My Day with Gabriel Emerson (with hugs to Sylvain Reynard for making it happen)

Professor Gabriel Emerson…I know, I know…just the mention of his name is enough to give me goosebumps, and make me feel all tingly…yeah…you know what I’m talking about ladies. When those sapphire blue eyes are trained on you, and that full mouth is tipped up in what can only be described as a wicked grin?!? You feel like you’re the only woman that exists. MmmHmm…

I have no idea what possessed me to want to accompany him on a shopping trip to purchase Valentines day gifts…except for the fact that he does indeed have blue eyes that are to die for, and a bottom lip that just begs to be…O…well…never mind…

Anyways…we’ve had some good times together…the infamous Disney World trip, a few pool parties… yup…he really does have a nicely defined deep vee, and his other ASS-ets are pretty effing phenomenal too, so it wasn’t exactly going to be a hardship to be in the mans presence for a day. KWIM?!?  Have I mentioned how yummy he always smells…O…My…God. Yeah…I’m super easily distracted when it comes to Gabriel, so bear with me.

Even tho he’s hotmanly hot, rawr hawt, hot, hot, hot…he’s also a gentleman, altho a seriously hot gentleman, so we started our day with a little coffee and pain au chocolat at a place called Patisserie La Cigogne. If you happen to be in Toronto you really need to make a stop there. Hmmm…I need to remember to ask SR if that’s where he gets that great coffee he gives me. Do you have any idea how hard it is to act naturally and pretend to be unaffected when you’re in the presence of a sex god?!? Have mercy…clearly I deserve an Oscar nomination…no really…I deserve the damn award. I was cool and calm, and I didn’t spill anything on my fabulous new outfit. O…did I tell you I went shopping for a little something new before we met up?!? Aw, c’mon…you know you would have done the same thing…

Then we were off…our first stop? The Chapters Indigo store in the Manulife Centre, and I’m thinking…sweet…he’s gonna buy a book of poetry…NOPE! He leads me straight to this…

YUP…chocolate body paint…WHOA! Trust me…you don’t even want to know the images that went through my brain with that little purchase…


Sorry, sorry…

I guess the Professor really had chocolate on his mind as did I now because the next thing I knew?!? We were collecting a special delivery of Baci Perugina . Um…no…I can’t tell you where we picked that delivery up from, but I can share that the box of the yummy confections looked like this…

they have the coolest little notes wrapped inside each one…so romantic…

Most men know that we women like to smell good for our man, and they like it too, so of course there had to be perfume involved in this shopping trip, but Ladies, the Professor doesn’t buy just any old perfume…uh no…we went to The Bay on Bloor Street so he could get this…


Then we had a little driving to do…well he drove…he talked…I listened, and interjected when I felt I had something meaningful to offer…which wasn’t a lot because his voice…O…yeah…he has THAT kind of voice…the kind you just want to listen to forever…and ever…

When we stopped it was in front of …

Agent Provocateur

WAIT! WHAT?!? You do know what they sell there right?!? And do you want to know what he bought…after a lot of looking and more looking…

NO! That’s not me modeling…or is it?

I might have picked up a few things for myself…cuz…well…never mind…

Before he dropped me off at my hotel we made one more stop…it was the cutest little card shop, and I swear I tried to look over his shoulder as he whipped out his Montblanc fountain pen to write in the Valentines day card he bought…but he caught me, and said it was inscribed “with things I will never share with anyone other than Julianne.” but he was nice about it, so I didn’t try to force the issue.

When he dropped me off he insisted on seeing me to the elevator…cuz he’s a gentleman…altho a really, really hot one…where I got a hug, and an “We’ll talk soon, Tamie”…O…happy day. You know that saying…” I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away?”  That saying was made for Gabriel Emerson…le sigh…

Then it was time for me to go get ready for my dinner date…Um…hello…the Snarky Narrator lives in Toronto 😉


Thanks to Sylvain Reynard for helping to arrange my shopping experience with the Professor. I had a blast!

O…just one more thing…if you want to see what a love letter from Gabriel Emerson looks like??? Here’s a Valentine from Gabriel to Julia.

Later today there will be a giveaway here, and in case you didn’t know…SR has an awesome giveaway going on as well. Go enter here!

Happy Valentines Day!

Tamie Xo

15 thoughts on “My Day with Gabriel Emerson (with hugs to Sylvain Reynard for making it happen)

  1. debradml says:

    Wonderful Tamie, thank- you xx


  2. mariadrg says:

    Wow Tamie, how I envy you right now…I hate shopping, but I would spend a week do it…ooops… with the Professor:) Thanks for sharing!


  3. maddib says:

    You are soooo Lucky!!!! wow!!!!!


  4. la bella Simonetta says:

    I love it!!! What a fun way to start this Valentine’s day…(sigh.) I cannot wait for book three!!


  5. Susi Martin says:

    That was totally awesome. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with The Professor. I can’t walk past AP without thinking of him anymore. ♥♥♥ Happy Valentine’s Day.


  6. Lariza says:

    Love it!!!


  7. Ha…I pass Patisserie La Cigogne several days a week. Not gonna think of it the same way now. Yum!


  8. kiTT says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to the BT ladies!!!
    I love fun times with the Professor!


  9. SweetDirtyDraco says:

    Tamie, don´t know how much I envy you, spend the day shopping with the professor… Were you able to sleep yesterday? Can you sleep tonight? .I could not.
    Thank you Tamie, thank you SR, you´re great. Happy Valentine´s Day



  10. Maria says:

    Wow Tamie, how lucky can a girl get?
    I’m thrilled for you and jealous too!
    Thank you for sharing and lots of love for SR, The Professor and SN!


  11. A says:

    Oh, this is it? This the Valentine’s day post from Professor?

    Not that I didn’t like it, it is cute. But I was expecting smth more…


  12. Lyn says:

    That sounds like a fun day! 🙂


  13. yl110 says:

    Both Gabriel and Snarky Narrator in one day? Good times, Tamie 😉


  14. Ellen Totten says:

    Loved hearing about shopping with the Professor. It was a fantasy day with the Professor, SR & the SN. 😉


  15. sile2343 says:

    Reblogged this on sile2343's Blog and commented:
    Lucky lady


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