Illustrated Temptations: REAL by Katy Evans


Hello peeps! Today is all about Remy & Brooke–the lovey dovey in Real (Real, Raw & Ripped #1) by Katy Evans. I was immediately hooked and found my fussy self making pic quotes from one scene to another. It was so effin’good! I wish that you experience the same arousing excitement that I felt upon reading it. I really think that Katy has created beautifully raw and perfectly flawed characters through Remy and Brooke. I also loved that the story line was equally well crafted. Unlike other stories, there is the immediate attraction but there is no instant jump to the bed sex scenes. It was actually a crazy ride of mad lust, temptation and seduction. The intense build up of the characters sexual tension was just “WOW!”. Most of all, an amazing story that you actually won’t want to put down until you finish it.

I can’t wait for round 2!












So what do you think? Are you teased enough? I hope you meet Remington very very soon.


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x gel

24 thoughts on “Illustrated Temptations: REAL by Katy Evans

  1. puppymom73 says:

    Yummilicious! It’s on my TBR…I may have to get there sooner rather than later!
    Thx Gel!


  2. Katy Evans says:

    I just died. This is so beautiful! You ladies rock, thank you, Gel!!!


  3. Mary Jo Toth says:

    Love these Gel … Real is an amazing ride, totally loved it. You did a wonderful job capturing several of the amazing moments. Thank you for sharing with us!


  4. bookbesties says:

    Reblogged this on BookBesties and commented:
    I live this!!


  5. Jo says:

    Love it !


  6. geokrusch says:

    I have been dying to read your review on this book. You’re right, this book was so beautifully written. There was so much going on and at the same time I couldn’t get enough. I can’t wait for book 2 to come out!


  7. Lisa says:

    Great pictures! I absolutely Loved this book. I freely admit I’ve read it more than once πŸ™‚


  8. madelyn bonilla says:

    I flooooove Remington!!!!!


  9. I read this book About 2 weeks ago !! It’s my top #1 book !! I didn’t want it to end ! I loved Remington ( great name ) even with all his past !! You just want to fix him !!! Love, love, love this story !!!!! It was day’s before i could stop thinking about this book !!


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