Fan Fiction Friday: Back in the Saddle Again

Yeap. That’s right. I am here to rec a couple of stories for you, as well as, Miss Michelle, with a rec of her own. After reading the epic The Demons in My Dreams, I wanted to find a good AU story to sink my teeth into. (pun intended) Well, I definitely found one that I absolutely loved!!

 The Keepsake banner

After receiving a recent update alert, I decided to start The Keepsake by windchymes that is near completion. I would fit this in the New Moon category. Edward leaves Bella in the woods, just like in canon. *sad sigh* When Edward hunts down Victoria, he actually finds her and the newborn vampire army, and destroys her, but does this basically on his own. His family arrives at the end, only to find him not in the same frame of mind as before. Edward is completely different, and it makes sense for you read about the details on your own, BUT like the summary implies. *hint, hint*

Some things you never forget, they just hurt too much to remember.

You need to experience it like how Bella does. So that leaves Bella mourning Edward and the Cullens for two years. She is at school in Portland, when she sees Edward again.

Things to note. Jacob is in love with someone else, so he’s not the pain in the ass like usual, but he’s around. Bella is emotionally more mature, and I think is able to communicate her thoughts and needs so much better. She definitely doesn’t put up with much. Edward is not the brooding, complex character either. Well, he is, but not. I really love how this story is progressing, and can’t wait for Suzanne to tie things up. She does this amazing job of addressing some issues from the first book, that I didn’t think about or had read in other stories before.

Normally I would select some exerts for you, but honestly I don’t want to give too much away, so I will say that Chapter 5 is a personal favorite. It’s an emotional and nurturing conversation that Edward has with Esme. I wish there was more interaction with Esme in general, in the original series.

Chapter 10 is another chapter that brought me to tears, because while everyone in the story has the best of intentions, it would have eventually backfired. This chapter is written beautifully. I felt every emotion expressed.

I am a huge fan of windchymes‘ work, Blood Lines is another great AU story I would also rec.

My next rec is the perfect go to story, if you are looking for something light, funny, and romantic to read. Some times you just need to step away from the angst, ya know?

 The Practicum banner

The Practicum by TheFicChick is a recently complete AH story about Bella, a high school English teacher, and Edward, the new PE teacher, who are required to teach sex education together, all told from Bella’s POV. If the premise alone doesn’t make you laugh, then at the beginning of each chapter, there is a quote that should.

Summary and first chapter: “We are going to be teaching high schoolers how not to get each other knocked up or infected with gonorrhea. It’s hardly a romantic evening for two.”

Chapter 4: “I enlightened you about the Rainbow game; now it’s your turn to enlighten me. Slang terms for masturbation. Go.” (I didn’t know what the Rainbow game was either, until I read this story. LOL)

This Edward is gorgeous, kind of shy and unassuming, the perfect gentleman. His upbringing and respect towards Bella and women in general, just melted my heart.

Here is an exert from Chapter 3, Bella and Edward are in the classroom, setting up the VCR to watch a video:

“Okay,” I say to Edward, who is sitting behind the teacher’s desk. “All set.” The noise level in the room has risen to a level indicating that the majority of students are done with their assigned task, and I tilt my head toward the group. “Want me to collect the papers?”

“Great. Thanks.” He rises from his chair and cracks his knuckles as he faces the class. “Okay guys, video today,” he starts as I make my way up and down the aisles. “I hope I don’t need to reiterate my warning from last class; let’s handle this like the adults you guys purport yourselves to be, okay? Newton, how’d that time mile treat you yesterday?”

“Sucked,” Mike grumbles, and his classmates snicker.

Edward nods. “I’m here for two hours after school anyway, guys, so anyone else looking to boost his or her physical fitness is welcome to join me. Any untoward comments, and I’ll be thrilled to have your company.” He makes his way to the door and flicks the light switch, throwing the room into relative darkness illuminated only by the blue glow coming from the screen. I place the stack of worksheets on the corner of the desk and settle into the chair beside it, watching shamelessly as Edward bends forward slightly at the waist to press play. Finally he settles into the desk chair beside me, and we watch the informational video that has been equal parts educating and embarrassing teenagers for years.

