18 and Over Book Blogger Follow: In Public?

What’s the most unlikely public place you’ve read your book smut?

Ok…so right off the bat I have to make a confession…I’m really not fond of the term smut…there, I said it. For me…that word has a negative connotation to it. It makes me think…seedy…unseemly…not hot…not rawr!

I prefer the term erotica which says something entirely different to me…it says sexy, sexual, sometimes but not always sensual, sometimes but not always explicit. So…I read erotica…a lot of it, and I’m not embarrassed about it. I embrace it. I’m loud and proud of my fondness for it. As long as the story is strong, the characters are awesome, and the sexy is well written?!? I say HELLS to the YES!

I don’t hide what I read from anybody…not here and not out in the world. When someone asks me about the Fifty Shades trilogy, or the Crossfire trilogy, or The This Man trilogy, etc. I go all out in my enthusiasm for the books and the authors that wrote them. My hats off to E.L. James, Sylvia Day,ย Jodi Ellen Malpasย for writing the erotica they do and with it characters and stories that engage me completely. They are just a few of the many that know how to write erotica so well that it’s amazing.

I know there are lots of peeps who are uncomfortable with in your face graphic sex, and there’s nothing wrong with that…as long as you don’t start throwing terms like vulgar, crass, filth, or pornographic at me. See, I also love the slow burn, the less detailed yet just as erotic love scenes that come from authors like Sylvain Reynard, S.C. Stephens, and a lot of the “New Adult” authors like Colleen Hoover, and Tammara Webber.

I don’t judge those who say they don’t like to read graphic sex, so I don’t expect to be judged because I do. I also love paranormal, and mysteries, fantasy, and historical. I’m not a one genre reader. Never have been and never will be.

Having said all that…I read whatever I’m reading wherever I am. Planes, trains, buses, cars, movie theaters, break room. You name it… I’ve read it in public. Erotica, or not…I don’t hide it…cuz that’s me…and I like me.

Tamie Xo

6 thoughts on “18 and Over Book Blogger Follow: In Public?

  1. I’ll read wherever my phone or laptop works LOL… so yeah, the car, break room–even the library or the gym ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I agree with you !! I read books for the love storys . And the sex is just part of the love story ( and eye candy for me ) !!! I love to put myself in the main characters place it’s just fun !!! And thats what i read for Fun,Fun,Fun !!!! I am not young i am 60 and still love a great book sex and all !!! I would never think what me and my husband do is smut ! so why would i think anyone else’s would be !!! ( Imaginary or not !)!!!


  3. Joy says:

    In a lounge chair at a public water park while my kids played in the water. Whew that day flew by… ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. A book is a book is a book, whatever is in between the covers is between me and the Author, I really dont care what others think about my reading choices, and I read in all kinds of places, usually when travelling, on planes, trains and I also read in the car, but mostly at home, in some comfort. No place is sacred, I have read while on the loo or in a shopping centre. When asked by another, “what book I am reading” I proudly show them the title and if asked a short precis of the story, I am a little inclined to ramble but people seem to go away convinced that they too would enjoy the book I have been reading. That is all one can do….:o)


  5. Jenn says:

    At the DMV, I had an old lady on one side of me and kids on the other but nothing was gonna slow me down! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. puppymom73 says:

    Not gonna lie, I’ve read in church. I’m always early and while waiting for services to start, I’ve got my phone handy. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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