Tantalizing Tuesdays: The Eyes Tell it All – E. B.

Hello peeps! We meet again! ­čśë Tuesdays are way better than any days yes?! So by now you all knew I’m a sucker to a man with tattoos and with a mesmerizing eyes. So I found this guy who has been molested and ogled by my friend on her iPhone’s screen.LMAO I figured why not feature him on today’s eye candy.

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Classics: Love them or hate them?


Those of you who follow me here on Bookish Temptations since when I first started posting, already know that I have a soft spot for classic novels. In fact, some of the shelves on my library are dedicated to them.

Not all classics are the same, though, that’s for sure. It’s one thing when you read Jane Austen or the Bronte sisters, and quite another when you read, for example, ┬áJoseph Conrad or James Joyce (ugh!! Definitely not one of my favorites). Some of the classic novels I’ve read were very, very hard to get into, some were easier, but all in all I’ve always believed that classics in general can give us a lot in terms of insight, and they provide a lot of food for thought to ponder upon.

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