Exclusive! Tamie and Elena Interview: The Snarky Narrator of the Gabriel series by Sylvain Reynard

I have to share a little secret with you guys…when Elena and I found out we were going to have the privilege of conducting the 1st interview ever done with the Snarky Narrator from Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynardwe were both really nervous, but so excited at the same time.
We weren’t really sure what to expect as we met at a top secret location…NO! I can’t tell you where…I just said it was top secret…geez…
Anyways… we decided to dress up a bit…ok, ok…we went on a mad shopping spree and treated ourselves to a spa day before arriving a few minutes early.

We were met by a very pleasant-looking gentleman who escorted us to a lovely room, and after serving us a fabulous glass of wine he departed. We chit chatted and admired our surroundings…the fireplace was a huge bonus…


A few minutes later we heard the door open and there HE stood…

In my haste to stand up I wobbled a bit and spilled some of my wine on my new dress…well how embarrassing is that…and out of my mouth popped “ Holy crap dood! You’re effing gorgeous” Oh no…did I really just say that out loud?

Trying to cover for me, Elena stepped forward and began making introductions. SN refilled our wine and then poured himself a glass before we all took our seats. (and by the way Tamie was unabashedly staring at SN with lustful thoughts admiration, it was obvious that she needed a minute or five to regain her senses, so Elena took charge and got the interview underway.)

Elena smiling ” Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview, SN. It’s a pleasure to have you here.” Trying hard not to blush and look flustered because he’s so handsome she asks,  “I’m very curious to know, what’s your honest opinion of Professor Gabriel O. Emerson?”

SN: He’s a pretentious ass and he holds no end of amusement for me.

Tamie: It seems to me that Gabriel and SR get most of the attention from the Ladies…how do you feel about that?

SN: (sigh) The narrator always gets the shaft.

Elena: “Tamie… that may be true, but I think it’s safe to say that, besides Gabriel of course, the SN is the readers’ favorite character.” turning back to SN and asking “What do you think of the fact that they adore you so much? And why do you think that is?”

SN: (preening) Well, I’d like to think that the readers appreciate my sense of humour, such as it is. Of course, having a comic figure such as the Professor certainly helps. If he changed his wardrobe or his vocabulary, I’d have to find something else to mock, like his strange attachment to archaic shaving implements.

 Elena looks into SN’s  gorgeous blue eyes and loses any coherent thought. She certainly appreciates a good deal more than his sense of humor… Oh gods of all book bloggers that are interviewing gorgeous snarky narrators, don’t let me combust, please!

Realizing that it is now Elena who needs a moment or two to compose herself, Tamie leans forward and touches SN‘s arm and asks, “What kinds of activities do you like to engage in…when you aren’t busy being so desireable…Umm…I mean snarky ?”

SN: I enjoy paintball and playing Risk, sometimes at the same time. I’ve been known to move his Jaguar and park it in a no parking zone. I’ve also taken to surreptitiously pouring his milk down the sink.

Tamie’s mind drifts off to an entirely different thought about what the SN does with that milk…

post pic for SN

Elena tries to stifle a giggle. She’s always loved The Professor’s peculiarity, which prompts her to ask “What is the Professor’s trait that amuses you the most? Irritates you the most?”

SN: He’s prim in a way that one seldom sees outside of Oxbridge. And he talks funny. I mean, how many people do you know that regularly use the term “shenanigans” in a sentence?

Tamie inhales sharply and decides not to point out that “shenanigans” is actually one of her favorite words, and one she regularly tries to work into a sentence. She covers by jumping into the next question, “Describe your ideal woman and tell me what a perfect date would entail?”

SN: My ideal woman would be either you or Elena, and I’d be delighted to take you both to dinner. In fact, my Fiat awaits …

Elena almost jumps from her seat, ready to accept the offer, link her arm to SN‘s and let herself be escorted to his Fiat, but Tamie grabs her hand, reminding her with a pointed look that they have to finish the interview first but whispers “OMG…we are so accepting that invitation after we get done with this”  Elena would like to move on immediately to more interesting activities…And speaking of pleasurable activities…

Elena clears her throat and asks:  Do the love scenes between Gabriel and Julia make you uncomfortable, since you have to narrate them?

