, have a fan handy because you’ll need it 😉

Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

‘I’ll give you anything. My body, my soul, take them. Take everything.’

They stared at one another as he pushed in a little deeper, nudging slowly, slowly…

Her eyes widened, and she inhaled roughly as he entered her.

Gabriel immediately froze, steadying her with a hand to her hip, ensuring that neither of them moved.

‘I’m sorry, sweetheart,’ he crooned. He moved his hand to her face and began stroking her. ‘That’s the worst of it, I promise. Are you all right?’ He scanned her face eagerly for any signs of tears.

But there weren’t any. It wasn’t as painful as she thought it might be. It wasn’t completely comfortable either, but the sensation of having him inside her, the emotions she saw on his face, in his eyes, distracted her from the twinges inside…it was almost too much.

She wanted more. More of him. More of this and them…she wanted to see him come apart above her and know that they had done this together. She wanted to find their own beautiful rhythm. The music swirled and rose about them, a tempting pace she was eager to match. She smiled, and he felt her smile travel all the way to his heart, allaying his worries. Without breaking eye contact, he began to move in and out maddeningly slowly.

She blinked rapidly at the feel of Gabriel inside her. Her hands slid down the tensing muscles in his back to his behind, smoothing over his curves and feeling his rhythmic thrusting beneath her touch. He balanced himself on one elbow, tracing sensual patterns up and down her ribs and over her shoulder. She was magnificent: her long, dark hair spread out across the white pillow, her brown eyes full and deep, locked on his, and her mouth, red and open, as she began to groan with every thrust.

Gabriel moved a hand to splay his long fingers across her ass, guiding and moving her, but following a gentle pace. He had waited so long. She watched his eyebrows come together and his teeth clamp down on his lower lip. They were moving, moving, not fast but with determination, the synchronized connection of two lovers who would not look away.

Julia saw so many emotions in his eyes: love, concern, passion, adoration, erotic desire…He looked at her as if she was the only woman on earth, as if there was nothing else in their private universe but the two of them and the sensual music that floated in the air as Gabriel made love to her, punctuated as it was by the noises escaping their chests.

Julia heard herself moan and pant, casting aside any embarrassment at hearing sex sounds fly unbidden from her throat. Gabriel loved her cries and they spurred him on, arousing him even more, as if that were possible. He reached in between them, and as his speed increased, he began to pet her in time to his thrusts. Her tightened grip on his ass indicated her pleasure, as she fought to keep her eyes open,

‘Look at me. I want to see your eyes when you come.’

The intensity of his voce matched his expression.

Her eyes grew wide, and she cried out as his fingers sped. Julia tightened like a knot pulled just too tight and suddenly, gloriously fell.

Erotic whispers and murmured adorations filled her ears. He had not cursed. She was far too distracted to focus on this surprising fact. She could not know that he was a vocal lover who groaned and shouted expletives to match his urges and satisfactions. But in this space, sacred or otherwise, his spontaneous utterances had been clean and pure…”

Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard

‘I breathe you,’ he whispered. ‘You’re everything. You’re the air.’ He teased her breasts with his fingers and planted gentle kisses down her neck, feathering up and down while she urged him on with confident fingers.

Julia pushed him to recline on his back and straddled hi hips. He kissed between her breasts and took one of her nipples in his mouth as his hand glided across the surface of her skin, moving down to test her.

He released her breast in order to shake his head. ‘You aren’t ready.’

‘But I want you.’

‘I want you too. But I want to set your body on fire first.’

Julia’s desire was countered by Gabriel’s commitment to see that each of their sexual encounters was pleasurable for both of them. He’d rather delay entrance and satisfaction until she as mad with want, rather than speed along before her body was sufficiently aroused.

When they finally came together, she looked down into open blue eyes, their noses only a whisper apart. She moved atop him painstakingly slowly, her eyes closing as she focused on the pleasurable sensation, before opening again. Dark blue, heavy with emotion, gazed up unblinking into wide chestnut. Every movement, every yearning was reflected between the couple’s eyes.

