Mags interviews Darwin Blake: International Poet of Mystery

Ladies (and gentlemen) we’ve all been swooning over this mans words for some time now, so it was with great excitement that I accepted the challenge of interviewing Mr Darwin Blake.

According to Darwin’s bio he is tall, dark (greying a little, just makes him sexier), has dark eyes, a cheeky smile, is muscular & apparently has a voice like molten chocolate.  I hope my questions might help us to get to know him a little better, so here goes.

M: Can I ask why Poetry?

D: Well…I’ve always had a penchant for rhyme and prose but never tapped in to it until last year. I wrote The Flourish and then it seemed to open my mind to other forms of writing, my first poem.

M: Oh Darwin, the Flourish set my heart on fire, I think that’s the one that hooked me!

M: What does poetry do for you? How does it make you feel?

D: It depends on my mood, writing certain things make me excited or happy and other things like when I wrote My Darkness made me feel deeply saddened after I wrote it, certain things I hear about make me think about the sadness of others like Brave or Honour. But generally I am just happy to share what I am thinking about.

M: We are all so happy that you chose to share your poems with the world but especially the hot sultry ones. {getting hot & bothered}.  Is it possible for you to pick a favourite from your poems?

D: well after some deep thought and also trying to recall every poem, this stands out. It is called “In Darkness I See You Shine.”  I love how it makes me feel and I remember how I felt when I wrote it. It was one of those poems that makes my heart swell, and not just because I wrote it.

M: What got you started in poetry/writing? Your chosen career would seem at odds with your artistic & sensual mind?

D: Well…it all started with something that was written to me by the lovely Mrs Katie Magnet (@KatieMagnet), The True Beginning and basically flourished from there.  Excuse the pun ha ha…but she has been a source of constant support and inspiration since the very beginning and I am truly blessed that I found such a wonderful and supportive friend.  Thank you Katie!

M: Readers may be interested to know that Katie supports a fantastic charity called Embrace who work with child victims of crime.

D: But with regards to my profession, I agree completely.  I am not the sort who would normally write how I do or even share such words within my profession.  I guess I am quite unique in that respect but it makes me no more important than anybody else.

M: Do you have a muse?

D: With regard to my Muse, she is a wonderful and selfless woman who I love so deeply it hurts.

M: Your muse is a very lucky lady to have a man who says such wonderful things about her, all woman want to be loved with such passion.

D: Other than my Muse, there are two people who have supported and guided me through my good days and my not so good days.  The First is Mrs Katie Magnet, a woman who has been with me every day and who I adore deeply and respect highly.  She has this way…I cant quite explain it.  I just love how she sees the world. And how she writes, I will never look at Christmas lights the same way.

They will always sparkle that much brighter because of her. X

The second person, but not second if you catch my drift, my Beta.  Someone who I have known since my fledgling tweets, since my first poem and one of the few people I was brave enough to show The Flourish to.  Someone, who again has always given so much to me and asked for so little in return. Highly respected and deeply adored. Someone who unknowingly has had a huge impact on how I think about what and how I write. Without these two people, knowingly or unknowingly there would be no Almost Famous Author

M: What & who inspires you to write?

D: My Muse is a great source of inspiration.  As for other inspiration, as you will have seen from my website, it varies really a song, a woman sat in a restaurant, a title given to me, a word from a friend (Ravish).

M: Yes, Ravish, another of my favourites.

D: The beauty in somebody’s eyes

Death, Life, Jessica Rabbit and even a string of pearls…

M: Do you have a favourite poet?

D: well there are so many.  Dead ones…Robert Burns stands out for me.  I have a very old book of his prose that once belonged to my Grandfather. Burns didn’t mince his prose and I respect that.  But there are five living poets I owe a lot to; they among many others have spurred me on. They are always there with constructive comments and they all write such wonderful words. Some erotic. Some dark. Please look them up. And to those not listed sorry. My heart lies with all the words I read. In no particular order…this sounds like the X Factor lol!  Sorry guys Twitter names are easier!






I count these people as friends and inspiration.

Right some fun questions

M: We know you love women but what do you find most attractive about a woman? Tits or arse man?

D: Ha-Ha…well I do like both but I would lean towards the arse, like I say “I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go.”  A bit cheeky but I don’t use it often; well my Muse hears it a lot.

