My Book Boyfriend: The Snarky Narrator from Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard

I was asked by Tamie to do a My Book Boyfriend post and I decided to share one of my FIRST adventure with Bookish. (Note that this is my first book boyfriend ever!)


I will let you in for a treat!
Just recently, Tamie and Elena conducted an interview with the Snarky Narrator of Gabriel’s Inferno/Gabriel’s Rapture. Ugh! I can’t stop thinking about him the moment I saw the SN! Ooopps, I didn’t say that out loud… Okay, just the moment I read the whole interview!;)

I know, I know, you guys are screaming for more! My ladies are too secretive and a bit selfish to show you more of the SN, even the place where they met. *whispers* because SR might have been there as well. I have been a bit naughty and I know it’s an RSVP…still, I followed them and sneaked in and even heard a bit of the conversation! (Oh Tamie & Elena please don’t kill me.)

OMG! When I saw him, I was definitely *gaping like a codfish*. Yeah, that’s very much like Julianne. Anyway, I’ll show you a sneak peek on what the SN looks like. (Oh SR, please, please don’t kill me. Just a tiny bit of a glimpse and a quick one) I should be running away and hide for some time after this post just in case these three hunt me down.

So, here it goes… and I can reassure you #SnarkyNarratorsAreSexy… That is all!


Perfect blue eyes will surely get you “le swoon”.

He is wearing a black shirt and jeans!!! Holy shhhhh! He is that casual and I say “screw the suits and bow ties!” 🙂



I giggled when I saw Tamie spill some of her wine on her dress the moment the SN stood in front of them. *peace Tamie*
But daaaymn! I might have the same reaction if I was there face to face with the SN.

I apologize, I wouldn’t be able to show you all of him. I’ll let your imagination take you from here. *giggles*

Here are my favorite parts of the interview.



Well, at least that’s all I need to know. And I wouldn’t have to wear high heels just to please him.

And just in case y’all been wondering how the three fit in the fiat… Well… Ummm…



Guess who’s the adventurous lady on top that was rewarded after… 😉

If you haven’t read the whole interview, you must!

Some Holiday Fun With Sylvain Reynard and Bookish Temptations

PS. Did I mention, he’s a blonde. Yeah, I did, and again he’s a freaking hot blonde with blue eyes.;)

Thank you and hugs to Sylvain Reynard. I’m glad he didn’t see me.

Thank you to the pleasant-looking gentleman who didn’t bother to kick me out of the place. I owe you!;)

Peace to Tamie & Elena! You know I love you both!;)

x gel

5 thoughts on “My Book Boyfriend: The Snarky Narrator from Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard

  1. Margie says:

    Gely-Gel that was THE BEST!! I love Snarky Narrator and he is so hot!! That was a great post, now how to fit my J-Lo (not as hot, but just as big ass) in the Fiat too?!?! We need strategy!!! Love it!


  2. Thank you Ladys….i always enjoy your work! 🙂


  3. debradml says:

    Thank-you Gel, great post always love your work….you are lucky girls, The intriguing Snarky Narrator & SR, how Devine! 🙂 Debs xx


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