Fan Fiction Friday: Three Stories. One Post.

So I’m going to let my friends, Michelle and Annie, share what they have been reading lately. I had not heard of either of these stories, before they mentioned that they wanted to rec them. After hearing what they thought, I am definitely going to add them to my ever-growing reading list. So many stories, so little time, right?

Here’s Michelle…

I’m bringing the big guns out for this week’s Fan Fic Friday…

operationbreakthedawn banner

Just from the banner, you can tell this isn’t your  “fluffy romance” story!  OPERATION: Break the Dawn by katinki is the bomb!  (big guns… bomb….You see where this is going?)  This WIP is all about action and the men and women who are smart and tough enough to handle it.

Fic Summary: An experimental weapon, one of the most lethal chemicals ever created, has been stolen. ……  A team of Marines, led by Capt. Edward Cullen and accompanied by Dr. Isabella Swan, isn’t about to let the world go up in flames.  YIKES!!

This story has two of my favorite things: a smart, in control Edward and a Bella with brains!  Not to mention the support characters (Em, R, J, and A) are just as well developed as E&B.

Meet the Captain:

“…..Edward suddenly turned to the left and stretched his arms over his head, arching his back. At just the right angle, the late afternoon sun caught the almost iridescent sheen of the old jagged scar that cut the captain’s bare torso in half….” “..Badges, the Captain always called them, joking like being held captive and tortured to near death was par for the course.”

The Brilliant Doctor:

“I’m not a spy or anything nefarious like that, so don’t even ask.”  “When I was in graduate school…”  “I took a couple of elective physics courses. In one, we studied optics and we spent some time on reflectography, labs included.”

And of course, there’s a bit of romance:

“Alright,” Edward interjected as, without conscious direction, the tips of his fingers found the gentle slope of the scientist’s hip, the curve hidden beneath the stiff tactical vest, but still very much there. “Don’t need to scare her that much.”

Here’s another thing I love, love, love about this fic: DETAILS!  Katinki does her research!!  She even gives us a glossary for the military terms.  I guess you could say I’m a big katinki fangirl since I’ve read all of her stories, and OPERATION: Break the Dawn is looking to be added to my “Favorite Fics” list.

Do yourself a favor and go check it out!  I’d hate to put you on KP or night patrol duties if you didn’t! LOL!

See ya next week,




Here’s Miss Annie…

The Give Away Girl banner

A couple months ago I recommended a story that I hadn’t yet read based on word of mouth alone. That story was The Give Away Girl  by MrsSpaceCowboy and now that I’ve read it, I can whole heartedly confirm that recommendation. Wow. The Give Away Girl follows Bella and Edward through high school and a couple years after. She’s a little free spirited and he’s a little nerdy. High school friends are great, but man, high school enemies suck… a lot.

This story owned me. Owned. Me. Remember when you read Twilight and you couldn’t put it down? You walked around reading, neglecting all responsibilities, maybe even forgetting to eat or sleep. Yeah, like that. I laughed, I cried, I sighed at the romance, and the angst… well, let’s just say I nearly put my kindle in the freezer. E & B’s characters are true teenagers that grow and mature. The subplots and characters are well rounded and contribute to the main story making one big fic of wonderfulness. I loved it all. P.S. Edward plays baseball and gets sweaty. Enjoy.


I am actually in the middle of reading a great completed story by Amber1983. Like most Rob fans right now, I am missing Him so much. While I am thrilled that he is out there in the outback, working hard and pushing past the expected “perfect” image that was Edward Cullen, I still long to see more of him. Dirty and sweating is fine by me.

Hi! We're just two guys making a movie in the outback. Don't mind our hotness...

Hi! We’re just two guys making a movie in the outback. Don’t mind our hotness…

At any rate, I actually chose The Search, because Edward is British in this story. As the author says in her A/N, they gave us Rob, she’s taking Edward. LOL

TheSearch banner

Bella leaves her sad past behind in the states, to take a transfer to London. She is the personal assistant to Edward Cullen, headhunter extraordinaire. They each have a past that they need to deal with, but can’t ignore the instant chemistry between them. In the beginning, they try very hard to keep things professional.

