Elena and Tamie Discuss: Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens (chapters 20-23)

This week Elena and I are discussing chapters 20-23 of  Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

At the beginning of chapter 20 Keira is still torn between Kellan and Denny and she lies to Denny. Thoughts?

Elena: Till she won’t choose and will stop lying to Denny, they all will keep hurting. I wish she said the truth. Even her friend Jenny tells her that time is up and she has to make a choice.

Tamie: I agree, Elena. I know a lot of peeps have said that they really hate Kiera. I get so mad at her that I just want to scream out loud…O, wait…I do that actually. That’s how you know the author is doing a great job. When you are that invested in a story and characters…what more could you ask for?

What do you think about Kellan’s confessions? Did they surprise you?

Tamie: OMG! My heart kinda broke learning all about what happened to him. I hurt for him so deeply. I also understand why he does what he does with women…it’s not a healthy choice, but I get it.

Elena: Yes and no. I was surprised by how hurtful his childhood was. I knew he was hiding a secret but I didn’t expect it was so painful. My heart ached for him even more. Whereas I wasn’t surprised by his confessions about women. I kind of knew it was a coping mechanism.

Keira doesn’t seem to be able to leave Denny yet, despite what transpired between her and Kellan. Why do you think that is?

Elena: I believe she doesn’t leave him yet, because she’s scared of the unknown. She knows how life with Denny is and what it entails, while she fears Kellan will tire of her at some point. And obviously she still cares about Denny, so this makes everything more difficult.

Tamie: Denny is a known entity, so she feels safe with him. Kellan on the other hand makes her feel passion, and other emotions in a way that I think scares the crap out of her. I also believe that Kiera doesn’t trust Kellan enough to make the break from Denny complete. She’s unwilling to give up the safety of Denny for the unknown with Kellan. Lastly, I agree that she still cares about Denny…not enough for a forever relationship tho

What do you think of the way Denny tried to find out if Kellan and Keira were an item?

Tamie: This was completely unexpected. I was absolutely shocked to be honest. My heart was pumping…

Elena: It was very stealthy and to be honest I don’t blame him. Yes, he kind of lied to them, but Keira wasn’t going to tell him the truth. I believe this was the only way he could find out.

Denny’s confrontation with Kellan at the end of chapter 23. Discuss…

Elena: I literally stopped breathing. This was a side of Denny I didn’t expect he had. I didn’t know whose part to take during that scene. They were both wrong but at the same time they were both right. Denny acted badly by hitting Kellan, that’s for sure. I guess he was exasperated and he felt betrayed by his girlfriend and his best friend, but this doesn’t give him the right to hit the other person. I wanted to jump into the book and make him stop. It was a hard scene to read.

Tamie: The whole scene was written perfectly, and I hurt for everybody the whole time I was reading it. I can understand Denny’s complete and utter fury, BUT…to continue to beat the crap out of someone who’s refusing to fight back?!? Nope, nope, nope. The ending of the chapter just tore my guts out.

Favorite sentence:

Elena: “I love you…forever.”

Tamie: “I tried so hard to stay away from you, but I kept making excuses to touch you, to hold you,” he smiled coyly and looked away, “to nearly kiss you while watching porn. God, you have no idea how difficult that was to turn away from you.”

Favorite paragraph:

Elena: “He brought his lips to mine, kissing me deeply. The music behind us swelled along with my heart. Again, I doubted that I could do this, that I could let him leave me. It still felt so wrong. His leaving, after everything we’d gone through, felt completely wrong. How would I survive this? Surely the withdrawals of a permanent separation would break me into pieces. I missed him already, even with his lips pressed firmly to mine, I longed for him.”

Tamie: Elena’s is mine as well.

Favorite scene:

Elena: When Kellan gives Keira the silver chain.

Tamie: The Space Needle scene.


We hope you’ll weigh in now and join the discussion 🙂

Elena and Tamie

4 thoughts on “Elena and Tamie Discuss: Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens (chapters 20-23)

  1. So, Jenny’s right that Kiera has to make a decision, but how hard would that actually be?! At this point in the book I can’t choose either. In real life, the safe choice would be the right choice. And someone Kiera’s age would probably not make that choice. I think she shows remarkable maturity when she realizes what the future could bring with both.

    Kellan’s explanation for his “whoring” made sense to me. I thought it was brave to have a character who would act like that, and then especially skillful to make us completely forgive him for it. Pretty clever.

