FanFic Friday Lite

Since most people are probably at a theater right now, watching Breaking Dawn 2, (including myself) this will not be a big and important post. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t read anything that I want to share with you though.

After reading the epic story, A Pound of Flesh, I really wanted to read something lighter with less angst. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with my favorite funny girl, FictionFreak95. Her story Blind Spot was exactly what I needed. Let me tell you why.

Jo always does funny well. I have featured her stories before, because her characters are hilarious and kind of nuts. This story is a slightly different AH story, because there is a supernatural element to it. She typically does Edward POV, but this alternates between POVs, so you get to experience both of their thoughts. Bella has lived all of her life in the tiny town of Madisonville, Louisiana. Her family and friends love her, but she is misunderstood by most people, because of her gift of seeing the future. It’s not exactly like Alice’s gift in canon, mind you. She can’t really control it, and her information comes to her from different sources. I really like this Bella because she is strong, independent and wants to help people with her gift, if she can. She doesn’t like to see people lose sight of where they should be in life. So when Edward comes to town to get away from his troubles in Chicago, she wants to help him, even if he doesn’t trust her right away.

If you’ve read other stories from this author, her Edwards can be hard and crass. Not the clean-cut version that we fell in love with. This Edward isn’t quite as harsh as that; he’s a cop who idolized his older brother Garrett and father, who were also cops. He has lived his whole life doing the right thing, until a tragedy causes him to question his career and sanity. Bella’s presence sooths him in a way that he doesn’t immediately accept or understand, but he can’t stay away from her, and there is something or someone haunting him, that won’t let him forget the events he so desperately wants to run from.

If you can’t tell by now, there are couple different storylines going on that are mysteries needing to be solved, for both characters. When Bella and Edward decide to not fight what they are both feeling for each other, it’s is a hawt mess for sure. The lemons are amazing!


On an even lighter sexier side, I started reading Alphabet Weekends by the-glory-days, this week. This is a sexfest at its finest, but I am loving it, because the back-story to Bella and Edward’s friendship keeps the story moving. Childhood friends from the age of 5, Edward and Bella have always been in each other lives. They are roommates who are both in a “dry spell”; so to make life interesting they play a game with the alphabet. Drawing a letter every Friday, each person uses the letter to inspire them to “out sex” each other on Saturday. It makes for some fantastic lemons. What’s interesting is what happens on Sunday, and how their feelings for each other manifest themselves during the week. Annie recd. this story on our “friends with benefits” post, so I knew that it had to be good.


I hope that everyone enjoys this weekend of celebrating the glorious ending to the movies of Twilight. I am sure some of you will probably want to move on to the next big thing.  I am still very attached to these characters, so fan fiction for me will still be in my life for a while. Please come back when you are feeling Edward and Bella withdrawals. We’ll be here!! *waves, while wiping eyes with tissue*

Forever Edward’s girl,


2 thoughts on “FanFic Friday Lite

  1. deb24601 says:

    I’ve had Bronze on my to read list for ages and plan to start it soon. It has an ancient Vampella and a newborn Edward. oooooo

    It comes highly recommended by Tink who knows her vamps. 🙂

    Off to viewing number two in an hour or so. Happy Breaking Dawn Part 2 weekend to all.


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