Exert from Chapter 5:

Edward makes a puppy dog face that squeezes my heart but relents. We drag ourselves out of the booth and I wrap his scarf back around my neck. As we step outside and I slip on the step and almost fall to the ground.

“Whoa there!” He grabs my arm and steadies me. Fire runs up from where his hand is in contact with my elbow.

He looks my way and holds out the crook of his arm to me. “M’lady, would you like to be escorted more safely?” he winks.

“Like you are any steadier!” I scoff but link my arm through his anyway. We begin to stumble along and his scent drifts all around me.

“I was wrong about you, Bella.” He says.

“How do you mean?”

“I though you were shy.”

“I am shy!”

He looks at me sceptically.

“Okay well even the shyest of people relax after this much vodka.” I explain and he smiles wryly.

We amble in silence for a few minutes, each dragging the other up when we stumble. I indicate the way to my apartment and he insists on escorting me “like a proper English gent.”

We reach my door and turn to face each other. All night we have been at ease but now the tension rises again and I’m not sure what we’re waiting for but we’re definitely waiting.

I pull his scarf from around my neck and hand it back to him silently. He takes it and catches my fingers at the same time, giving them a gentle squeeze.

He half bows/half falls and a laugh bursts from my chest. He uses the break in my concentration to move in suddenly closer to me, one arm leaned casually on the doorframe behind my head and his face an inch from mine.

I freeze. He moves his head alongside mine and grazes my cheek with his lips. Soft. Warm. Perfect.

“Goodnight, Bella Swan.” He whispers.

I expect him to move back but instead he lowers his head and finds the exposed skin of my throat. He presses his lips to my pulse and I forget how to breathe, how to move, how to speak. Back and forth he brushes his mouth across my skin until I’m sure the trembling in my mind must show in my body too.

Apparently taking my lack of speech and movement as encouragement he moves to face me, barely a breath between us. His other hand gently falls to my waist, effectively blocking me in against the door.

I can hear his slightly laboured breaths. I can feel his eyes on my face, willing me to look up and meet his but I’m afraid if I do I will be lost.

“Bella,” he murmurs, bringing his hand to my cheek.

I finally meet his gaze and it’s as if he is looking into my soul. He leans his face even closer and I suddenly feel exposed, cold, wide open and afraid.

“No.” I whisper, putting my hands on his shoulders and pushing him back. He retreats, looking hurt…and drunk.

At once, I feel completely sober and a little sick. This is not what I came here for; I don’t want this man to see me, to know me, to touch me. I don’t want him to see into my soul and know my secrets, my shame. He has no place and no right.

Sudden anger courses through me. And this is Edward Cullen, for fuck’s sake! Workaholic. Ladies’ man. I bet he has bedded every PA they have ever given him!

“What do you think you’re doing?” The volume of my voice in the silent, damp night makes us both jump.

“Nothing. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean – I’m sorry.” He stumbles and stutters and puts space between us. His green eyes are confused. Part of me feels sorry for my outburst and desperately wants to take it back and pull him back against my door.

But I don’t. I crack instead.

“This is the usual method, is it?” I snarl. “Take your PA out, ply her with drink and make your move?”

I watch his face slowly harden.

“No.” He almost growls.

“Oh really? Because that’s not what I’ve heard.”

“What you’ve heard means nothing!” he shouts, anger to match mine. “You know NOTHING about me!”

We stare at each other and I wonder what the hell just happened. I shiver and desperately want to be inside.

“You should leave.” I say quietly.

“Yeah.” he mutters, turns and walks away without another word.

I can’t say much more about the story, without giving too much away. I will say that I love this Edward. He’s gorgeous, funny, and very British. So very swoonworthy and has the patience of Job, I tell you. Bella is dealing with an issue, that I have not read about before, but the author does a great job of explaining the “ins and outs”. In spite of my initial reaction to thinking, how does one get around this problem; I am very much enjoying the story. Not my intention to sound so cryptic, just don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. I went into the story not knowing much about the premise, and think that is the best way to start with this one.

Have a great weekend everyone. Happy fan fic reading!!


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  1. abinar says:

    I do like a British Edward. *wiggles eyebrows*


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