Tantalizing Tuesday with Gel: The Sexiest Greek god – Theo

Hello peeps!  I hope you all have a wonderful day!  Guess I’m here for another swoonilific Tuesday!

I have Theo Theodoridis for a pleasurable viewing.  This sexy god has won the title “the most handsome man on the planet”.  I’m pretty sure I’ve read that on some articles dated year 2010.  As famous and as controversial as he is let’s all savor that sexy beautiful bod!;)


Looks gorgeous in a suit.


Let’s remove some of those clothes now shall we?!?


I swear!  I can scrub my panties in those abs.*giggles*




Damn that clapper!


Dood I love my man scruffy.



I don’t know about you, but daaayummm he’s got the kind of bedroom eyes I’d like to see in my bed 😉


I can definitely make use of that rope…hmmm..some kinky actions… *naughty mind at work*

Okay, so what do you think?!  Any book boyfriend in mind upon seeing this Greek god?

Thanks for dropping by, see ya’next week.

x gel

P.S. Tamie may never recover from this post of hawtness Gel…RAWR!

18 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesday with Gel: The Sexiest Greek god – Theo

  1. He’s cute, but my heart belongs to David James Gandy! David, in my humble opinion, is by far the sexiest guy alive. (I’m getting the vapors thinking about him!) 😉


  2. Maria says:

    OMG, between the pictures and Ellie mentioning David Gandy, I can’t think right now. I’ll get back to you Gel.


  3. Jennifer G says:

    Wow!!!! I feel the same way about that damned clapper! It needs to MOVE!!!! Great post, looking forward to Tuesday’s now. 😉


  4. Susi Martin says:

    Umm, I am trying to compose myself. Wow, gorgeous. I too love Gandy!! I will take them both, lol


  5. Marishia says:

    i drooled on my keyboard…and then yall mentioned David and i drooled again. WOW, not sure who theo is, but DAYUM!!! Thanks for the pics!


  6. Joy says:

    I dont know ladies…I think you need to stand in line behind me to gawk at this little honey. WOW! 😉


  7. Clezzy28 says:

    Many girls were confused now I think. lolol. Nice post! 🙂


  8. He is quite….something. *wipes drool*


  9. Brooke says:

    Wow, now your really making me love Tuesday. I don’t know why, maybe because I am currently reading the book but I am seeing Jesse from “This Man”. Or maybe I was just looking for a picture to see in my head of Jesse and he works for me. *swoon* MAN, I LOVE TUESDAYS!…;) Thanks for this.


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