SN: Mostly, I keep my eyes shut. It’s very difficult not to snark or to turn on “boom chicka wow” music while narrating those scenes. God help me.

Tamie who never, ever, giggles does so, but recovers quickly with “ Have you ever considered opening up your own social media accounts? Why or why not?”

SN: I’m glad you asked. Yes, I have. But since I’m a narrator, I’m afraid readers would find it rather tiresome, e.g., “This morning I had eggs for breakfast, which is miraculous given the fact that I …” you get the idea.

It occurs to Elena that she wouldn’t mind listening to him talking about eggs and breakfast. Yes, she’s definitely smitten. What was the question? Oh right “Was there a scene/moment in the story where you wanted to make a particularly snarky comment but you didn’t? And if so, what would it be? Now’s the moment to make it 😉 ”

SN: The last love scene in “Gabriel’s Inferno.” I was shouting, “Damn it, just do it already. You’re making legions of men worldwide look bad and now no one will be able to get a date.”

Tamie giggles again which she finds rather alarming, and takes a fairly large gulp of her wine before asking ” Both the Professor and SR seem to have an…erm…strong appreciation for ladies heels…do you share this particular fascination with what is on a woman’s feet?”

SN: (shakes head) Faced with a beautiful woman, who the hell would look at her feet?

Tamie and Elena look at each other wide-eyed before Tamie, trying hard  to control the urge to jump into his lap, stutters the next question “Ummyeah…ok…last one before we play a game. Tell us just one teeny tiny little secret about Gabriel or SR that has never been revealed…until now.”

SN: Someone sent Gabriel a pair of silk boxer shorts with lipstick marks all over them and “Emerson has a great ass” emblazoned over the backside.

Elena recognizes the description of the boxer shorts and blushes. So he did receive her gift…Busted.

“Ok time for what we like to call…fast and furious…ready?”

Tamie tries to ignore the scorching look from the SN that clearly says he’s always ready…

Boxers, briefs, or commando?

You forgot banana hammocks …

Tamie shakes her head to clear the image that just popped into her mind…

banana hammock1

E-reader or print book?

Print. Definitely. In fact, I’m printing this as we speak, long hand.

Pine table or wall?

Wall. Wait. Is it a kitchen table? Because that’s the holy grail of domestic coupling.

Elena thinks about kitchen tables and SN…Together. She wonders if her kitchen table would be sturdy enough..Oh my. Her mind is running riot…She needs to regain her senses and fast.

Favorite song, #, color, flavor, scent?

“Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin.” Every snark deserves its own soundtrack. Seven. Blue. Apple. Apple pie.

Vanilla sex or a little bit of kink?

Whoa. Who did you say you write for again?

Favorite curse word?


First thing you check out on a woman?

It ain’t her shoes, I can tell you that.

Favorite book other than GI/GR?

“War and Peace.” The snark possibilities are endless.

Favorite sexual position?

As long as I’m having sex, that position is my favourite.

Long, slow, and deep… or short, fast, and hard? Kisses dood…I meant kisses. Wait…did I really mean kisses?

Long, slow and deep.

Tamie looked at Elena and then at the SN and said…”I think that’s a wrap on the interview, let’s go do dinner shall we?!?”

and with that SN said, “Thank you Ladies for this interview. It was a pleasure.”

With one arm around Tamie’s waist and the other around Elena’s the SN led them off…to dinner…and a VERY good time was had by all…


A thousand thank yous and hugs to Sylvain Reynard for arranging this interview. You’re the best SR!

A thousand kisses to SN for an unforgettable interview. We’re glad we were your first! Elena and I may never be the same…We’ll see you at that New Year’s Eve party 😉

Merry Christmas to everyone! Later today we’ll have a giveaway from SR.