    The buildup to Denny catching them was the best part of these chapters for me. You could tell something big was coming, and the tension was so real. These were my favourite paragraphs:

    “‘I’m sorry. They need me to come in.” Looking over me to Kellan, he said, ‘Can you take her home? I have to go.’ Kellan simply nodded and Denny stood to leave. I was too shocked by the turn of events to speak properly. Denny leaned down to me. ‘Will you think about what I asked?’ he said quietly. I mumbled an okay and, grabbing my cheeks in both hands, he kissed me so deeply that I groaned and instinctively brought my hands up to his neck. My heart raced and I was slightly breathless as he pulled away.
    Kellan shifted noisily in his chair and, for a second, I had a horrifying image of Kellan starting something with Denny. He cleared his throat and shifted in his chair again as Denny said goodbye to both of us and, turning, left the bar. I watched him leave, my heart still racing. His beautiful face turned once at the door, to give me a final glance goodbye. He nodded a little and smiled fractionally when he saw me still watching him, and then he entered the bar to leave out the front doors.”

    The kiss of death! I was so on edge during these paragraphs — he knew he was maybe saying goodbye for good, and I knew he was probably lying and something big was going to go down. I loved it! Guess I’m not much of a sap.

    I have to admit that I had a really hard time suspending disbelief at the end of Chpt 23. I couldn’t believe that Denny would go quite as far as he did, beating Kellan so brutally, or that Kiera would just stand there and not do or say anything for so long, no matter how shocked & horrified she was. So, once again, I just wanted to scream at her SO BAD. Grr. But I agree — a great author makes us really feel deeply for a character, good or bad.

    Tamie’s favourite sentence was mine as well. That and when Griffin said, “Fucker probably deserved it,” after he complimented Kiera on the slap. Made me giggle.

    My favourite scene was when Kellan sang his goodbye song and Kiera broke down. FINALLY it got through to her that she really did have to stop stringing them both along, and she felt enough to not care that anyone could see her reaction. Smart move on Kellan’s part.



    • puppymom73 says:

      I’m not much of a sap either and that was a great setup. As sad as it was when it went down, it was the PERFECT peak in the story. 😉
      I also loved Griffin’s line. He is awesome comic relief, although in Effortless, he really did have a couple of lines that pulled at my heartstrings too.


  2. puppymom73 says:

    First of all, this is so fun! This is the first book I’ve joined in on the discussion with you guys and I’m having a blast. I love reading everyone’s thoughts on the book. OK, onto my mini novel! LOL!
    At the beginning of chapter 20 Keira is still torn between Kellan and Denny and she lies to Denny. Thoughts?

    This girl is KILLING me!! I’ve made it no secret that I struggle with Kiera. I gotta give props to SC Stephens, I’m totally fascinated by the dynamic that the heroine is also the villain. This really put a whole new level of emotion in it for me. I want to smack her. I really think she is delusional and indecisive enough to believe she can keep them both. It seems to have gotten worse since the scene in the back of Pete’s. She’s killing me. I am so torn up for poor Denny at this point. This guys is just too good. Blind trust, and she’s walking all over it.

    What do you think about Kellan’s confessions? Did they surprise you?
    I wasn’t surprised, but they were certainly sad. I enjoyed these scenes because Kiera had to face how much she was hurting him on a regular basis. Kellan tore me up, nothing was harder to read in the chapter than his version of the espresso stand. Broke. My. Heart.
    “He swallowed a lump in his throat. ‘I made you fell ill. You hated what we had done, and ithad meant so much to me.’ He peered at me from the corner of his eye, as he nearly looked away. ‘I hated you after that,’ he whispered.

    Keira doesn’t seem to be able to leave Denny yet, despite what transpired between her and Kellan. Why do you think that is?
    Denny is her safety net. What she feels for Kellan is real, and I believe that she has never felt that before. Denny was sweet, content love for her. Kellan makes her go outside of herself and her comfort zone and feel that blinding passion. She sums it up really well later on, (I won’t give it away yet though.) but for the most part, I think she’s scared, and I really believe that she loves Denny. Having said that, I do also think she likes what both Denny and Kellan have to offer her. It’s like she needs a Dellan. Denny and Kellan all rolled into one! LOL!

    What do you think of the way Denny tried to find out if Kellan and Keira were an item?
    I frankly was shocked Denny had this in him! I loved it, but I would never have thought he would do it. I was tipped off by the way he kissed Keira goodbye. Nom de Plume Press said it best, “kiss of death!” I think he’d been onto them for awhile, but needed confirmation with his own eyes. And boy he got it…

