Jennifer Reviews: The Twelve by Justin Cronin

The synopsis: 

At the end of The Passage, the great viral plague had left a small group of survivors clinging to life amidst a world transformed into a nightmare. In the second volume of this epic trilogy, this same group of survivors, led by the mysterious, charismatic Amy, go on the attack, leading an insurrection against the virals: the first offensives of the Second Viral War.

To do this, they must infiltrate a dozen hives, each presided over by one of the original Twelve. Their secret weapon: Alicia, transformed at the end of book one into a half human, half viral—but whose side, in the end, is she really on?

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Animation Imagination: Graphic Novel Love

When I was in my first year university I befriended a TA.  He was a cool guy, kind of cute, and 9 years my senior.  I was a naive 19-year-old girl with a massive crush on a boyishly handsome and brilliant young man.  Let’s just say it didn’t go anywhere as he had a girlfriend and I was probably just a kid in his eyes.  I did however get to spend a lot of time with him talking books, I learned about Hunter S. Thompson through him,  and believe it or not comics.

I had never really been a comic book fan but…as any young girl with a crush will tell you that when the boy you are swooning after likes something you want to like that something so you can have something to converse with him about.  Being naive about this art form I started reading all the superhero ones, peeps I know as much about the X-Men as an 8-year-old with an obsession with wolverine.  When I first started talking to him about these comic books, he would politely smile and indulge my poor young ego.  Then as time went on he started to tell me about these things called graphic novels.  So today I want to  share some of my favorite graphic novels with you.

maus complete

Combined for the first time here are Maus I: A Survivor’s Tale and Maus II – the complete story of Vladek Spiegelman and his wife, living and surviving in Hitler’s Europe. By addressing the horror of the Holocaust through cartoons, the author captures the everyday reality of fear and is able to explore the guilt, relief and extraordinary sensation of survival – and how the children of survivors are in their own way affected by the trials of their parents. A contemporary classic of immeasurable significance.


For more than a century, Alice, Wendy and Dorothy have been our guides through the Wonderland, Neverland and Land of Oz of our childhoods. Now like us, these three lost girls have grown up and are ready to guide us again, this time through the realms of our sexual awakening and fulfillment. Through their familiar fairy tales they share with us their most intimate revelations of desire in its many forms, revelations that shine out radiantly through the dark clouds of war gathering around a luxury Austrian hotel. Drawing on the rich heritage of erotica, Lost Girls is the rediscovery of the power of ecstatic writing and art in a sublime union that only the medium of comics can achieve. Exquisite, thoughtful, and human, Lost Girls is a work of breathtaking scope that challenges the very notion of art fettered by convention. This is erotic fiction at its finest. Similar to DC’s Absolute editions of Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Lost Girls will be published as three, 112-page, super-deluxe, oversized hardcover volumes, all sealed in a gorgeous slipcase. It will truly be an edition for the ages.


The series focuses on the 20-something year old anti-hero Johnny C, also known as “NNY” (pronounced ‘knee’). He is a deranged serial killer, mass murderer, and spree killer who interacts with various other characters, generally by murdering them. He elaborately kills anyone who even slightly irritates him, then drains their blood and paints one of the walls in his house with it. Johnny is also willing to murder “innocent” people who, in his twisted mind, deserve their fate for some reason or another. The number of Johnny’s victims is in the dozens, if not hundreds — or perhaps even thousands. Authorities are unable to capture Johnny and seem unaware of his existence, even though his crimes are often witnessed in public and reported by the few who manage to survive


A wizard attempting to capture Death to bargain for eternal life traps her younger brother Dream instead. Fearful for his safety, the wizard kept him imprisoned in a glass bottle for decades. After his escape, Dream, also known as Morpheus, goes on a quest for his lost objects of power. On the way, Morpheus encounters Lucifer and demons from Hell, the Justice League, and John Constantine, the Hellblazer. This book also includes the story “The Sound of Her Wings” which introduces us to the pragmatic and perky goth girl, Death.


So there you have it a few of my favorite “adult” comic books if you will.  No is all honesty graphic novels are amazing, they are prize winners and many a movie comes from them.  If you have never picked up a graphic novel do so, today, some of the most innovative and challenging ideas come from this art form.  These are just a few I love but there are so many more out there that I adore.

Do you read Graphic Novels? Do you have any you want to share? Let me know what your animation imagination love is.