Susi Interviews Paul from Prodigal Son by Michelle Day

When Susi told me she got an interview with Paul from Prodigal Son by Michelle Day, I anxiously awaited her report on how it all went. I’m happy to say that both interviewer and interviewee had a fabulous time, and I think you will too…

On my last trip to the UK, I decided that I wanted to interview the famous Paul N. Jensen to see what all the fuss was about.  Thanks to a friend, my delightful meeting was arranged.

 The Lounge Coffee Shop UK

I arrived at Paul’s suggested venue, a lovely coffee shop called The Lounge early.  It is a quaint shop with a mouth-watering menu of sweet delights. I went ahead and ordered a latte for me and tea and a chocolate cupcake for Paul.  I hope he likes chocolate.

I found a plush leather sofa, sat down, and waited for Paul to arrive.  Within minutes, he was there.

Susi:  Good afternoon Paul, I am so glad you were able to join me blushing.  Please thank your uncle John for making it possible for you to be here with me today.  OMG, this young man is stunning; I hope he didn’t notice me ogling him.

Paul greets me and places his hands on either side of my face and kisses each cheek. He sits across from me on a comfy leather chair.  He’s wearing tight jeans and a snug white t-shirt that accentuates his toned and well-defined upper body.  He smells freshly showered and sooo good.  Seriously, he is irresistible.  Yes, tall, dark and handsome is an understatement, wow.  OK, I must compose myself.

Paul:  Good afternoon Susi, you smell delicious, I will make sure to thank my Uncle. Thank you for asking to interview me, this is my first one, you’ve popped my cherry!

I better stop staring into those deep brown eyes before I get lost in them.  Oh my, Did he really just say that?

Susi:    Ahem, Paul, how are you doing today?  I took the liberty of ordering tea and a chocolate cupcake for you.  I hope it is to your liking.

Paul:  That’s for me? Thank you, I am very well and very happy now that I have something sticky and sweet to eat and your lovely self to look at.

He is such a flirt.

Paul takes a bite of his cupcake and groans in pleasure, licking his fingers as he places it back on the plate.

Susi:   Focus woman, focus!  So tell me, you must be very busy lately with all of those employees you manage.  Are you still working for your father, learning the family business?

Paul:  I am very busy and very happy about that, and yes, I do still work for my father, I need to learn all I can if I’m going to run the company one day.

Susi:  Don’t you wish you could be out and about with your brother Matt and friends doing the kinds of things that young men your age do?

Paul: laughs  I find plenty of time to hang out with Matt and get myself into quite a few ahem compromising positions. Work hard, play harder, that’s the only way to live.

Susi:  You are obviously a very driven young man.  Does that come from your paternal side or maternal side?

Paul:  A bit of both I guess, both parents are strong-minded but I would say that Mum is more driven and she pushes me to succeed.

Susi:  Did your awful relationship with your father make you stronger man?

Paul: Takes a sip of his tea, he ponders the question while looking straight at me.

I believe it has, I’m reasonably stubborn and determined anyway but his disapproval of me makes me want to succeed and push my limits. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to prove anything at all to him, I want to succeed so that I have the pleasure of saying that I did it on my own without his help.

Susi:  You confronted your father at a young age and told him that one day you will be rich enough to buy everything he has.  Do you still feel that way today?

Paul:  Hell yes! If anything I am more determined with each and every passing day. I want it all and it’s within my reach.

Susi:  Do you regret any of the things that you may have done growing up such as your conduct at the boarding school?

Paul: My conduct at boarding school was a means to an end, I wanted out and rules are made to be broken after all. I regret the scar I’ve been left with as it’s a constant reminder but I stand by my decision to misbehave.

Susi:  How did you like working for those older women in their yards and homes?  Didn’t they make you feel uncomfortable?  I bet they were staring at your every move, I would have been.

If you are free, I have some work I need done in my own garden in the US.  I wink.

Paul:   Ha ha ha, I love older women and no, I can’t ever recall being uncomfortable around any woman. You are in need of my services?  He leans forward again, looking intently into my eyes.

Awesome, I would of course give you, erm, your garden, my personal attention and I will require lots of frequent guidance from you on exactly what you want me to do for you.

Oh, I’m sure.  I sigh, take a sip of my latte, sit up straight, and cross my legs.

Susi:  Have you always been a flirt with all of the ladies?    Is that a Jensen or Paloma thing? I say you take after Uncle John.

Paul:  I have been this way for as long as I can remember, it works for me and is definitely a Paloma thing, it’s in the blood. My Uncle is my idol and role model.

Susi:  Your mother is a lovely woman, she must be very proud of your success in the landscape business. Is she happy that you are learning about the Jensen family business?

Paul: My mother is an incredible woman, woe betide anyone who hurts her. She is proud of me and she constantly pushes me to be the best I can be at everything I do. She is pleased that I’m working at Jensen’s she tells me it will broaden my mind and my horizons. Personally, I can’t see that yet but I’m sure I will thank her in years to come.

Susi:  Suzanne is pretty dear to you.  Does she still hold a special place in your heart? Is she still the girl you want to marry someday?

Paul:  I will marry my Suzie one day, count on that. She has my heart and I suspect she always will.

Susi:  So tell me, what was it about Miss Carmen Scott that made her such a challenge for you? After all, she was your teacher and so much older.

Paul:  The first thing I noticed was the way her clothes hugged her body and accentuated her curves, she also had the most alluring scent as she walked by and of course, she snubbed me which made her a challenge and I don’t like to lose. It didn’t matter at all to me that she was my teacher or older, those things didn’t cross my mind.

Susi:  Do you still fancy older women?

Paul:  I adore older women. I think it’s the air of confidence they project, like you for example, you’re looking at me as a prospect but you’re also giving off an air of I could have you but you’d have to work for it. I find that intriguing and it pulls me in every time.

