Susi Reviews: Prodigal Son by Michelle Day

Today, I’m happy to welcome Susi who has written a guest review of Prodigal Son by Michelle Day.

Susi’s review:

When I find a book that I really enjoy, I share it with all of my friends and colleagues.  Prodigal Son by Michelle Day is one of those books I have been boasting about lately.  This is the first book in a series about The Jensen Family. This book introduces the family but it focuses mainly on the youngest and my favorite family member Paul N. Jensen.

I found the characters in this story to be well-developed and I was easily able to picture them as I read. In fact, the story itself was an easy read.  While I read this story, I enjoyed how the characters interacted as a family and blossomed, especially the young twin boys who spent much of their early years causing havoc.  Paul, the youngest proved to be the most difficult out of the twins.  Well, I guess since I love to read about bad boys, I was totally drawn to him.

When I first met Paul, I immediately took a strong liking to his character.  I saw that there were many strong characteristics that made him more than your average young man.  Throughout the story, Paul proved that he was far from average. In fact, I had to keep reminding myself often that Paul was just a teenager.

Let me tell you a little bit about Paul.  Paul is tall, dark, handsome, charming, confident, strong-willed and a natural-born leader used to getting his way.  Did I mention he has an athletic body?  Yes, he is rocking those washboard abs and that “V” all of us ladies love. He is simply irresistible.

At fifteen Paul was already an entrepreneur, an incorrigible flirt and quite the ladies man.  His voracious sexual appetite was awakened when he met his sister’s best friend Suzanne and there was no stopping him from that point forward.

When Paul met his new teaching assistant Miss Scott, his interest in older women flourished.  Since Paul was used to getting what he wanted, Miss Scott became his challenge. Now, I must say, this was the part of the story that made me cringe.  Paul was just fifteen years old and she was his teacher. Getting past the ethics issue was a little difficult for me.

I felt for Paul throughout the story and loved that he was so responsible for his actions.  Paul has a heart of gold.  When his relationship became scandalous, he did not turn his back on Miss Scott.  He accepted responsibility just like a man. Can you see why I love him?

The first book left me wanting more. It was a hot sexy read.  I look forward to reading more about Paul and his relationship with the women he loves in the second book.

I recommend this book, and give it a 4 heart rating.

Some of my favorite Paul lines:

“Hey if girls want to prostrate themselves in front of me, I’m going to take advantage, I’m only human, I have needs and desires,” He protested.

“You aren’t just a quick fuck for me, there’s more to it than that. I can get sex anytime I want it.  It’s different with you, more intense, better than anything I’ve ever had.”

“You don’t get it do you?” He asked, he kept the distance between them. “This isn’t some silly school boy crush I have on you. I’m in love with you.  I’ve tried to ignore how I feel but can’t.”

“Then teach me,” he challenged. “Teach me everything you like doing and how to do it.”


“I do love Carmen; I’m having a hard time with the one woman bit,” He laughed “I’ve been with Suzanne this week as well as whomever that was at the club.”

“I love Carmen, I really do but I’m in love with Suzanne, it’s hard to explain,” He shrugged.


Thanks Susi, and we hope you’ll write more reviews for us. You’re welcome here anytime!

7 thoughts on “Susi Reviews: Prodigal Son by Michelle Day

  1. Sounds like a really good book !! I need to look into it . Thanks 😉


  2. Cristina says:

    Thanks for sharing! I hadn’t heard about this author but this review has engaged me into wanting to read the book and sharing it with other reader friends. Please keep the reviews coming! There are so many authors out there and I need all the information I can get!


  3. Margaret says:

    Good review, I’ll give this book a read!


  4. Norma Gonzalez says:

    Wonderful review! Makes me want to read this book.


  5. Paloma says:

    Great review! It really inspired me to read more books in this genre!!!


  6. debradml says:

    Great review Susi have now added to my TBR list 🙂 x


  7. MPO305 says:

    Sounds like a great book! reading it reminds me of young Christian Grey – sexiness on wheels and attracted to an older woman. Sounds like a definite must read.


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