As we sit in the darkness, I try to analyze the apparently involuntary response I have to Edward Cullen; I don’t think I’ve ever had such an immediately visceral reaction to a man before. Never have I spent class time ogling a fellow teacher, nor have I looked forward to my after-school planning hour to watch high school soccer practice. Granted, in years past, both of those scenarios have involved Coach Clapp who, while a nice enough guy, was never what anyone would even laughingly refer to as eye candy. I try to drag my brain back to the video in case I find myself needing to answer any of the girls’ questions, but really, I probably know more than this video’s supposedly teaching them, and I can’t stop my mind from focusing on the man beside me instead of the glowing screen before me. Who is Edward Cullen, anyway?

Beyond the fact that he’s Coach Clapp’s mid-year replacement and that he’s a former soccer player and that this is his first teaching job, I know next to nothing, with the obvious exception of the facts that he’s quick to blush, can juggle a soccer ball upward of a hundred times, and that he doesn’t wear cologne. Oh, and that he’s never played the Rainbow Game, which is an irrefutable plus. I can’t deny that I want to know more. I want to know where he’s from, why he came to Forks, why he acts more like a virgin than a ridiculously good-looking former athlete has any business acting. I want to know if he really lost Jessica’s phone number, or if he chose not to call it, and if that’s the case, I want to know why. Suddenly it hits me that maybe he would have preferred Jasper’s number, and I don’t realize I’m frowning at the television until Edward’s knee bumps mine.

“Hey.” I turn to look at him, and there’s a similar frown on his own face. “You okay?” he whispers.

I nod. “Yeah.” I gesture toward the TV. “This is just…really crappy cinematography.”

He snickers once and then presses his lips together before returning his focus to the television, but his eyes are still laughing and, ridiculously, it makes me want to tell him a joke to see him laugh again. Instead, I force myself to at least pretend to be a mature educator instead of a horny single educator and direct all of my attention to the screen.

So Bella and Edward decide to take things slow in this relationship for all of the right reasons, but all of this talk of sex doesn’t keep their minds out of the gutter.

Chapter 8: “So you didn’t have a dirty thought when I said, ‘beef burrito’? His cheeks matched his ears, and I point an accusing finger. “I knew it.”

Bella is a little bit more experienced than Edward in this one, but when things do heat up, Edward holds his own for sure. Lots of firsts for both of them.

Chapter 10: “I’m going to do that thing you’ve never done, and God knows you’ve waited long enough for it.”

This is a simple romance with the right amount of heat and humor. I loved it. It made me smile.


Now it’s Michelle’s turn. 🙂

I love a sweet and slow moving story from time to time.  One of my favorites in that category is Chalk by Honeybeemeadows. The plot is simple: Girl goes out to start a new challenge and meets a guy who happens to offer advice.  See? Simple.

While reading this fic, you just want to join them on their outings and then go have a beer with them later that night.

Banner by Ysar

Banner by Ysar

Author’s Summary: Bella needs a new hobby. Will a new pair of ugly shoes, a shirtless guy and a bag full of chalk give her any relief from the boredom? 

“You’re gonna go out and climb rocks?”

Alice was staring at me as though I’d just turned into a ten-year-old boy in front of her very eyes. I nodded at her, trying to make myself look sure of it.

“Rocks,” she said again, her voice stained in disbelief.

“Well, yeah, when you say it that way… it sounds stupid.”

“For fun?”

“For exercise. And yeah, for fun I guess.” I retorted, grumbling a little because I really had no idea what I was in for.

Of course when newbie Bella goes on her first outing, she runs across the more experienced climber that usually give the first-timers a bit of a hard time.

“Whoa there.”

I was suddenly off the rock, but still not on the ground, hyper aware of two big biceps on either side of mine and hot breath on my neck in a chuckle. I was set back down on my feet, legs trembling even worse than before and looked up to find the Shirtless Guy unwrapping his arms from around me.

