FanFic Friday: From BD2 to AU

I am hoping by now, everyone who is reading this, has seen the final movie in the Twilight saga. Breaking Dawn Part 2. (Rob’s right. I don’t like that word either. Saga. It does sound like an old person. LOL) I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it though, so if you need to, skip down past the first image, and start there. I won’t blame you, if you want to stare at the image for moment though. *giggle* I loved the close ups of Bella kissing all over Edward’s neck and face. Yum.  I am so digressing here.

If I ever get to meet Bill Condon, the director, I would hug him and thank him for such an amazing final movie. It’s obvious that he loved the books and the whole series as much as we fans do. Anyone else fall out of their seats in shock, and feel like their hearts were going to end up in their laps at the shocking twist near the end? I actually felt numb, and zoned out for a minute or two. I personally think that it made the movie better. What about the end credits? Sob fest, right? I think I cried more at my third viewing. It finally hit me that this is it. There will be no more movies to wait for and talk about. *heavy sigh* I am glad for the actors and the author that everything ended on a high note for them. They deserve much success in their futures.

As Bella said, “I’ll never get enough of this.” I completely agree!

At any rate, the movie made me want to dive head first into my TBR list of AU stories. So I thought I would share with you what I am reading right now, and some new favorites as well.

made by rinabina

Taken by tinkrbe1l3 It was recently completed in October, so if you are one of those people who will only read completed stories, don’t waste your time reading whatever you’re reading right now, and read this. Debb and Annie recd. this story back in January of this year, (if you miss Debb as much as I do, you can read their original review here) so I put it on my list, but then decided not to wait and read it as a WIP.  I love this Edward, because he’s darker, especially in the beginning. Bella is driving home to Forks to visit her dad, in a really bad rainstorm. Edward is hunting in the area, and smells her. When Bella loses control of the car on the slick road, Edward intervenes, only to take her for himself. Now he has to deal with her. It’s such a great story!

made by tallulahBelle

Another AU story that I just finished reading is Spanglemaker9’s Dog Star.  Like Annie, who also recd. this one back in September, I love all things Spangle. (read Annie’s original review here) I was so excited to read this one, because it’s her first AU story. Edward and Bella do meet that fateful day in Biology class, but when Edward runs away to Alaska, he decides to stay with Tanya and her family for three years. Bella can’t forget their strange first encounter, but moves on with her life. Alice doesn’t really make friends with Bella, until when they end up in the same English Literature classes at University of Washington. Spangle writes a great canon Edward, but she expands on details in the original story as well. Edward only stays around the second time for Alice, trying to focus on what Carlisle taught him in the past, about seeing Bella as not a human with blood that calls to him, but a person with a family and friends. There are two things about this story that I loved. This Bella is smart and picks up on things that even I didn’t notice before and Riley plays a bigger role in this one. Picturing Xavier Samuel in my head wasn’t too bad either.

Since I have this thing for libraries, here’s an excerpt:

“You’re lucky to have a big family. I always wished I had brothers and sisters.”

Edward nodded in agreement. “I am lucky to have them.”

Bella sighed and made a little sound in the back of her throat, something soft and high.

Edward told himself not to take the step forward that his body wanted to. He was close enough already. Her scent was drowning him in this closed, dark room. His stomach was cramping with the desire to—what, exactly?

Bite, of course. That was always there. Her hair was swept back over her shoulders and he couldn’t keep his eyes from flickering to the pale curve of her neck, the tiny, fluttering pulse he could almost see under her skin.

But there was something else. Some other urge was propelling him forward, making him want to step into her personal space, to get close enough to feel her body heat. And this urge had very little to do with how her blood would taste.

He wanted to reach out and put a hand on her, just there on the small of her back where it curved in so tiny. He wondered what she’d do, if she’d jump or scream at his touch. Then he reminded himself that it didn’t matter because he couldn’t do it, for a thousand different reasons.

made by Chicklette

Lastly, this story has been on my TBR list for two years as a WIP, but I decided to not wait for it to complete and read it now. A Garment of Brightness by miaokuancha.   It just called me for some reason. I’m only about 13 chapters in, but the story feels so good. Her writing is so beautiful and poetic, and I’m loving it so far. She does this amazing job with mixing the movie with canon.

Here’s a couple of lines/scenes that stood out to me right away.

Chapter 5 Edward. Bella seeing Edward in Biology for the first time. Not exactly like the original, but it could have happened this way. LOL

The heat in Forks High School doesn’t work too well, so a lot of the rooms have at least one or two heat reflector fans strategically placed to help out. In Biology, they have one each at the front and rear of the class. Handing my attendance slip to Mr. Molina gives me an excuse to stand right in front of the one by his desk, even if only for a moment. It feels so good to be warm.

