Manic Monday: Spanish Hottie – M. I.

Hello Monday!

I know, I know I shouldn’t be here til’ tomorrow but hey! You’ve got to thank me for doing you a favor and at least try to say “Oh Thank God it’s Monday!”.

I can make your Monday as tantalizing as Tuesdays too!

Okay enough of my ramblings, let me introduce to you Miguel Iglesias, born in 1986, in Galicia, Spain. Easy going and devastatingly charming, Miguel’s sharp masculine good looks has been described as ultra-sexy and his English is swept with a sharp sexy accent that makes him the new definition for male beauty. He is well known by his various campaign ads with “DSquared”, “Giorgio Armani”, “Ermanno Scervino”, and “Dolce & Gabbana”.




Christmassy in February, take that as a valentine’s gift. 😉


Oh hawt, is it just me? Do you feel it too?




And a few more…



See? Monday isn’t that bad after all. Just know how to start it right.

Any book boyfriends come to mind?

See ya’around!

x gel

7 thoughts on “Manic Monday: Spanish Hottie – M. I.

  1. MoMabie says:

    Andrew Parrish!!! I didn’t picture him Spanish, but something about the dude ↑ there said, “I’m need to own you.” Who am I to tell the guy no?


  2. Susi Martin says:

    He is definitely hot. Other words come to mind…. lol. Thanks for sharing him:)


  3. maddib says:

    Hot hot hot!!!!!


  4. Brooke says:

    WOW, he is hot! Thanks for that Monday treat.


  5. Keisha says:

    It’s a shame I didn’t see this on Monday but OH what a treat this is for a pretty crappy Thursday I’m having!!! It’s just illegal for someone to be as HOT as this guy! *fans self* 😉 Thx for sharing!


  6. Simii says:

    Hot damn! *0*


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