If We Could Cast It: Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens…

Here’s another book we all flove at Bookish…

Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens is the first book in the trilogy and let me just say that the angst level almost did me in…

If we had the ability to cast this book for a film?!?


My Kellan has been Devin Paisley since the second I set eyes on his gorgeous face…seriously, I could look at this guy for HOURS!

devin paisley      

I kind of like Lily Collins as Kiera


Denny…Denny…Denny…Nick Carter?


For Griffin? Travis Fimmel seems pretty perfect


Evan could be played by Thomas Dekker


and for Matt I’m going with Alex Pettyfer


I see Megan Fox as Anna


Emma Stone is my Jenny



Here’s what I think if I were to cast Thoughtless. 😉









My Kellan Kyle is without a doubt Devin Paisley

devin paisley


I’d see Odette Yustman as Keira Allen


odette yustman

Liam Hemsworth as Denny


denny 2

Mila Kunis as Anna Allen

mila kunis

mila kunis 2

Gaspard Ulliel as Griffin



Andrew Garfield as Evan



Matt Lanter as Matt




This is definitely a film we would love to see made!

So…who would you cast if you could?!?

Tamie, Gel, Elena

8 thoughts on “If We Could Cast It: Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens…

  1. puppymom73 says:

    Nice job ladies, who can i pay my $10 to now to see this yummilicious film! Mmmmm…I am so digging Liam Hemsworth as Denny! OK, I’m starting to think my Denny crush is dangerously close to my Kellan crush. LOL. I need to look for an Evan…my Evan was more tattooed and bear-like. Thinking of the big hugs he used to give.


  2. Laura says:

    Great choices! I love the pics! As I read the books “again” I will picture Devin in my head!


  3. izzle dizzle says:

    this movie has to be made! it was just the sweetest, saddest most amazing book i love it! i dont completely agree with your choice for kellan i see the guy you picked as more of a denny but liam would be the best denny! also i thought the evans should be musclier but you do have some really good character points! Please magical movie people give us a Thoughtless movie!


  4. Lorein says:

    Devin is perfect! Well, he needs a little more muscle definition, more “big”, but… his face! OMG! The most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen!! Just like Kellan!! I would love to see a movie of these books! With Devin as Kellan of course…


  5. work says:

    Devin is cute. But my Kellan would definitely be Caleb Lane. Caleb face is what I picture when I read the books. If Caleb was to play Kellan in the movie, I would add one thing, he need to be more buff.


  6. My Kellan Kyle is Douglas Booth, Kiera – Lily Collins, Denny – Sam Caflin


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