Tamie and Elena: Favorite Posts of 2012

Elena and I thought it would be fun to look back at the posts we published in 2012 and share our favorites with you. We’ve divided them into two categories… guest posts and those we wrote or participated in ourselves.

We decided not to try and put them in any kind of order and we didn’t limit ourselves to a specific number…so here we go…

Our Favorite Guest Posts of 2012:


The Interview with the Snarky Narrator via Sylvain Reynard

I guess this post really fits into both of our categories. I gotta say that I had such a good time working on this one. It just might be my favorite of all time so far. Judging from the response here on the blog and on twitter you guys had a great time with it as well. There aren’t a lot of posts that I go back and read over and over, but this is one that I’ve looked at A LOT and it makes me laugh every time.

The teaser from Gabriel book 3 provided by Sylvain Reynard

I was floored and so honored when SR allowed Bookish to host the first teaser from the book we’re all dying to read. The day it posted was a record setter for us…over 4,000 visits came on that day. It’ll be interesting to see if that record ever gets broken and by whom.

Once Upon a Museum…A Vignette written by Shari

OMG! I love this short story that Shari wrote for Bookish. It features four of my favorite authors and myself. It’s another post that I never tire of reading, and it never fails to make me LOL.

The Deleted scene and Outtake from Gabriel’s Rapture provided by Sylvain Reynard

The next best thing to reading SR’s books?!? The things he wrote that didn’t make it into the books. They help make waiting on his next one just a little bit more bearable.

A Fantasy Hookup with Satan Jack written by Debra Anastasia

When I read this story that Debra wrote I was in fantasy boyfriend heaven. It’ll always be one of my favorite posts.

A Valentine from Gabriel to Julia by Sylvain Reynard

If this doesn’t have you climbing into a cold shower after reading it then something is wrong with you. Sexy and romantic and just what we’d all like to receive from the man of our dreams.

A Valentine from Dominic to Kerrigan by C.L. Parker

Whoa! This one is hawt and swoony and lets you know why Dominic will always be a favorite fantasy boyfriend for me.

A Valentine from Gabriel to Jesse by Tyra Lynn

An Ode to the Works of GeorgeyGirl by Katiebird

At the time this was written Katie hadn’t yet joined us on Bookish, and as I share the love for GeorgeyGirl’s works this is a favorite of mine.


The interview with the Snarky Narrator via Sylvain Reynard

The teaser from Gabriel3 by Sylvain Reynard

A Deleted Scene and Outtake from Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard

Once Upon a Museum… A Vignette by Shari

Valentine from Gabriel to Julia

Teaser from the Sequel to Sempre that JM Darhower shared here on Bookish

Guest post by Heather Huffman : Sharing a Universe

Teaser from A Love Like This by Kahlen Aymes.

Our Favorite Posts we wrote or participated in :


Interview with the Snarky Narrator

All of the Book Club discussions Tamie and I did

On the trail of Gabriel’s Rapture part 1 and part 2.

Being able to visit the locations mentioned in my favorite books was very special to me. It made me emotional and I was happy to be able to share this experience with all of you.

The interview I did with Tammara Webber, author of Easy

My review of Gabriel’s Rapture


The SN interview

All of the book club discussions Elena and I did

My Book Boyfriend: Christian Grey

My Book Boyfriend: Kellan Kyle

Nothing Says Love Better Than…

Tamie Takes U on the Gabriel’s Inferno Tour

My review of Gabriel’s Rapture

Me and Gabriel’s Rapture

Gabriel’s Inferno at DW

Any of my posts that have David Gandy in them 😉

My Favorites from the Bookish team

The E-spot: Embracing Our Inner Perv by Gina

FanFic Friday: Taking it Back by Katiebird

Say it with a Kiss by Elena

Morgan Locklear: Wordslinger (Anniversary Post) by Morgan Locklear

Neda reviews: Slammed by Colleen Hoover by Neda

So…of course we’re curious…what were your favorite posts on Bookish Temptations in 2012?!?

Tamie and Elena

5 thoughts on “Tamie and Elena: Favorite Posts of 2012

  1. ChocoMG2112 says:

    I am honored that you both included me in your favorite posts. It was fun to write.

    For mine, I think certainly all the ones involving SR, SN, GI or GR.

    I love the FanFic Friday posts and all Morgan’s. Pirate Booty anyone??


  2. Maria says:

    I’m quite new to the site and have not read most of the older posts. I am looking forward to reading all your favorites, especially the ones with SR or about Gabriel. Thank you and Happy New Year! ❤


  3. debradml says:

    Have loved finding you in 2012 and reading all your posts, thank-you!!!!


  4. katiebirdie says:

    What a great New Years Day surprise!! I feel honored to be mentioned on both of Tamie’s lists. That’s so sweet.

    The Take It Back post I actually did with Annie. Those would have to be my favorite posts that I am personally a part of, the ones i share with Annie and Gina. My first offical post as a BT member was with music and fan fiction. That would another favorite. As for favorites here by everyone else..

    Morgan’s post about his two cats named Edward and Bella.

    Elena’s post on her trip to Italy and places that she saw that reminded her of scenes from GI and GR.

    I liked Gina’s post on books turned into movies, and reviews on all of the Twilight books.

    I love the Sexy Sentence Saturdays in general.

    Looking forward to a great 2013. 🙂


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