Tamie and Elena

P.S. The FIAT?!? It’s black…O and three people in the front seat?!? Makes for a very interesting ride…

86 thoughts on “Exclusive! Tamie and Elena Interview: The Snarky Narrator of the Gabriel series by Sylvain Reynard

  1. Julie says:

    I need details of your 3-way, I mean dinner! 🙂


  2. Thank you Tami, Elena SN and SR. I must say, I’m very satisfied with this Christmas present.
    My favorite parts:
    1. SN: Mostly, I keep my eyes shut. It’s very difficult not to snark or to turn on “boom chicka wow” music while narrating those scenes. God help me.
    2. SN: Someone sent Gabriel a pair of silk boxer shorts with lipstick marks all over them and “Emerson has a great ass” emblazoned over the backside.
    3. You forgot banana hammocks …
    4. Fuck.
    5. As long as I’m having sex, that position is my favourite.

    PS: When I read the part where he invites you guys to dinner, I honestly said this on my mind: “Uh-oh, I see threesome in their near future.”


  3. ChocoMG2112 says:

    That was *awesome*!!!!!!


  4. Fiona says:

    Hands down this would have to be the funniest and most entertaining interview I have ever read.. You ladies are fabulous!!! … And as for SN.. He is my new crush 😍


  5. TerrytheNurse says:

    Oh, SN, I am so glad you were my first. 🙂 This post has to be the best ever. Screw Gabriel– keep him. I want to jump in the sack with the SN. And not get out of it for a month. (Long, slow, and deep.:)

    Even the SN has great taste in music, Gershwin rocks. The best of the best of the best.

    Move out of the way, Elena and Tam. I want him. Now. *grins*

    Funny, as usual! You are all the best and I lurves you! Thanks to you and SR for giving us a good laugh for Christmas. ❤


  6. Ettie says:

    Whoa! That SR can sure rile a bunch of ladies up, that is with his shenanigans. I bet you he is delicious.


  7. danatm828 says:

    oh goodness, SN sounds just as intriguing as SR and Gabriel! my heart is so full already, but i need to make room for SN! love the surprise!!! 🙂


  8. Zoe says:

    The best Christmas gift ever !!!
    Elena and Tamie , I envy you both,for having the chance to be SN’s firsts 😦
    Thanks everyone for this.Was really entertaining,
    Merry Christmas.


  9. Sheila says:

    I. Am. Dying. Here. Snarky Narrator, if you want to come over and sample some traditional English Lake District hospitality, then my remote cottage is open to you. Thanks to Tamie and Elena for withstanding SN’s naughtiness, and to SR for letting him out xxx


  10. jelly848y says:

    Now thats put a smile on my face 🙂 Absolutly fantastic !!


  11. Clista says:

    Oh Ladies, way to heat up a Christmas Morning! That was incredible to read. GI & GR remain my favorite books that I have read. I love SN now, and am so anxious to learn when we will be ~pleasured~ with book 3! GREAT FUN interview, lucky girls! Keep these coming!


  12. Ellie Totten says:

    Elena and Tamie, you are two lucky gals, now you know what he, (breath hitches and heart races)SN, a.k.a. SR, really looks like.He sounds as sexy, arousing, cuddly, flirtatious, hot, kissable, provocative and sensuous as your description of him. I bet you cannot get the smile off your face after an evening with SN. Thank you for the lovely and visual gift! xo


  13. Maria says:

    The SN sounds so dreamy! He just got added to my “favorite men” list: SR, The Professor, DG and now SN.
    What a fab & sexy interview. Lucky Tamie & Elena. You go ladies!!
    Much appreciation & love to the ladies, Bookish Temptations, SR and SN. Thank you for the thrill on Christmas day! 😀


  14. A perfect Christmas gift this morning! Snarky Narrator is definitely among the best you’ve had. What? I meant interview!

    *sigh* I’ve always had a weakness for men who prefer the number 7. Who doesn’t love a man who’ll make you laugh? And his “position” on sex is…yeah.

    Love the interview, Tamie and Elena. This was so much fun to read.


  15. katiebirdie says:

    That was so much fun to read!! Merry Christmas ladies, SN and SR, wherever you are. xxoo


  16. gelytayz says:

    I am sooo jelly. I can tell you that!lol great job!!;)


  17. mariadrg says:

    Oh my God…the best Christmas present EVER. This was so hot…my kids were like “Mom what are you reading? You have a huge grin on your face and you’re flushed?” Hahaha… to funny. Way to go ladies. THANK YOU SR! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  18. Genney says:

    I can not wait till this book comes about, I love Professor Emerson. Can’t Wait. Merry Christmas..


