Tamie Reviews: Rush by Maya Banks

The synopsis:

Gabe, Jace, and Ash: three of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the country. They’re accustomed to getting anything they want. Anything at all. For Gabe, it’s making one particular fantasy come true with a woman who was forbidden fruit. Now she’s ripe for the picking…

When Gabe Hamilton saw Mia Crestwell walk into the ballroom for his hotel’s grand opening, he knew he was going to hell for what he had planned. After all, Mia is his best friend’s little sister. Except she’s not so little anymore. And Gabe has waited a long time to act on his desires.

Gabe has starred in Mia’s fantasies more than once, ever since she was a teenager with a huge crush on her brother’s best friend. So what if Gabe’s fourteen years older? Mia knows he’s way out of her league, but her attraction has only grown stronger with time. She’s an adult now, and there’s no reason not to act on her most secret desires.

As Gabe pulls her into his provocative world, she realizes there’s a lot she doesn’t know about him or how exacting his demands can be. Their relationship is intense and obsessive, but as they cross the line from secret sexual odyssey to something deeper, their affair runs the risk of being exposed—and vulnerable to a betrayal far more intimate than either expected.

My review:

Rush by Maya Banks  is a very intense read. It’s also a very good one. It’s raw and emotional, and has all of the elements I love in a novel. Both the story and the characters kept me glued to this book from start to finish, and left me feeling very satisfied when I was done.

Lately, it seems as though I just can’t get enough of the uber possessive and controlling Alpha male, and Gabe is no exception. It’s interesting because anybody that knows me would tell you that I have a pretty strong personality, and in real life I wouldn’t be drawn to this type of guy at all. Maybe that’s just it tho…I can escape into a different world and be a different type of person for a while.

The heroine in this story is Mia. How does she know Gabe?!? Well her big brother Jace is not only Gabe’s best friend, but one of his business partners as well. Yeah…that can make things a bit sticky when you’re intent on having a relationship…especially the kind that Gabe is used to having. It’s not one that a brother would want his sister in…let alone with his best friend.

I very rarely compare books in my reviews for a couple of reasons. First off,  if I’m going to recommend a book I want it to be on its own merits. Secondly, just because a book shares some common qualities it doesn’t mean other readers will take the same things as and/or react the same way I do towards a particular story or characters. Having said that…if you loved either the Fifty Shades trilogy, or the Crossfire series I think you’ll love Rush. There’s some very heavy-duty erotica, but it’s well written and fabulous if you’re a fan like I am.

I have to mention one other thing. There is a seriously disturbing scene in the book that I found very difficult to read. It came very close to being a scene that I wouldn’t be able to forgive Gabe for. I’m relieved to say that I felt he redeemed himself, and I was able to finish the book still loving him. That was important to me, because this review could’ve gone another way if he hadn’t. In my opinion it was a gutsy move by Maya Banks, but she pulled it off.

This is a book that I’m giving a whole-hearted recommendation for you to read and hopefully you’ll love it as much as I did.

My rating for Rush by Maya Banks:

A solid 4 hearts

Tamie Xo

P.S. There are two more books scheduled in this trilogy…one will feature Jace, and the other Ash. I’m really looking forward to reading their stories…

12 thoughts on “Tamie Reviews: Rush by Maya Banks

  1. Kelley judge says:

    Where can I find this book? I don’t see it on amazon yet.


  2. This book looks great, I definitely will have to check it out!


  3. Moran says:

    I’m not sure if I want to read Rush or not since I hated some of the books I read by Maya Banks in recent months.

    Can you give more details about the “seriously disturbing scene” as you said.

    I don’t mind the spoilers- I just don’t want to read a book that will make me mad like her latest KGI book Shades of Gray or Sweet Temptation which I really didn’t like.

    Thanks 🙂


    • Tamie says:

      There really isn’t a way to give more details without it being spoilerish.
      It is NOT a scene that involves rape…that’s the question I’ve been asked repeatedly.
      The scene may not be as disturbing to others as it was to me because we’re all so different.
      I haven’t read anything else from Maya Banks, but after reading Rush I intend to change that
      because I enjoyed the book so much.


  4. Moran says:

    I don’t mind reading spoilers since I rather read spoilers than reading a book I’ll end up hating.
    I read some bad reviews about Rush and that’s why I’m trying to get more info about the book before I’ll decide if I should buy it or not, especially since it’s not a cheap book.


  5. Angela says:

    I read a few of MayA Banks books and didn t like them because of the menage. Can you tell me if there is a menage or not please


  6. Meg says:

    I just stared reading this book last night. I am on Chapter 12 now. I had to make myself go to bed. I thought it was similar to Fifty Shades when I started reading it. I can’t wait to read more!


  7. Meg says:

    I just finished this book last night! I loved it. It was hard in parts and I wanted to yell at Gabe…and Mia at points! I love the trust Mia had in Gabe. It looks like book 2 in the series is about Jace and Ash. I was hoping to go more into Gabe and Mia…I want to see what happens in their life. I hope book 2 gives us both.


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