18 and Over Book Blogger Follow: Erotic Enough For You?

Question of the Week: Have you noticed a growing trend in erotic romance covers since the popularity of the Fifty Shades trilogy? Publishers and authors are re-vamping their covers, losing the sexy and adding a hint of intrigue. But as a reader, which do you prefer? The symbolic covers OR the erotic covers?

Actually I think I like the ones that leave something to the imagination. I like a little symbolism and intrigue, and I’m a huge fan of great book covers. I want a book cover that either because of the design, or the colors, or both grab my attention and make me want to read the synopsis. Something else I notice and like a lot is raised lettering…even if it’s subtle. Don’t ask me why…I just do. There are some gorgeous cover designs out there that are subtle, and elegant. They don’t scream erotic, but they have a meaning behind them that you understand when you’ve read the book. I like those best.

Something else I prefer on a cover…if people are depicted…I want real people, or at least a really good rendition. I don’t like it when the people look cartoony, or fake, or over drawn. For me…that distracts and takes away from what the cover is supposed to do…which is to lure me into the book…not make me stare at the cover and think…that’s just fugly.

One last thought about book covers in general…if they look good on your computer screen? They’re usually a gazillion times better looking in person 🙂

What about you guys? What kinds of covers attract, or distract you?

Tamie Xo

9 thoughts on “18 and Over Book Blogger Follow: Erotic Enough For You?

  1. Keisha says:

    I have definitely noticed an increase/trend in erotic romance since Fifty Shades. Its huge right now. In fact, for me, the Fifty series is what got me back to being the once avid reader I use to be in general. With the Fifty book covers, it didn’t seem like much to them but just the simple tie, mask(book 2), and handcuffs(book 3) and the way they were done left an intrigue/darkness to it that I thought was well done. It fit perfectly with the synopsis to the books, in my opinion.

    I too do not like the cartoonish, overdrawn out covers. I like them with an appeal and a sense of realness that catches my eye at first sight. One cover in particular that is a perfect example of a book cover that appeals to me is Gabriel Inferno. I recently read this book a few days ago, but I’ve seen the cover many times and actually have had the books for sometime now and had yet to read. (Love Love Loved the book btw!) The cover of it though, is what caught my attention and made me want to get, along with reading what it would be about. The fire, the serious/deep look of the ‘professor’ and the picture of two people that you could actually visualize being Gabriel & Julia in a passionate embrace was just brilliantly done.

    I know the saying goes you shouldn’t judge a book by it covers and that’s mainly true, but for me there has to be just a slight hint with the cover that makes me think this might be worth a try.


  2. I definitely am more attracted to books if the cover is appealing. I like looking at the sexy ones, but like you I like a little mystery too.


  3. Chris says:

    I love the subtly of the new book covers. Some of the ones with figures on the cover is too remininecent of the bodice ripper romance novels of the 70’s with Fabbio as the male. lol having said that, It was Fifty Shades of Grey that started me back on the road to being an avid reader again. The covers just peaked my curiosity. Who said you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, was wrong. LOL


  4. I like symbolic covers !! when i’m at school to pick my kids up or at the Doctor’s. i don’t want 2 mostly naked people on the cover !! they don’t need to know what i am reading !!! And i love the raised lettering. I am a very feeling kind of person.So as i read i just love to run my fingers over the lettering !!! And the cartoon covers almost always mean it’s a funny book. And if it isn’t i don’t like it ! It looks cheap !!!! ( but sometime cheap is great !! ) 😉


  5. sararrice says:

    I want the cover to grab my attention with artwork and intrigue. I like subtle elegance that draws you in. I love when the cover gives you a taste of the story but not too much. I definitely don’t need to see naked people on the cover as I think at times it can make it a trashy novel sort of feel. The book can still be erotic but I would rather read about it in the story.

    I like the lure and the fire that well done art can portray.

    I like it when the cover helps me visualize the story but not too much.


  6. la bella Simonetta says:

    I like the symbolic covers (Fifty, or Bared to You series) but I also love the Gabriel inferno covers and the Thoughtless covers. If it is an erotic cover I want it to be tasteful and not show too much of the characters faces because if the artists’ image of the characters and my vision are way off it can be very distracting.


  7. I always check out the covers before buying the book of an author I haven’t read previously, I had recently been presenter with a book with the name written like a chicken scratching all over it, wasn’t too impressed but when I read the story, after much procratination it was great, a wonderful story and if I were the author I would be disappointed in the cover.
    I choose library books simply by checking out the cover and sometimes I’m disappointed and sometimes I’m not….I like strong visuals and raised lettering. The one thing that bugs me the most is the copying of covers, 50 shades covers were terrific but do all the other erotic or even just the romance genre have to have ribbons, ties and other such nonsense across the covers.
    As far as I am concerned a books cover is extremely important, you can’t judge the book by it but you can judge it by the book….


  8. ceblack says:

    I love a hot cover, but there is an apeal to the more intriguing look. I think a sexy picture will bring in more readers to that genre because they’ll know right off the bat what they’re about to get into. If the cover is more mysterious, then all I have to say is the description better knock my socks off! 🙂


  9. Meg says:

    I too got back into reading with the Fifty Shades Series. I skip any of the books that have covers that have Fabio looking people on them…not what I want to see. I love the symbolic covers but also loved the GI and GR covers and the books in general. I don’t like to see a face with the book because I like to picture the character myself. I just finished the Marriage to a Billionaire Series By Jennifer Probst. I like the series but didn’t like the pics on the cover. I has my own image of the characters in mind and they didn’t look like that. With that said I again like the GI and GR covers. I guess I am half and half. 🙂


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