Exclusive! Kahlen Aymes Reveals the Blurb from A Love Like This…

Happy Holidays, guys! Let’s start off this week of Christmas celebrations with something big…

Kahlen Aymes shares exclusively here on Bookish Temptations the blurb from A Love Like This, the third and final installment of The Remembrance Trilogy.

You all know I love these books. Ryan is one of my Best Book Boyfriends of 2012 and I’m very excited that Kahlen decided to share the blurb  with all of us.

With no further ado, let’s see what A Love Like This will bring…

** It could be edited for the back cover**

Married and settled in New York City, Ryan and Julia Matthews seek to start their family and life together.  Julia’s high-profile job at Vogue and Ryan’s promising career in medicine will surely set them up for everything they could ever want; except enough precious time together.
One horrible night, when Ryan’s life is threatened in the ER amid a desperate attempt to save a gunshot victim’s life, a colleague bravely comes to his defense, only to be critically injured in the process.  In a heroic and unwavering effort, Ryan manages to keep her from dying but her injuries irrevocably change her life forever.
While Julia is grateful and tries to befriend the woman, she feels pushed aside when Ryan, indebted and immersed in guilt at Jane’s sacrifice, befriends her during her recovery.   Worse, when Jane begins clinging to Ryan and invades what little personal time they have, resentment and frustration builds until Julia finally cracks.
Ryan, trying to support his friend’s healing, is angry at Julia’s apparent lack of trust, despite his efforts to console her.  Reminded of how their own friendship began, events cause a heartbroken Julia to flee without telling Ryan her destination or even if she will return to him.  When grief pushes him beyond what’s humanly possible, he is on the verge of losing his mind.  Ryan will finally be forced to decide how he much he will pay for his new friendship and Julia, what she is willing to sacrifice to spare herself the unspeakable pain of watching another woman try to take her place at Ryan’s side.
Join Ryan and Julia in the heart wrenching conclusion to the unforgettable story of an incredible love; worth every single sacrifice… For there is nothing more sacred than A Love Like This…
OMG! I don’t know about you, but I’m biting my nails here…I seriously can’t wait to have A Love Like This in my hands! There’s no release date yet, but as soon as it gets revealed, we’ll make sure to let you know 😉
Thanks again to the lovely Kahlen for sharing this with us!
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7 thoughts on “Exclusive! Kahlen Aymes Reveals the Blurb from A Love Like This…

  1. soshfly69 says:

    Oh lord Ryan had better pull his head out of arse and do anything necessary not to lose his real BF & true love!!! I am besides myself but patiently awaiting A Love Like This….


  2. shay aka 50shayds says:

    Ummmmm, im not reading this cuzzzzz, (runs to hide) im waiting for it to be published before i reading the 1st one.


  3. Deb Andreoli says:

    I can’t wait for this book to be released! My heart nearly broke while reading book 1, book 2 brought such happiness & joy to the story only to now be waiting for their perfect love and beautiful world to hang in the balance again- UGH – Kahlen, get writing, I don’t know how long my patience will hold on. Looks like I’m going to be screaming at Ryan a lot in this book!


  4. Cheryl says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this book to see what happens do we have a release date yet ????


  5. Brooke says:

    Wow, I was already getting emotional and the book hasn’t even come out yet. This a great trilogy so far, and I can’t wait for more.


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