M: What turns you on?

D: Hmm…good question.  Lots of things, words conjure up so many visuals, so many variations of what could happen or be happening.  Listening to someone say certain words, hearing the heavy breath of my Muse.  Watching certain acts too. I could go on…

M: Oh please do go on……

M: What turns you off?

D: So many things, certain fetishes, the degradation of women and men.  I mean there is nothing wrong with a bit of dominance or submission but there is a limit to everything and everybody.

M: When are you at your happiest?

D: So many places, in the arms of my Muse, on the beach, driving (I love to drive), listening to music when I am separated from the world and I have a moment to myself. I like to think of it as a bubble, just me.  And of course when I have written something I am proud of, and then I wait for the replies, retweets, likes and comments.  It makes me smile so much to know that others love reading my words as much as I like writing them.

M: Darwin, we hang on with bated breath for your posts, then our insides liquefy with the heat of your words……..{fanning myself thinking about ‘For your Mistress’}

M: You said you love to drive, what would your dream car be?

D: I would love a classic car. An E type Jag or a DB7. But that’s a boys dream. I’d like a high end Range Rover or maybe a Mercedes but I couldn’t afford the tyres!

M: Do you have a hobbit hole, somewhere special where you write? Or do you just write wherever whenever?

D: Not really, I like peace and quiet; I need a clear mind to write.  Some times when I am immersed in music and nothing can put me off.  Also at night, when it’s still and peaceful.

M: What is your favourite book & why?

D: Wow! That’s a tough one, I am a huge fan of Terry Pratchett but I will give anything a go if it comes highly recommended.  I like short stories too.

But the one book that stands out in my mind is Mort by Terry Pratchett.  It’s so dark but at the same time light hearted. It’s a love story too. I recommend it highly.

M: What is your favourite film & why?

D: Another tough one, you’re really putting me through the mill today!

I like most genres but two films stand out for me.  The Princess Bride because it has a gripping story and keeps me entertained throughout and because it has Colombo in it haha.

M: Wow, The Princess Bride is one of my favourite films too, funny & romantic & Colombo haha!

D: And Star Wars. Light sabres. Need I say more?

M: You’re a boy of course Star Wars.  Which Star Wars character would you be?

D: Ask most people and they would say Han Solo but you have to admire the man in the mask, I don’t mean Darth Vader haha…But of course Bobba Fett, a rouge yes but very cool!  Thank goodness it wasn’t a Star Trek question. Phew.


M: You are very flirty with your followers on twitter; do they make you smile?

D: I do love the banter and it does make me smile when I get so many heartfelt messages and morning tweets.  I am just grateful that they make the time to read my words and talk to me.  Thank you kindly everybody. X.

M: Who’s your favourite tweeter (say me, say me!)?

D: That’s really not fair lol.  I have a few people who I get to talk to on and off the time line and they know who they are but as for a favourite…for once my lips are sealed.

M: Damn!

M: How good looking are you anyway?

D: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I couldn’t comment myself but my Muse likes my appearance and I have been told my eyes are quite dazzling.  But I am not convinced.

M: I think your muse is probably right; you dazzle us with your words anyway!

M: How big is your shower? Is there room for two?

D: My shower is quite small (1.5Mtr X 1Mtr yes I am guessing) so I would say just about, but there may be body contact. If that is required?

M: Oh contact will definitely be required 😉 x

M: How big is your bed? Is there plenty of room to manoeuvre?

D: I have a king size bed and what did you have in mind?

M: Mmmmm….well I’ve got lots of things in mind, how much time do you have?

M: Can I have a hug?

D: Of course you can, all you need do is come find me 😉

M: Damn, I knew there would be a catch!

M: Do you think there is life on Mars?

D: And I instantly think of David Bowie lol, deep under the surface. Maybe but who knows?  Still humming the song…thanks Mags 😀

M: If you had to pick someone famous to play you in a biopic of your life who would you choose?

D: Oh dear…I’d love to say Rupert Everett but I would really love Mr Seth McFarlane to do the honours. If he can nail accent. He wouldn’t need much makeup either.


M: What tv programme would do you set your Sky + for?