  19. Sylvain Reynard says:

    Thanks Ladies. It was fun talking to you. Looking forward to taking you both out in my Fiat again. (wink, wink) SN


  20. Lyn says:

    I really enjoyed reading that interview. It sounds like great fun was had by all! 😉


  21. Susi Martin says:

    Ok, so now I had a chance to reread this in peace. All family members are in their rooms with their presents, peace for a little bit. I must say that I am so intrigued by the SN. Thanks to SR too. This interview was great and a fun way to start off the day.


  22. geokrusch says:

    Oh my…I’m going to need a cold shower.


  23. Ana SweetDirtyDraco says:

    ¡¡¡BRAVO!!! Elena, Tamie and SN you´re a very amusing trio…and
    skilled contortionists. Three people in the front seat of a Fiat? Really? 😛


  24. Iris~Elli says:

    Thanks Tammie and Elena! This was loads of fun. Thanks to SR and SN as well. (Mr. Snarky is one of my favorite characters for sure.) <~ noted parenthetically. Thanks for giving them all a voice. 🙂 Who know SN was so Hot! So still wondering. Is he a boob man, face man, curve man or what? 😉


    • mandacolette says:

      I agree with Elli. What exactly is SN looking at when he sees a woman? Is everyone associated with GI and GR absurdly attractive? Hmm…

      Great interview. He sounds badass. We need to know if he has tats and if he’s right or left handed.


  25. Tess H. says:

    Eeps!! Best interview ever! You should see the stupid grin on my face now! Haha, I love it! Thanks so much! You ladies are amazing!!


  26. yl110 says:

    “Faced with a beautiful woman, who the hell would look at her feet?” That’s my man! I like you SN, a lot!
    And girls, if that Fiat is a 500 I warn you that the situation could get … a bit complicated.
    Of course, If you need any help I can come to your rescue 😀


  27. Joy says:

    Wow! Great interview. Lucky girls!!! Did you at least take a picture of SR for the rest of us to drool over? Please share. Thank you for the wonderful present 🙂


  28. Wow, could it be SN is really SR??? I am so jealous. Thank you for such a hot interview!


    • Ellie Totten says:

      Joanne, I don’t think it’s anybody else but SR. His sense of humor gives him away. No one else has his amazing gift.I was on the floor laughing. My husband thought I was exercising! Elena & Tamie were fantastic! Oh to have their job. (sigh)


  29. Kim Meyer says:

    Thank you SN, Tami, and Elena for the interview. I recommend the Gabriel books to anyone who will listen long enough. I even tell them to read 50 Shades and Crossfire first because after you read Gabriel, it would be difficult to read the others.At least, that is my opinion. I’ m not disrespecting Christian or Gideon but, (fanning hot flashes), Gabriel has that something extra special.


    • Maria says:

      Kim, I totally agree. Nothing against Christian & Gideon who are both boyfriend worthy, but there is something so irrisistible about Gabriel.
      To me, he’s the total package!


      • Naynee says:

        Newbie here! I am so glad I have read Fifty Shades months before and Crossfire 2 weeks ago before reading GI & GR a week after. I love Christian for so long, drooling and wishing for him to come true until I met Gabriel. I will leave Christian and his billions in an instant if Gabriel and I crosses path. His love is far greater than any character I’ve read so far. I’m certainly having a hard time liking the male lead character that I’m reading right now.


      • Kim Meyer says:

        Hi Nayee! I am also a newbie. I tend to read comments but rarely contribute. Gabriel brings my thoughts front and center. He is definitely a conversation I can sink my teeth into! I am recovering from pneumonia. I wonder if I could get a “Get well” wish from SR, AN, and/or the sexy professor?? Thoughts to ponder…


  30. Sara R. Rice says:

    Wonderful interview. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that meeting.

    So….pray tell….what did you have for dinner? Was there dessert?


  31. Andreina says:

    Ladies, SN/SR sounds so intriguing! God! I want him… that was bloddy brilliant! Please tell me you took some pictures for us! We want to see!