Susi:  He is such a smooth talker! And that cheeky grin….  I’ll admit, you are very mature and hot for a young man of your age.  You do act older and are wiser than most sixteen year olds.

Have things calmed down a bit since your scandalous affair was revealed? Is your mother handling it better now?

Paul:  He he he, you think I’m hot, (he grins at me), The scandal has died down somewhat thank goodness. I hurt Mum badly with the way I handled it and I will always regret that but she is coping very well. We had a long heart to heart and cleared the air so to speak.

Susi:  What was your initial reaction when you learned that Carmen was pregnant?

Paul:  My initial reaction was to run but once I’d thought about it, I realized that wasn’t an option.

Susi:  You are going to be a father soon. Are you excited? Scared?  How are the other members of your family taking this?

Paul:   Scared definitely,  a little excited, I’ve been reading the books Carmen has given me and er, yeah, glad I’m male! Matt thinks I’ve possibly ruined my life, my sister hasn’t really said much about it, Dad of course is furious and Mum, well, Mum’s there for me, supporting me as always.

Susi:  Are you closer with John your uncle or Matt your twin?

Paul: I spend more time with Matt so at this point I’d say I’m closer to him but I know my Uncle is only a phone call away if I need him.

Susi:  You’ve admitted to loving both women.  Are you still in love with both of them?

Paul:  Yes and no, I love Carmen, she’s had to sacrifice a lot because of me and she’s about to make me a father but I’m in love with Suzanne, there’s a difference between the two, trust me.

Susi:  Now that I have broken the ice,  Are you still afraid of flying? Was your induction to the mile high club the ultimate cure?

Paul: I’m petrified of flying and heights in general, I don’t know why and I know it’s not rational but there it is Paul Jensen is scared of something!  The mile high club, ah, good times but no, I still prefer not to fly.

Susi:  What is your most embarrassing moment?  Did it have anything to do with Suzanne while on holiday in Spain?

Paul:  My Uncle finding us was excruciatingly embarrassing at the time, we laugh about it now but hell, that was not a good feeling knowing he’d seen my moves.

There’s that winning smile again. Seriously, is it getting warm in here?

Susi:  What is your favorite food?    Favorite Dessert?

Paul:  Steak, rare and ready to run off the plate. Dessert, I have a very sweet tooth, sticky sponge pudding with custard, any type of cake or pastry just as long as it’s sticky and sweet.

I’m glad I ordered that chocolate cupcake for him.

Susi:  What do you like to do to relax? Do you relax?  You are always busy working or with a woman.

Paul: I like to go clubbing.  Yes I know I’m too young but I’m fortunate that I look a little older and I know the door men, so it’s all good. You wouldn’t believe the things I can get up to in a night club.

Yeah, I ‘m sure you have great dance moves too.

Susi:  Boxers or briefs?

Paul:  Boxers, always black or commando.

Just what I thought

Susi:  Blondes or Brunettes?

Paul:  Why choose? Honestly, if she has a winning smile and the perfect come hither look, the chances of me noticing her hair colour are minimal.

Susi:  What is the most romantic thing you have done for a woman? I do see a soft side in this young man.

Paul:  Ah, I’m still working on that! I like to do things for the woman in my life to make sure she’s happy  and content and if that means taking care of her financially or looking after her house or walking over hot coals, I’ll do it.

Susi:  What is the wildest thing you have done with a woman?

Paul:  I had Carmen in the woods, Suzie on a plane, various others against the wall in a night club, you name it, and I’ve probably done it or plan to!

I’m sure you’ve done plenty.

Paul glances over my shoulder as John walks in.

Well, hello… Uncle John. He is one handsome Spaniard.  I now know where Paul gets his charm. Paul introduces his uncle to me.  I feel the heat rushing to my cheeks and I am blushing again.

Susi:  Thank you Paul again for this lovely chat.  I wish you much success in your business endeavors and your upcoming fatherhood.  I do have a flight to catch so I must hurry to the airport.

Paul:  No, thank you. I think we should at least kiss goodbye and don’t forget, if you need my services, you know where to reach me. Paul rolls his eyes.   John, you have to let her leave now!

Susi:  Have a great afternoon gentlemen!

Paul number 2

Whoa! Susi, you’re a lucky, lucky girl!

Thanks to both Susi and Paul for such a great interview!

15 thoughts on “Susi Interviews Paul from Prodigal Son by Michelle Day

  1. Ali g says:

    Wow ladies great blog (as always) I love when you guys do these types of interviews that are funny and with intriguing characters … Claps hands good job oh BTW is it just coincidental that this Paul has a thing for “Susie’s” lol


  2. Margaret says:

    Well done Susi!! I love the interview very amusing & sexy, mmmmm a young hot stud, lucky you interviewing him 😉😘😱


  3. Cristina says:

    What an amazing interview. Suzy you are a gifted reporter! Loved every sentence of this interview. Great job!


  4. Susi M. says:

    I hope I can interview Paul as an adult in the upcoming book.


  5. Paul says:

    I hope to see you again soon Susi. I very much enjoyed our chat.


  6. Melanie Breto says:

    Fantastic interview!


  7. Marina says:

    Great interview! Cheeky hot little stud had you all bothered lol


  8. debradml says:

    Wow what a Great Interview Susi ❤ TY for sharing xox


  9. sweetsugarmama says:

    After reading this interview, the next step would be to buy the book, which I just did. Thanks for an amazing interview. I have to say your comments made me blush and laugh out loud. You are awesome!!!


  10. MPO305 says:

    Definitely buying the book now. That picture of Paul is hot! Loved the interview


  11. 1010iraldy says:

    I loved the interview. I wish I could of been there 🙂


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