Illustrated Temptations: The Perfect Game by J. Sterling


Take a look at the photo teasers I made for The Perfect Game by Jenn Sterling. I absofuckinglutely loved this book so much that I rated it with 5 blazing stars that sparkles with a shimmmiiiing sound in the background.;) Why? Because the story is realistic. It makes me laugh, cry, mad, disappointed and name every single kind of emotions that you have to deal with everyday. It’s there. Talk about sports, love, relationships and life… you should definitely grab this book. I fell in love with the characters because of the strong personalities they project. Jack F’n Carter is a bad ass womanizer baseball player with abandonment issues while Cassie is a cheeky strong and a kick ass woman with daddy issues so trust is kind of a hard issue for both. Jenn wrote it from Jack and Cassie’s POV so you get the whole picture in your head. I just love and adore how she executed it perfectly without me wondering whose POV I was reading. This is not a story of a mushy goo kind of a perfect relationship, it is the real thing. The drama it entails when you fall in love. It’s about love-yes, but it’s also about a devastating heartache. I wonder how I was able to handle it all. LOL

All I know is that you must give it a try, you might like it too, and then let me know. 😉

You can also check out Susi’s review.

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