Elena reviews: Roses in Ecuador by Heather Huffman

Roses in Ecuador

The synopsis :

Unknown to each other, they each escaped to the heart of Ecuador to make the world a better place, having sworn off the possibility of love… but disaster pulls them together.

Jane Russell is certain she’s had enough heartbreak for one lifetime, and love is the last thing on her mind when she arrives in Ecuador. Focused and determined, she settles in to write a book on the local jaguar preservation.

Devon McAllister, the wealthy and handsome son of a corporate mogul in the U.S., has broken his share of hearts despite his best intentions. He moved to Ecuador to escape his father’s destructive greed and pursue his passion to do good in the world, opening a fair trade rose plantation.

When the jaguar preservation comes under attack by what appears to be a group of angry locals, Devon jumps in to help Jane fight for the animals they love. As the danger grows, the motives of the attackers are revealed to be much more sinister than either could have ever imagined.

Unsure of whether they’re more frightened by the prospect of love or the danger to the jaguars, they must decide whether they can open their minds–and their hearts–to trust again.

My review :

A lovely woman and animal lover, a troubled and handsome man who owns a rose plantation. Jaguars, danger, love, passion…Will this book capture your heart?

Absolutely yes. It definitely conquered mine and I’m sure you’ll be ensnared by its pages as much as I was. Heather Huffman never disappoints. She always knows how to write stories that leave a mark on you, stories you think about long after you turn the last page. This was the case with Roses in Ecuador as well.

Like in the other books by Heather, I fell in love with the characters. I felt like I knew Jane and Devon, and from the very first page I followed their story with bated breath.

Jane is an awesome heroine, whom you can’t but like. She’s vulnerable–she had her heart broken before and she’s wary of people. She doesn’t want to get attached, because she’s afraid of hurting again. Her vulnerability tugged at my heartstrings and the emotional turmoil she goes through makes it easy for the reader to relate to her. In spite of heartbreak and insecurities, she’s a woman who doesn’t let her past dictate her future, and, like the other characters penned by Heather Huffman, she’s strong and determinate– a character to look up to.

Her walls begin to crumble down, though, when she meets Devon McAllister. Devon is a wonderful man! He’s known to have been a womanizer, but he’s changed. He’s not looking for love, or at least that’s what he says to himself, but when fate makes him meet Jane, something deep stirs inside of him. It makes him understand what it means to truly love…He’s kind and compassionate and wants to make his way to Jane’s heart.

Let me tell you that the sweetness and tenderness of their shared moments will make you read the scenes between Jane and Devon several times. I enjoyed seeing how they both affected each other, and how together they learned to open up and love. And Devon does something for Jane…No, I won’t tell you. I’ll just say that it’s one of the most romantic gestures I’ve ever read about.

The dialogue is excellent, as always, and the whole book is very well written, and it also describes the wild life and the jaguars. I felt like Ecuador was conjuring up before my eyes.

This is also a story about hope and the desire to make our world a better place by helping those that are being exploited find freedom. One of the many things I admire about Heather Huffman is that through her writing, she raises awareness about human trafficking and encourages everyone to do something to help. We can’t sit there and just watch these atrocities unfold. We need to step in and do our possible to make human trafficking end.

A story about love, hope, friendship and sacrifices, Roses in Ecuador is worth reading. I highly recommend it.

I give Roses in Ecuador 5 stars.

Some of my favorite passages :

“You’ve been the ray of sunshine in my dark world. You’re what gives me hope that it’s not all pointless.”

“Jane?” Devon prompted. “You’re not supposed to leave a guy hanging once he’s put himself out there like that. It’s not nice.”

“I didn’t know how my world could ever be right again. But I’ve decided the darkness doesn’t get to win. I’m not going to let it. I’m going to enjoy this place of joy we’re in now, but when the darkness returns, I’ll remind myself to hope. Because if it looks like darkness is winning, that just means the story isn’t over yet.”

” “You still don’t get it, do you?”
“Get what?”
“How thankful I am for every single day I wake up with you at my side. I look at you and am completely overwhelmed by the fact that you’re mine. You’re everything to me.” ”

**I received an ARC from the author in exchange of an honest review**


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2 thoughts on “Elena reviews: Roses in Ecuador by Heather Huffman

  1. mariadrg says:

    Great review Elena. Thank you! On my TBR list.


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