Tamie and Elena Discuss: Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens (chapters 16-19)

Today’s discussion of Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens covers chapters 16-19. This is one of my favorite parts of the book because so much happens…so much emotion is written into these chapters that I literally had to take a break from reading just to gather myself…

In chapter 16 it seems Kellan slept with Anna, Keira’s sister. What did you think about it? Could you believe it?

Elena : To be completely honest, I thought something was off. I wasn’t convinced Kellan had slept with Kiera’s sister, after he’d promised to her that he wouldn’t. I kind of sensed something was fishy, simply because I believed Kellan wouldn’t do this to Keira, no matter how many times she’d hurt him. But then again, I couldn’t be completely sure, so the doubt remained.

Tamie: My reaction was…Oh, HELL no. I agree with you Elena…we couldn’t be sure the way it’s written, but I couldn’t believe he would sleep with Anna because he had promised not to… even as pay back.

The rain scene. Discuss…

Tamie: Yowza peeps…this is one of the best scenes I’ve ever read in a book. This one stayed with me for a really long time after I read it. It’s so raw and full of hurt, and frustration, yet so much want and need on both sides. It’s absolutely amazing.

Elena : This is another favorite scene of mine, a very emotional and a beautifully written one. I could feel the longing and the frustration of the characters. Kellan and Keira always end up yielding to the feelings they have towards each other, but then they always hurt. It’s like a vicious circle they need to put an end to.

In chapter 17 Kellan says “I still want you…But not while you’re his. Not like this, not like last night.” what do you think of this statement?

Elena: I was so proud of Kellan when he said this. I literally wanted to fist bump him. I think he said exactly what Keira needed to hear. If they want a real relationship, Keira needs to let Denny go.

Tamie: I love Kellan even more for this…if that’s possible. It’s got to be impossible in the extreme for Kellan. He loves and wants Kiera so much and a part of him has been willing to accept whatever type of relationship he can have with her. Now he realizes he wants more, and he deserves it. They all do.

Denny wants to bring Keira to meet his parents during Christmas season and Keira is reticent. What do you think of their exchange?

Tamie: I wasn’t at all surprised by Kiera’s lack of enthusiasm. That alone should have been the thing  for her to get it through her head that Denny wasn’t enough for her. If she truly loved him it would be no problem for her to want to go on this trip with him. That she doesn’t want to leave Kellan?!? Yeah…that speaks volumes as to where her heart is really at. I felt badly for Denny, and if he hadn’t realized there was trouble in paradise yet…this should’ve been like alarms going off…DANGER, DANGER.

Elena : Keira’s reaction speaks volumes, in my opinion. It’s clear she doesn’t want to leave Kellan behind. To be honest, my heart ached for Denny in that scene, because it was obvious his relationship with Keira was ending, and he wasn’t even realizing it.

At the end of chapter 17 Keira has a dream…Discuss…

Elena : I didn’t get it was a dream at first. I thought this was really happening and when I saw it was a dream, I let out a sigh of relief. But I believe it was a foreboding of what was going to happen. It’s as if Keira’s subconscious already knew.

Tamie: Perfectly said, Elena.

What do you think of Kellan’s behavior in chapter 18?

Tamie: UGH! This was really hard for me to read. On the one hand I get it, but I know he’s only doing it because he’s hurt…it’s a coping mechanism…albeit a really bad one. It’s what he’s always done, and no matter how wrong it is…It is what it is, but it makes my heart hurt.

Elena : It didn’t surprise me. It’s how Kellan is used to coping with his hurt. I wasn’t pleased at all, of course, but I knew he was going to behave like this to forget his feelings for Keira.

In chapter 19 Kellan and Keira have a tense exchange and something changes between them. They finally confess their love for each other and also other revelations are made. Your thoughts on this whole chapter.

Elena : This is one of my favorite chapters of the whole book. I believe this is the first honest exchange between Keira and Kellan ever. Kellan’s confession gave me goosebumps– he poured his heart out and finally he let Keira know how he really felt. I was also glad to hear Keira confess her feelings to him. In this scene she was honest with herself and with him, something she should have done from the very beginning. But better late than never.

Tamie: I FLOVED this chapter…it’s one of those chapters that you never forget. It was absolutely perfectly written. I gotta give mad props to Jenny for how she handled the whole thing. I could go on and on about this chapter, but if you’ve read it…you already know just how awesome it is…if you haven’t?!? You shouldn’t be reading this discussion 😉 Seriously tho…I loved everything about it from start to finish.

Favorite sentences:

Tamie: “The following incident became known as “the slap heard round the bar.”


“Did you…did you just get me to pour my heart out to you…so you could get me naked again?”