    Denny’s confrontation with Kellan at the end of chapter 23. Discuss…
    Wow. This was one of the several times I literally had to stop reading. I was in tears and could not believe all the different emotions I was feeling at once. SC Stephens, again, mad props for hitting every nerve in the heart and head. It was hard to read, I was not really surprised by anyone’s reactions. Denny felt the ultimate betrayal, in his head he did give up everything for Kiera. Even though, really Kiera gave up everything for Denny and his job continued to be the priority. I think he just snapped. It was his peak moment of losing the internship, the job, his girlfriend, his future, and he blamed Kellan 100%. I wasn’t surprised Kiera just stood there. It was like watching her two lives intersect in the worst possible way. The choice was no longer hers, and the hurt that she had caused these two guys was coming to physical head. Frankly, I’m shocked she moved at the last moment to block the final blow.
    Kellan’s reaction did not surprise me because this is what he’s used to from his life. I imagine at some point he learned that if you just take the beating its over quicker. Plus in his head, he deserved this beating. He deserved Denny’s hatred. And he loves Kiera enough, that whatever beating Denny dished out, couldn’t compare to the hurt of not having her.
    It was hard to read. It was raw, painful, sad, and dare I say wonderful. A great climax to the story.

    Favorite sentence:
    “I’m sorry. I was going to be stoic and say nothing for as long as you wanted me, but then we made love…and I’ve, I’ve never had that…and I just can’t go back to who I was before. I want you and only you and I can’t bear the thought of sharing you. I’m sorry.”

    Honorable mention. Loved Kellan putting it to Kiera straight up: “He ran a hand through his hair, then pinched his nose with his fingers. ‘Can’t you ever stop and think before you just spit things out!’”

    Favorite paragraph: You guys make think this is weird, but I chose this paragraph because I thought it perfectly illustrated the feelings and emotions of a relationship that you’ve cherished changing and not being able to stop it.

    “For the first time ever in our relationship, being with Denny was…odd. There was a frenzied desperation to our lovemaking that had never been there before. It was heartfelt, it was heartbreaking. It was extreme joy, it was bone-crushing grief. It was fiery-hot, it was icy-cold. It was true love sprouting…it was true love dying. It was like we were both trying to hold onto something that was slipping through our fingers, and we didn’t understand why. I understood more than him, of course, but just barely. I would never fully understand how I could have ever strayed from such a warm, sensitive and caring soul.”

    Favorite Scene: When Kiera sneaks into Kellan’s room the first time, the night before he tells her he can’t share her.


  3. Laura says:

    At the beginning of chapter 20 Keira is still torn between Kellan and Denny and she lies to Denny. Thoughts?

    Kiera feels she needs more time. Time to figure out if she can trust Kellen enough to risk a future without Denny. I am more than feed up with her. To string both along is for so long is immature. S.C. Stephens really knows how make us feel so strongly towards a character that we feel invested in the outcome.

    What do you think about Kellan’s confessions? Did they surprise you?

    The fight in the back room and the talk with Evan must have made an impression. Kellan felt the need, no matter the outcome with Kiera to bring her one step closer to understanding him. That is how far this relationship has evolved. The amount of trust he has put in Kiera is amazing. He has ripped open his heart and lay it bear. He is most his most irresistible when he shows his vulnerability.

    Keira doesn’t seem to be able to leave Denny yet, despite what transpired between her and Kellan. Why do you think that is?

    As the rest of you have said, she is afraid of everything that Kellan represents. The positives are also the negatives in her mind. The passion, the fire, the intensity of her emotions towards Kellan are so foreign to her. Denny, has represented stability through major life events such as moving from Ohio to Seattle to Denny giving up his job for her. She thinks that she still may be one in a long line of women and the fire may burn out and Kellan would leave her. Her self esteem or self confidence is very lacking, because she has always relied on Denny, emotionally.

    What do you think of the way Denny tried to find out if Kellan and Keira were an item?

    He might have thought that Kellan would try for Kiera while he was gone but, he was trying so hard not to believe that Kiera succumbed to Kellan. He felt that directly confronting her might not get at the truth, but setting them up would seetle the matter. Of course, he was not prepared how to react to the truth. I think he relished the way Kiera “needed” him and when he saw starkly with his own eyes her need for another man, it broke him. Denny reached down to a dark, dark place in his being that takes him over in a horribly brutal way.

    The confrontation was surprising for all parties concerned. Denny going bezerk, Kellan surrendering and Kiera frozen into inaction was an amazing scene that S.C. Stephens cast. It was like watching a car wreck. No matter how ghastly, you can’t help but stare.

    Favorite Sentence:
    “If I’m yours and you’re mine.. then I will take you, wherever and whenever I can”

    Favorite paragraph:

    Same as puppymom73, when Kiera describes the lovemaking between her and Denny after she agrees to go to Australia with him.

    Favorite scene:

    He nodded and looked away scowling. “So, until you decide, how exactly does this work? Should I draw up a schedule?” He looked back at me, his face and voice suddenly heated. “Do I get you during the week and he gets you weekends, or should we just do the week on,week off thing? Or how about we all fuck together? Would you prefer that he snapped.


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