I scan the room while he gets my stuff together to give me.

Generic, black-topped lab tables, the high stools for seats, eye-wash sink and fan hood in the back. It feels familiar. I just wish that I could have been put in Physics instead of Biology, which I’ve already taken before. But there are no openings. Just like this school has no AP French, so I have to take first year Spanish with all the freshmen. There are no empty seats in this class either, except for one. Jessica and her crew are already shuffling over to their various seats around the room. The only open space is next to … I turn my eyes quickly back to the teacher, and the big heavy textbook and two workbooks he’s handing me.

The boy.

I can barely breathe, he’s so beautiful. Pale, pale skin, like porcelain. His hair isn’t long, but it’s rebellious. A kind of rich, soft brown with bronzy accents. He has a slender, graceful build that layers of clothing can’t quite disguise. His eyebrows are very straight, and his dark, dark eyes are … we only make eye contact for a moment. He snaps his gaze away from me, too, even faster than I can. But in that moment I see – Terror? Hatred? Fury?


I’m fumbling with the books, and the strangeness of his gaze almost but not quite distracts me from the glimpse I’ve had of his lips. They’re soft, and red enough to contrast sharply with his face, and oh God, I would give my life right here and now to kiss him on the mouth, just once. Just once. Me who has never kissed, never even wanted to kiss anyone. Ever.

And the universe is forcing me to sit next to him. It’s so wrong.

Eyes on feet. Don’t trip. Do not trip and do not pass out. Breathe. I pick my way down the aisle to the Siege Perilous that awaits me. From the edges of my non-vision, I see that he has left his seat and is speaking in an inaudibly low voice with another boy two rows in front.

“Mr. Cullen, what are you doing?” The teacher’s voice calls everyone to attention. I’m almost there, but reflexively stop, too.

“I’m trading seats with Josh.” Even his voice is beautiful.

“That won’t be necessary.”

“Yes it is!” Maybe it came out louder and more forcefully than he’d intended, but his body language has nothing in it of backing down.

“And why is that?” I can see that the teacher is one inch short of losing patience. So is the boy, because he just blurts out –

“She stinks!”

Amidst general laughter – at me, at him, what does it matter? – Mr. Molina says, “Go back to your seat, Edward. Now.”

I do not drop my books. I do not trip over the backpack that sits halfway into the aisle just in front of the last desk. I do not cry. I do not look at the boy as he slides, with no good grace at all, back onto his stool. I don’t look anywhere but at my stuff as I put my things down, get myself settled and pull my notebook out. The titters are dying down. I’m biting on the inside of my lower lip to keep a grip. Too hard, it turns out. I can taste the blood running into my mouth. Damn, damn and double damn! No one can see that my lip is bleeding because it’s on the inside. But it might swell. God Almighty, the last thing I need now is a fat lip.

How could he say that? How could he be so cruel? Even if I do smell, what did I ever do to him that he should humiliate me like that? In front of everyone. On my very first day. The worst part of all is that I can’t check myself to see if I do smell. Everyone would see, and then I’ll really never live it down. I took a shower last night. How bad can it be?

Here are a couple of snippets from the scene in the cafeteria:

It’s nice not to have to sit alone at lunch, but it still doesn’t keep the kids at the other tables from staring. New kid. Smells funny. Makes handsomest boy in school eat fried worms.

“When Lauren Mallory asked him if he wanted to go out, he just said, ‘You should respect yourself more.’ “

The spell is broken, and the Cullens are just five extraordinarily and unfortunately beautiful humans. I look away, but not too soon to see that, even though he is staring into blank space, Edward is still scowling. Like he’s looking for something and can’t find it. Or listening. Is he trying to listen to what the kids are saying? Don’t even try it, I think, your ears will be on fire for a week.

I will update in the future when the story is completed, but honestly if you want to feel serious nostalgia, read it now.

Love Happy Edward.

I saw this fantastic video on Thinking of Rob that I just had to share with everyone.

I love to hear comments about the movie, if you want to share!!


3 thoughts on “FanFic Friday: From BD2 to AU

  1. ChocoMG2112 says:

    Taken was great. Unique and creative. Love me a good VampBella with a Vampward.


  2. blondemel47 says:

    Look forward to reading all these n thanks for the video link, I loved it. Makes me feel a little melancholly n want to watch them all over again.


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