‘I love you.’ He nuzzled her with his nose as she gradually increased her pace.

‘I love you too—‘ Her last word was interrupted by a low moan.

She reached down to catch his mouth as her movements sped. Their tongues explored one another, groans and confessions interrupting their connection. He touched her ribs and smoothed over her waist. He slipped his hands under the curve of her bottom so he could lift her slightly, increasing his leverage.

She’d become addicted to this, to him. She adored the way he looked at her in this intimate moments and the way in which the world fell out of focus around them. She longed to feel him loving her, moving inside her, for he always made her feel beautiful. She would have said that any orgasm was an extra gift in addition to the way she felt when they were conjoined…”

Perfect by Judith Mc Naught

‘I love you, Zack, ‘ she whispered. ‘I love the sound of your voice and the touch of your hand and the way you smile. I want to give you babies…and a life filled with laughter…and I want to give you me.’

Desire began to beat fiercely in his veins, fueled by weeks of abstinence, and Zack pulled her close, his mouth opening over hers with sudden urgency. ‘Come to bed with your husband, wife.’

Husband. Wife. The words resolved slowly in Julie’s mind, soft and sweet and profound, as she walked with him into the bedroom they’d shared. They swelled in her heart as he took her in his arms in bed and turned to her in love and need. She responded to both with an exquisite eagerness that made Zack’s hands tremble as they rushed over her, caressing her skin and pulling her hips tightly to his. She met his passion with her own, encouraged him with stirring kisses and when he finally slid deep into her, she wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders and whispered, ‘Welcome home, Zack.’

The sweet words tore a low groan from his chest and he began to move within her. HIs wife moved with him, bathing his senses in extravagant pleasure until the wild beauty of what they were doing to each other drove them both to a shattering climax.

Wrapped in each other’s arms, sated and spent, they floated slowly back to reality in the same bed where once they had not dare to think of the future. His hand drifting slowly over her back, Zack thought of the years that lay ahead with the woman who had loved and trusted him and taught him to forgive. Welcome home, she’d said…”

Don’t Forget To Remember Me by Kahlen Aymes:

“ ‘Take this off,’ I begged between kisses. ‘I want to see you…to feel you against me.’ I reached for the hem and pushed it higher. Ryan stopped and watched with passion-filled eyes. Beautiful and luminous, full of love and longing…I reveled that this perfect, amazing man could want me so much.

Hi raised his arms, pulling it over his head and flinging it aside. I stared at him in awe, he was sculpted and so beautiful to me. I felt his solid muscles working each time he’d held me, and finally, I could look upon him undaunted.

He swallowed, as his eyes fell to my mouth. His fingers began working on the buttons of my blouse, slowly exposing the black lace and creamy flesh as his lips left a hot path from my jaw down my neck to my collarbone.

‘This is really going to happen,’ he breathed as he bent and ran a trail of hot, open-mouthed kisses to the curve of my shoulder. His fingers were soft, brushing over my skin and giving goose bumps as he pushed the blouse down my arms. ‘Dear God, babe. You’re gorgeous. I missed touching you like this.’

His fingers ghosted over the top swells of my breasts visible above the delicate edge of my bra. I closed my eyes and offered up my mouth, silently begging to end my torture, and my hand reached out to find the waistband of his pants. They were tied shut and I frantically worked the knot…he was still, except for his mouth running along my cheekbone and then back toward my mouth.

‘I missed my mouth on yours, missed my hands on your body…missed being deep inside you.’ He was making love to me with his words even though he was barely touching me, and my body came alive. Every inch of skin burned for his touch, my lower body hot and pulsing, my breathing was shallow and rapid. His hands tangled in my hair, gently tugging my face closer to his…”

Fifty Shades Darker by EL James

“I am just the same Ana. I love you and I need you. Touch me. Please.’ He rubs his nose against mine, and his quiet heartfelt plea moves me and I melt.