D: I don’t have Sky+ or a TiVo box but a dvd Recorder, boring yes.  I have Bones, The Mentalist and Question Time set. You can guess which ones are for my Muse…And I never miss Top Gear.

M: Would you do anything for love?

D: Hmmm…not quite. I probably wouldn’t eat something awful or loose a body part but I am open to suggestion.

Reader question

From debradml

When is he going to publish his works? As I want an Autograph and copy to cherish J 😉 xx

D: Good afternoon Future Girl, when I do…one day, you’ll get your wish. But I have no plans to publish until my body of work expands slightly.  But one day Deb, one day.

Well I’d like to say a big thank you to Darwin for taking the time to answer my questions; I hope you guys enjoyed the interview as much as I did.

There’s just one more thing before I go, is that a new poem I see in your hands?

Under a Starlit Sky by Darwin Blake.

The lovers lie beneath the star lit sky,

The fire built by their hands crackles,

The glow illuminates their bodies,

Waves lazily crash nearby,

A wine bottle drips its last drops in to the beach,

Glasses lie empty,

Food untouched,

Because their hunger is deeper,

The sand between their toes,

The moon watches with interest,

Gentle kisses and soft moans,

Their bodies bathed in moonlight,

Not a soul around,

Alone with each other,

They slowly undress each other,

Sinful thoughts enter each mind,

As one, they think the same,

The heat from their love enough to warm them,

She lays back, the blanket warm against her skin,

His hands charge her body as he touches her flesh,

He slides his hand, snake like, down her body until he finds her,

She moans as he places his hand softly against her lips,

The light bounces off of her body as he massages her softly, 

lowly she reaches down and feels his excitement as he throbs against her hand,

Twitching for her, pulsing for her body,

They moan in to each other as fingers explore,

Waves of pleasure entwine with gentle kisses,

His tongue enters her mouth, she kisses him back,


Eyes widen as she becomes awash with desire for him,

His fingers glide and swirl, her nails grip against his flesh,

Her eyes say it all,

She wants him,

Needs and desires him,

She loves him,

And he loves her,

A gasp,

A bit lip,

Devotion untold,

Take me my love,

Take me here…


22 thoughts on “Mags interviews Darwin Blake: International Poet of Mystery

  1. Susi says:

    Awesome interview!! Darwin always makes me smile, swoon and…. Boba Fett rocks!!
    Great job Mags!!!!


  2. katiebirdie says:

    If anyone would make me want to join Tweeter, it’s this guy. I take it he only posts his work there?


  3. debradml says:

    Reblogged this on Words from across Oceania and commented:
    # Wow another great Interview with The Almost Famous Poet Mr. Darwin Blake ❤ And an amazing new Poem “Under a Starlight Sky” simply beautiful! ~ Debs xox


  4. debradml says:

    Wow guys another great a interview into this wonderful gentleman TY and that Poem *swoon* ❤ Congrats Mags xo

    And I so do hope he Publishes one day soon!!!! Thanks DB for answering my question xo


  5. Mags, I’m in love with the title of this post. A fantastic interview! On top form as usual, Mr Blake. 😉 I’m honoured to be mentioned in this, thank you! xo


  6. Morgan Locklear says:

    Great post! But, you’re just encouraging him with questions about his shower. (I want to know how big his garage is).


  7. Loved this interview!! Also, loved reading about one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing!!


  8. Gladys says:

    What a wonderfully insightful interview ( awesome job, Mags 🙂 ). And, of course, truly enjoyed another beautiful poem by Mr. Blake! Bookish Temptations simply…rocks!


  9. jpress1206 says:

    Heavy sigh…I’m all good now. My day is complete 🙂


  10. Reblogged this on The Red Velvet Chair and commented:
    Questions are answered & more questions formed, when Mr. Darwin Blake sits in the hot seat!


  11. Mags says:

    Thanks for reblogging! Mwah xxx


  12. a wonderful and inciteful interview. plus the joy of new words! X


  13. danatm828 says:

    This was a fantastic interview! Would love to see how much Darwin really looks and sounds like Seth MacFarlane 🙂


  14. Ali g says:

    Loved this interview with Darwin Blake … But as always he leaves us wanting more , hoping he puts his beautiful words into a book I’m using up a lot of ink printing his lovely poetry


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