Let’s Talk…

Reviewers: How do you handle the less than ideal review requests? You know, the ones that have clearly not read your blog or your review policy. Also, what’s the worst review request you’ve ever received?

First off, I ask for the information I need to make a decision on whether or not the book is something I, or my team would be interested in reading. Depending on the information I get back is when I decide whether to proceed or not.

The worst review request ever? I’ve had a couple where I’ve been asked to review, was interested…and then the author told me where I could buy the book…

Hmmm…mkay…just in case any authors are out there reading this…when you ask a book blogger to review your stuff…you provide the book…either in a PDF,  an e-book, or an actual print book. Most of us love those if it’s available.

Tamie Xo

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk…

  1. I only like books ! and there are so many really good books that only are on e-books . I really really want to read ” Hopeless by: Colleen Hoover ” but it’s not a book !!! I am so sad !! life is hard for bookies !! 😦


  2. MoMabie says:

    I am just coming into the realm of review requests. I am in need of a form. I don’t read paranormal or dystopian stuff, historical, etc… but my ego is such that I’m so flattered they want my opinion. I’ve got some work to do. Great blog BTW!


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