18 and Over Book Blogger Follow: In Sickness…

Question of the Week: Do you gravitate to a specific genre or sub-genre when you’re feeling under the weather?

I feel like I’m batting zero lately on these type of questions. Generally, if I’m feeling sick I do stay curled up in bed with a book. As far as a specific genre or sub-genre tho?!? Nope…whatever I’m reading at the time is what I’ll have my nose buried in. If it’s time to start a new book and I’m not feeling good I tend to pick one of my favorites and reread. There’s not so much stress when you already know the outcome and love the characters. If I wasn’t feeling at my best I might stay away from heavy-duty erotica and go for something sweeter and lighter.

What about you?!? Favorite genre, comforting reread, or something entirely new?!?

Tamie Xo

6 thoughts on “18 and Over Book Blogger Follow: In Sickness…

  1. Good question seeing as how the ebola virus is going around now! Smh (got sacked with it twice now)– I’m like you: When I’m sick, and can open my eyes long enough to read, I’m normally just re-reading something. And the something is sweet, and fluffy romantic because the brain’ll be too clogged up to wrap itself around any heavy concepts or handle angst. It’ll most definitely not have the energy to comprehend getting turned on, either! lol


  2. I like funny books ! I just got over the flu and the book ” Wallbanger ” got me through it !! A must read !! best book read in a long time ! And i am a real bookie !!!!!!


    • MercyPed says:

      Wallbanger was one of the best books I read last year; I couldn’t stop laughing. Alice Clayton really gave amazing voices to that cast of characters, even Clive!


  3. jovialvampyre says:

    I pretty much stick with PNR but do venture off to other genres now and then.


  4. If I’m sick, I’m really ill and there aren’t any books I can concentrate on to get me through it, DVD’s dont even really hold my interest, When however I am just under the weather, nothing is better than re-reading a Nora Roberts Story…..


  5. MercyPed says:

    Depending on how under the weather I am sometimes I don’t have the energy to pick up a book so I have movie/tv marathons that I usually sleep through. But when I can focus enough to read what I pick up really depends on what I’m addicted to at the moment. Right now I’m all about romance/erotica. Six months ago it was anything horror, but mostly vampires. And not the emo kind. 😉


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