Touch him. Touch him while we make love. Oh my.

He rears up over me, gazing down, and in the half-light from the dimmed bedside light, I can tell that he’s waiting for my decision, and he’s caught in my spell.

I reach up and tentatively place my hand on the soft patch of hair over his sternum. He gasps and scrunches his eyes closed as if in pain, but I don’t take my hand away this time. I move it up to his shoulders, feeling the tremor run through him. He groans, and I pull him down to me and place both my hands on his back, where I’ve never touched him before, on his shoulders blades, holding him to me. His strangled moan arouses me like nothing else.

He buries his head in my neck, kissing and sucking and biting me, before trailing his nose up my chin and kissing me, his tongue possessing my mouth, his hands moving over my body once more. His lips move down…down…down to my breasts, worshipping as they go, and my hands stay on his shoulders and his back, enjoying the flex and ripple of his finely honed muscles, his skin still damp from his nightmare. His lips close over my nipple, pulling and tugging, so that it rises to greet his glorious skilled mouth.

I groan and run my fingernails across his back. And he gasps, a strangled moan.

‘Oh fuck, Ana’ he chokes and it’s half a cry, half groan. It tears at my heart, but also deep inside me, tightening all the muscles below my waist. Oh, what I can do to him! I’m panting now, matching his tortured breaths with my own.

His hand travels south, over my belly, down to my sex – and his fingers are on me, then in me. I groan as he moves his fingers around inside me, in that way, and I push my pelvis up to welcome his touch…”

Bared to You by Sylvia Day

He stirred, his arms tightening around my back. ‘Eva…?’

This time I answered him the way I couldn’t before. ‘Let’s forget,’ I breathed into his mouth. ‘Make us forget.’


He rolled into me, peeling my shirt off with cautious movements. I was similarly tentative in undressing him. We approached each other as if each of us were breakable. The bond between us was fragile just then, both of us apprehensive about the future and the wounds we could inflict with all of our jagged edges.

His lips wrapped around my nipple, his cheeks hollowing slowly, his seduction subdued. The tender suckling felt so good I gasped and arched into his hand. He caressed my side from breast to hip and back again, over and over, gentling me as my heart raced wildly.

He kissed across my chest to the other breast, murmuring words of apology and need in a voice broken by regret and misery. His tongue lapped at the hardened point, worrying it, before surrounding it with wet heat and suction.

‘Gideon.’ The delicate pulls expertly coaxed desire through my skittish mind. My body was already lost in him, greedily seeking the pleasure and beauty of his.

‘Don’t be afraid of me,’ he whispered. ‘Don’t pull away.’

He kissed my navel and then moved lower, his hair caressing my stomach as he settled between my legs. He held me open with shaking hands and nuzzled my clit. His light, teasing licks through my cleft and the fluttering dips into my trembling sex took me to the edge of insanity.

My back bowed. Hoarse pleas left my lips. Tension spread through my body, tightening everything until I felt like I might snap under the pressure. And then he pushed me into orgasm with the softest nudge of the tip of his tongue.

I cried out, heated relief pulsing through me writhing body.

‘I can’t let you go, Eva.’ Gideon levered over me as I vibrated with pleasure. ‘I can’t’ …”


**fans self** Is it hot in here or what? 😉

Do you have any favorite love scenes in books?

Let me know in the comments! 🙂


About Elena

Literature is my passion. I love reading so much that I spend countless hours in bookstores and libraries. I have a soft spot for poetry and art. I like traveling and discovering new places. I can't do without a book.

18 thoughts on “Elena’s Picks: O…Those Love Scenes…(part 1)

  1. Maria says:

    So early ! I am hot !


  2. Soshfly says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    These love scenes leave me breathless, hot & creamy.


  3. candie says:

    Be right back – I need to change my undies !