“Thank you.” I stuttered, fully aware that my body wasn’t broken right now because of him.

He looked down at my fingers.

“Chalk. Every time. Or at least every other time, until you build up some calluses.” “You don’t have a crash pad?”

“A what?”

“A crash pad.” He grinned at me. “Big squishy thing? Breaks your fall?”

“What are you doing out here, Sparkles?” He shook his head in amazement, as though I was really some forest fairy who had no right to be climbing rocks.

“What did you call me?”

“You have glitter all over your face.” He chuckled even though I was sort of scowling at him.

You also get a lesson in rock climbing language throughout the fic.  And it more than bugs Bella not to be in the know.  It’s part of Edward’s charm.  He’s snarky but it’s endearing. **KB: I love stories where I learn things! I am so going to read this one soon.**

“I overheard some guys talking. They speak a different fucking language.”  …… beta, flat-lander, VB, peel off, and many more.

“Will you just speak in normal human words, please.”

But there’s always a risk of falling when climbing rocks.  Such as falling in like, lust, and maybe falling in love. 

“You’re just new, is all. Everyone gets called that at first, but you’ll grow out of it. Besides, I kind of like Sparkles.”

“There are no sparkles today.” I reminded him, waving my hand in front of my face.

“That doesn’t mean I’m going to forget them.”


“And I’m yours, huh?”

Edward gulped before he nodded his head deliberately.


“Is there anything you’re not good at?” I asked, mostly to distract both of them.

“I can’t really cook.” Edward laughed and Jasper’s jaw dropped.

“Really? Cause I was gonna say that you really suck at keeping your eyes off her ass when she climbs.”

“That’s why you call me Sparkles.” I huffed

“I don’t want to call you that anymore, either.”

“Then what do you want to call me?”


“That’s the best you could come up with? Girl? Not very creative, Edward.”

“Not just girl. My girl.”

Awww, she’s his girl.   This is a slow build-up to the…umm, er, lust part of the story!!

How this fic has less than 1,000 reviews is beyond me.  Not to mention, Honeybeemeadows gives us a flipside in EPOV in Chalk, Mind The Gap and outtakes in A Fine Dusting of Chalk.

I hope you get a chance to read Chalk on a nice sunny day!





Michelle and I are always wondering what you guys are reading, so please don’t be shy and share in the comments. Have a great weekend!!

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I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

11 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday: Back in the Saddle Again

  1. You seem to be a one trick pony !!! I get you like this book !! But really can’t you review something else!!!!


  2. abinar says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye on Keepsake, waiting for it to complete.
    I loved Chalk. That is one sexy Edward.


    • abinar says:

      I forgot to say what I’m reading. Almost finished with Sideline Collision. Thenit will either be Firefly in Summer or And Then There’s You. Also loving WIPs Terroir (very nice) and Something True (Gah! Feels!).


      • katiebirdie says:

        I was actually thinking about starting Firefly in the Summer too!! I’m reading Barefoot in Texas right now, and just wow. You were so right about this one. I think I’m going to review it in my own post. 🙂

        Who are the authors of Terroir and Something True? I know you’ve probably mentioned them before, but I of course, forget.


      • abinar says:

        Oops. Terroir is thimbles I’ve rec’d her other multi-chapts here. Something True is BelieveItOrNot who wrote In the Debris.


  3. marijee4 says:

    I just finished reading Chalk and really enjoyed it. Loved all the climbing terminology. I liked both Bella and Edward…good complex characters.


  4. Katiebirdie I have to say that Practicum was an absolutely awesome rec!! Started yesterday and just finished. Very cheeky and damn I would totally jump this Edward. I really love the humor stories, any other suggestions in this area? I’m off to start Chalk now…can’t wait for this week’s recs 🙂


  5. eewee333 says:

    Hi katiebird. Love windchymes stories. Have you read Distractions? It’s really good. I’m a def New Moon addict. I’m just finishing The Ripper by Heartofdarkess, which is dark, OOC,but really good. Thanks for the great recs.


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