    • Ellie Totten says:

      Andreina, I second the motion! My heart throbs when I think of him or read his words. I hope SR has an understanding wife.I think there are lots of women out there with a massive crush on this hot guy with heart-stirring words. 😉


  32. Maria says:

    Questions: Is SN single?
    Is SR single?
    SR, SN and the Professor, do they all live in the same building?


  33. Sus says:

    Oh my! Great interview, ladies. Glad SN is as hawt as we all imagined. Sounds like you got what you came for! *tee -hee *


  34. Keisha says:

    That was one interesting interview…..I would love to meet SN and I would love to keep both SN and Gabriel. Tami and Elena you are very lucky to have met SN and I am glad you both enjoyed yourselves also you two are hilarious in this interview because you both could not keep it together but you had each other backs when one couldn’t go on the other one took over go team work……. Glad to know SN is as Hawt as I imagined him to be with those beautiful blue eyes.


  35. hnwhitlock2000 says:

    Love it!!!! Makes me want to go…….read GI!!!!!!


  36. Maria says:

    Ellie, sorry I misspelled your name above. Didn’t notice till after and couldn’t correct it. : (


    • Ellie Totten says:

      No problem, Maria. My real name is Elena Marie, people have called me Ellen and close friends call me Ellie. I answer to all.The only one that called me Elena was my dad. He was from Italy, as were my grandparents. 😀


  37. mariadrg says:

    Reblogged this on mariadreghici and commented:
    This interview that left me smiling for hours. I love SR and the girls from Bookish Temptation. Thank you all, you’ve made my day!!!


  38. Brooke says:

    That was a great interview. It got really warm in my room reading it. Just finding your blog and I’m loving it!


  39. A says:

    This is an awesome interview. It made me want to jump in and join y’all for dinner afterward. I love it 🙂 I can’t wait to see what other interviews you do for this series. Any chance we can get some secrets out of Julia that Gabriel might not be too keen on sharing?


  40. itlnbrt says:

    You girls are so cute. This was such a great interview and I’m a big fan of those books. 😉
    I’ll have to keep a closer eye on more of your interviews.
    Thanks for the entertainment! 🙂


  41. Im confused! if SR= Sylvain Reynard, then who is SN? Alter ego? and is he/she a man then? there are no pictures on google and no one seems to know whether he/she is a man or woman! Love the interview though. Hilarious and I have to mention my favorite part was the end..


    • Tamie says:

      Hmmm…regarding your 1st q…that’s not something I can really answer…
      As to the man/woman q…until someone proves otherwise…he’s all man.
      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Elena and I did as well 😉


    • Ellie Totten says:

      Why anyone would think SR is a woman, puzzles me. Only a gifted man such as SR, a.k.a. SN, could write the way he does and excite just about every woman on planet earth. SR is as appealing as Gabriel. Lucky Tamie & Elena, they got to meet him and attest that he is HOT! 😀


  42. Maria Rees says:

    You girls ROCK THE CAZBAR!
    I would like to send SN an email or letter. Is this possible? If yes, can you please email me the info?

    Your Servent,
    Maria Rees


  43. Caroline says:

    Was astounded when I read your post. You know I always thought SR was a woman because he could see into women’s fantasies so well. (And Gabriel seems more of a woman’s than a man’s dream).


  44. I don’t see a woman writing this. Caroline, read his tweets in response to people. Also, Enn Bocci referes to SR as a man and the most generous and charitable man she ever met. She’s his PR agent. He happens to be very gifted in knowing how to make a woman happy. I would say his wife is a very lucky lady. 😉


  45. Renata says:

    Absolutely perfect interview! I was a fan of the blog because the interview!


  46. Sheila says:

    I’d forgotten how funny this was 🙂 And HOT!


  47. sile2343 says:

    Reblogged this on sile2343's Blog and commented:
    So funny – and a whole new POV on Fiat cars


  48. Thanks for posting this again. Every time I read it, I can’t help but laugh. Tamie & Elena, you do a fantastic job with these interviews. It fits right in with the gifted, funny and amazing SR, a.k.a., SN. 😉

    Ellie xo


  49. Diane says:

    Oh my god! SN is so naughty!!! If I can’t have Gabriel or SR. Can I have him? *hoping smile*


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