Elena : “God, I love you. I need you. Forgive me…stay with me. ”

Favorite paragraph :

Elena : “His lips never stopped moving over mine, his words never stopped flowing between them. ‘Forgive me…please. I tried to forget you. It didn’t work…I just wanted you more. God, I’ve missed you. I’m sorry I hurt you. I’ve never wanted anyone like I want you. Every girl is you to me. You’re all I see…you’re all I want. I want you so much. I want you forever. Forgive me…I love you so much.”

Ditto and

“The closeness was too much. His touch promised me unimaginable pleasure. I moaned loudly and closed my eyes. Quickly reopening them, I grabbed his neck and brought his face right to mine. I was so angry…His heavy breath was ragged, and he inhaled through his teeth and groaned. God, he was just as turned on as I was.”

Favorite scenes:

Tamie: The rain scene and all of chapter 19.

Elena : The rain scene and the whole chapter 19.


Tell us your thoughts now…loved it, hated it…both?!?

Tamie and Elena

12 thoughts on “Tamie and Elena Discuss: Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens (chapters 16-19)

  1. Kasey Murphy says:

    Can I just say that these chapters were my favorite. I could feel every emotion in the book. I had to stop reading before I went to bed because I couldn’t fall asleep. The rain scene has to be the best scene in this entire book. So much anger but then so much want…ugh! lol


  2. Keisha says:

    First I’ll start out saying that this is my first time joining in on a book discussion here. I always read the discussions but could never find the time to stop & really write something. With that said, I absolutely love the Thoughtless/Effortless series to pieces and just had to take the time to join in on this. Ok, so here’s my attempt to give my thoughts on the questions…

    1) Although it did puzzle me as to why Kellan and Anna didn’t come back to the house that night & exactly where they’d been, I honestly didn’t believe he slept with Anna. I just didn’t think he would break his promise to Kiera. 

    2) rain scene….
    Wow! Just Wow! What a great great scene filled with so much emotion. My heart broke for Kellan. He wanted Kiera so much and just wanted so badly for her to want him back, completely. Then the scene back home where Kellen is sobbing on his bed with his wet clothes still on, i mean….literally my heart terribly ached for him. Heartwrenching. I just loved the intensity and depth of the whole scene. 

    3) I was so glad that Kellan was finally putting it out there. It was becoming too much for him. Enough was enough and there’s only so much back & forth a person can emotionally go through.

    4) I agree with you two ladies, in that Kiera reaction to Denny asking her to leave told it all. She clearly didn’t want to go. I did feel bad for Denny, as well.

    5) I did think the dream was real at first and agree with Elena that it was foreshadowing of what was to come.

    6) I didn’t like Kellan’s behavior but I understood. He was hurt and resorted back to behaving the “best” way he knew how.

    7) Love LOVED Chapter 19!! I have bookmarks all over this chapter! So heartfelt and much was said that we’d been waiting for so long to hear. I loved Kellan even more(if possible!) for confessing his true feelings, although we already knew them. I seriously never wanted him and Kiera to leave Pete’s back room & was rather disappointed when they were interrupted 😉 

    Favorite sentence:
    “God, I love you. I need you. Forgive me. Stay with me. Say you need me too….Say you want me too. Please…be mine”

    And all the other quotes you ladies mentioned. So many good ones!

    Favorite scene: Also rain scene & Chapter 19! :))

    Sorry, if this all seemed so long 🙂 I’m going to find the time to eventually go back and comment on the previous chapter discussions, as well! I look forward to next weeks discussion & thank you ladies for them! 🙂 


    • Tamie says:

      We’re so glad you joined us and shared your thoughts. There’s so such thing as too long so don’t even think about that.
      Can’t wait to see your comments on the other discussions. ❤


  3. shay aka 50shayds says:

    These chapters killed me.


  4. Laura says:

    In chapter 16 it seems Kellan slept with Anna, Keira’s sister. What did you think about it? Could you believe it?

    I couldn’t believe it. Though, I was coming to the same quick conclusions as Kiera. I wish she would have been able to listen to at least some of what Anna had to say.

    The rain scene. Discuss…

    Intense, emotional, incredible!!! Again, S.C., has a way with words, that puts you right in the middle of the emotional and physical turmoil. Also, S.C., without being in Kellan’s head makes us feel his incredible tug of war with himself and Kiera.

    In chapter 17 Kellan says “I still want you…But not while you’re his. Not like this, not like last night.” what do you think of this statement?

    It’s about time!!! I was so exasperated with Keira by this time in the book, that I was glad someone was willing to get off the merry-go round and helping Keira make a choice. He was ok with getting what he could from Keira, but not anymore. He sees her as a longtime relationship partner or not at all.

    Denny wants to bring Keira to meet his parents during Christmas season and Keira is reticent. What do you think of their exchange?

    She is clearly saying goodbye, but I think neither one wants to admit it. The exchange was very sad.

    At the end of chapter 17 Keira has a dream…Discuss

    I thought it was real! I was in shock, then very relieved when it was just a dream/mightmare. Definitely a foreshadowing of events to come.

