Sexy Sentence Saturday: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

sexy sentence saturday

Happy Saturday peeps!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Sexy Sentence Saturday because we’ve had so much going on around here lately. I’ve gotten so many emails asking me to do this particular book that I just couldn’t refuse. I’m really thrilled that so many of you love Hopeless by Colleen Hoover as much as I do. There are so many great lines in this book that I’m going to do a multi-part SSS…welcome to part one…

“Jack: “Isn’t your real name like Seven or Thirteen or something like that? I don’t get why you picked Six. it’s possibly the worst number you could pick.”
Six: “I’m going to accept your insults for that they are. Just your way of burying your devastation over my impending absence.”
Jack: Bury my insults wherever you want. There’ll be more to come when you get back in six months.”

“Most teenagers are stashing away cigarettes and weed – I stash away sugar.”

“My locker seems to have become the hub for sticky notes and nasty letters, none of which I ever see actually being placed on or in my locker. I really don’t get what people gain out of doing things like this if they don’t even own up to it.
Like the note that was stuck to my locker this morning. All it said was, “
Really? Where’s the creativity in that? They couldn’t back it up with an interesting story? Maybe a few details of my indiscretion? If I have to read this shit every day, the least they could do is make it interesting. If I was going to stoop so low as to leave an unfounded note on someone’s locker,I’d at least have the courtesy of entertaining whoever reads it in the process. I’d write something interesting like, “I saw you in bed with my boyfriend last night. I really don’t appreciate you getting massage oil on my cucumbers. Whore.”
I laugh and it feels odd, laughing out loud at my own thoughts. I look around and no one is left in the hallway but me.
Rather than rip the sticky notes off of my locker like I probably should, I take out my pen and make them a little more creative. You’re welcome, passersby.”

“Only one day at public school and the bitches already made your locker rain?” she laughs. “Impressive.”

“Not that I wouldn’t hit on you,” he adds with a grin. “I just wasn’t doing it at that particular moment.” Oh, thank you, Jesus. His clarification makes me smile, despite all my efforts not to.”

“Karen shuts the back door and turns to me. “You know I trust you, but please…”
“Don’t get pregnant,” I interrupt. “I know, I know. You’ve been saying that every time you leave for the past two years. I’m not getting pregnant, Mom. Only terribly high and cracked out.”
She laughs and hugs me. “Good girl. And wasted. Don’t forget to get really wasted.”

“You shouldn’t offer cookies without milk, you know. You’re a pretty pathetic hostess.”

“I thought you weren’t allowed to have a phone,” he says. “Or was that a really pathetic excuse to avoid giving me your number?”
“I’m not allowed. My best friend gave it to me the other day. It can’t do anything but text.” He turns the screen around to face me. “What the hell kind
of texts are these?” He turns the phone around and reads one.
“Sky, you are beautiful. You are possibly the most exquisite creature in the universe and if anyone tells you otherwise, I’ll cut a bitch.” He arches
an eyebrow and looks up at me, then back down to the phone. “Oh, God. They’re all like this. Please tell me you don’t text these to yourself for daily

“He’s quiet for a minute, then grins again. “I can’t believe you think I’m hot.”

“Shut up.”
“You probably faked passing out the other day, just so you could be carried in my hot, sweaty, manly arms.”
“Shut up.”
“I’ll bet you fantasize about me at night, right here in this bed.”
“Shut up, Holder.”
“You probably even…”
I reach over and clamp my hand over his mouth. “You’re way hotter when you aren’t speaking.”

“Looks like we have quite the predicament here, boys.” I smile at both of them, then eye the coffee in Breckin’s hands. “I see the Mormon brought the queen her offering of coffee. Very impressive.”

I look at Holder and cock my eyebrow. “Do you wish to reveal your offering, hopeless boy, so that I may decide who shall accompany me at the classroom throne today?”

Breckin looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. Holder laughs and picks his backpack up off the desk. “Looks like someone’s in need of an ego-shattering text today.”


That’s where we’ll stop today…make sure to come back next week for part two cuz the sentences just get even better from here on out 🙂

You can read my review of Hopeless by Colleen Hoover here.

Now…go out and make it a great day!

Tamie Xo

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