  4. katiebirdie says:

    This was better than coffee…


  5. Love it! Keep doing these posts. They make me swoon. LOL


  6. jennab says:

    Oh geez! Mornin’!!! Lol 😀 excellent way to start the day!


  7. hizpetal86 says:

    I don’t know if ur only doing published works but there is one of my top mating scenes of all times I present to you EPOV…..

    Love, passion, anger, disbelief, fear, want, need, desperation, fire. It’s all there as I push my cock inside of her.
    Shivers rip through my body.
    Out of this world.
    “Holy shit, you’re… Oh, God…” Her breathing hitches.
    I smirk at her shocked expression.
    “Want more?” I ask breathlessly, feeling her wet pussy squeeze me. It’s been a year for me. A fucking year.
    I pull out before I slam back in, and she chokes on a moan.
    “Please, Edward!”
    That won’t ever get old. To hear her beg me for more.
    Knowing that I won’t last very long, I move my thumb down to her clit, and again she starts constricting. She feels too damn good. And don’t get me started on how she looks, writhing under me. Her full tits, her neatly trimmed pussy, her curves, her beautiful face… She’s all woman. Delectable and worthy of worship.
    “Say it, baby,” I moan in her ear. “Tell me it’s me.”
    Because for me, it’s all you.
    She digs her heels into my ass. “You,” she pants. “Only you, Edward.” Damn fucking straight.
    The next time I push in, I don’t stop. I set a fast pace.
    Bella likes it rough.
    “Soaking wet for me, baby,” I moan, pounding harder and harder. “I fucking knew we were gonna be perfect together.” I lean down, sucking her earlobe in to my mouth. My breathing is out of control. It’s all her. “Don’t ever settle for second best again, Bella.”
    She claws at me.
    We’re wild.
    All over the fucking bed, rolling around, both trying to stake a claim.
    “Oh, fuck!” she gasps, and I know she can feel it. I know I have reached that spot inside of her. I know I’m rubbing against it with each thrust. “Yes… ungh… Oh, Edward!”
    Yes, that’s it. My name. Not his. When she rides me, I know she only has me on her mind as her head tilts back.
    I cup and squeeze her luscious tits, making her moan louder.
    And then, when I roll us over again and slam into her, I take her by surprise, only proving that she never had this before.
    “Mine, baby girl,” I whisper in her ear.
    With that, she falls apart.
    And I turn Bella Swan into a screamer.
    The pleasure shoots through me as I follow.
    No words can describe the intensity of my climax.

    That my dear ladies is an excerpt from River by Cara No. I flove this fic. My other top 4 consist of my Wifey RobsHandMonkey. No that chicka can write a love making scene like no other. You can find River in PDF form on Cara No’s blogspot. Look her up 🙂


  8. sararrice says:

    The love scenes in GI and GR are simply the best. I haven’t found anything else that comes close. However, there are scenes in in Bared to You and in Winemakers Dinner that make me swoon! I also just finished Down to You and while the sex was hot at times there is nothing like the love scenes by SR.


  9. TerrytheNurse says:

    OMG,you are out to kill me. 🙂 I would have picked exactly the same love scenes. Ahhhh….catching breath. When it comes to writing love scenes, no one can do it like SR, and no one can read SR’s love scenes like John Morgan. {swooning and about to hyperventilate} In fact, SR can rewrite the phone book and make it sound sensuous . I need to go and throw cold water on my face…..;)


  10. Ebel says:

    Wow reading this made watching the election results almost impossible! Loved the scenes from GI and GR. I may have a new author crush on SR 😉 A piece of my heart still lies with EL though, she’s the one who started the Romance reads for me. Loved this! Great distraction! 🙂


  11. Roseann says:

    I just want to say that I love the way SR writes a love scene. The way he discribes it is so clear and is how I think every women would want to be treated. I am amazed by his work. I hope it continues for a long time. He is amazing.


  12. R says:

    Zac and Julie’s love scene is from Perfect. Paradise is Matt and Meredith’s story 🙂


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