    What do you think of Kellan’s behavior in chapter 18?

    He was being an ass. He was clearly trying to hurt Keira and use the women, a bit like Keira used Denny after the club scene. Living in the same house with someone you are having an “affair” intensifies the emotions and these two take it to the limits.

    In chapter 19 Kellan and Keira have a tense exchange and something changes between them. They finally confess their love for each other and also other revelations are made. Your thoughts on this whole chapter.

    This scene rivals the rain scene in intensity of emotion. I love the back and forth and the way Jenny tries to referee. Kellan calls Kiera on the fact that she has been in denial of an affair going on and Kiera finally gets it. Without Jenny and Evan there, they might not have been as revealing with their true feelings.

    Favorite Sentence:

    After Kiera takes Kellan’s car and comes to Pete’s to look for her: His blazing eyes narrowed in anger, his lips compressed in a thin line, his hands clenched into fists, his chest noticeably rising and falling-he was strikingly attractive angry.

    Favorite scene:

    As Kiera is on her way to hijak Kellan’s “baby”: I flipped through the keys as I rushed to his car, and stopped on the one for the ignition. He never locked his…baby, so I opened the door and slipped inside immediately starting it. A perverse thrill went through me as the car growled to life…

    Favorite paragraph:

    Same as you all! Rain scene, chapter 18

    S.C. Stephens has on her Facebook and website the Club/Rain scene from Kellan’s POV!
    Great stuff. I love getting inside his head.


  5. puppymom73 says:

    So these chapters were the beginning of my emotional breakdown. I was on the edge before, but these were so raw, it was hard to read at times. I had two recurring thoughts through these chapters, number one, it drives me INSANE that Keira continues to hit him!!! Does this bother anyone else? Damn, woman, he’s already told you he’s been abused, you’re ripping his heart out, stop slapping him! My second thought was that Kiera is the reason men hate women. I struggled with her so much during these chapters, and frankly, I hadn’t forgiven her for the club yet. ;-p

    I did not believe Kellan slept with Anna. I had a feeling he was dragging her along to hurt her, he was grabbing for any ammo he could get his hands on to try and make this woman see how much she was hurting him and how badly he wanted to be with her.

    The rain scene was intense. I agreed with Kellan, she was totally being a tease. Busting out their safeword phrase was a huge slap in the face. I was beyond angry for Kellan.

    I agree with Elena that Kiera’s dream was foreshadowing. I frankly was surprised and glad that she didn’t sleep with Denny when she woke up to try and make it go away. This is already going so badly for Denny, I don’t think I could have taken it.

    Kellan resorted to what he knew after he called things off with Kiera. He gave her a choice, he laid it all out there, I want you, but I want you the right way, not sneaking around. She rejected him (again), so he resorted to his coping mechanism. I wasn’t angry with him. Just sad.

    Denny wanting to take Keira home to his parents, to me, felt like he was grasping at straws. I feel like he’s got his suspicions but he wants to fight for Keira and their relationship, and the easiest answer? Get her the hell away from Kellan, even if its just for awhile, to give him time to prove to her that they belong together.

    Chapter 19: Game changer! This chapter was off the charts with emotion. All of them. It all comes to a head with the “slap heard round the bar” (by the way, seriously, she hit him again!) and you know it’s a point of no going back. I loved this chapter. I loved Jenny and Evan stepping in as their friends at this point also. I think they were honestly the two best people to keep under control. Could you imagine if Griffin had been watching the door? LOL! This probably makes me a terrible person, but I actually cheered for Kellan when he called Keira out in front of Jenny and Evan. His impersonation of her was mean, but this entire time she’s been hiding behind, “innocent” and “friendship” and she really has to know what she is doing to these guys. I was glad to see Kellan put her in place, even if it was uncomfortable for everyone.

    Favorite Sentence (or 3): “He dramatically flung his hands out to me, while keeping his focus on Evan, ‘I fucked Kiera…even though you warned me not to. Then, for good measure, I did it again!'”

    Favorite Paragraph: “I searched myself for the truth…but all I could find in my body was an aching loneliness for him. I couldn’t take another day of him being with another woman. I couldn’t handle another second of his lips on anyone’s, but mine. I wasn’t even thinking about what that meant for Denny and me. I was only thinking that I needed Kellan to be mine…only mine.”


    • Laura says:

      Love your take on everything. It is very hard to like Kiera. She leads Kellan on only to leave him hanging. Same with Denny. I agree with the slapping as well. Stop already!


    • With you on the favourite sentence(s). Love that! And on the hitting. Ugh. Throughout the rain scene I was actually nervous that Kellan would cross a line, but of course he didn’t and wouldn’t and neither would the author, but it’s okay for Kiera to hit him? Not the same thing, I know, but still tramautizing, given his past. Grr, Kiera.


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