18 and Over: Book Boyfriends and Naughty Gifts

Question of the Week: You just walked into your bedroom to find your favorite book boyfriend lying on your bed with three naughty gifts. Who is it and what are they?

Well, well…this is a fun question to contemplate isn’t it?

I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many favorite book boyfriends…it seems so unfair to make me choose just one…that was the same reaction that Gel had when I asked her and Elena the question. I was wavering between two choices in book boyfriends, but then when I got the responses back from them it became clear which one I’d feature. Why?!? Because, separately we had the same guy on our minds…so here is the answer from all three of us…

Tamie: Professor Gabriel Emerson…Mmmm…I love just saying his name…it’s the kind of name that for me conjures up sensuality and sexuality, and he is definitely ALL THAT! He’s a skilled and giving lover, and a man who knows what he wants <— that right there?!? That’s hot. He’s also a man who can do both the extravagant as well as the simple when it comes to gifts…whether they’re naughty gifts or not. One last thought before I name my naughty gifts…If I walked into my bedroom and Gabriel was on my bed?!? That alone would be good enough cuz I’m absolutely certain we could do all kinds of naughty without any gifts…KWIM?!?

Tamie’s wishlist  choices:

A purple, silk blindfold

A book of erotic poetry by one of my favorite poets

Flavored massage oils

…and a naughty good time ensued 😉

Here’s what Gel said:

Hmm. I can only pick 1 book bf?!? Ugh

Anyways, I’ll have to go with The Professor, no questions about that. I love the fact that he’s sensually gentle and subtle in bed,  and he always looks after his lady.

My 3 naughty gifts that I would be very much gladly accept anytime will be…
1. Strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce

2. A blindfold

3.  handcuffs

…nuff said

and here are Elena’s thoughts:

Book boyfriend: The Professor

3 naughty gifts:

1) strawberries and chocolate

2) a corset

3) a pair of dangerous high heels


If by some chance you don’t know the Professor yet? You need to!

Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard is the place to start…

Now…tell us YOUR book boyfriend and naughty gifts wishlist 😉

Tamie, Gel, and Elena

8 thoughts on “18 and Over: Book Boyfriends and Naughty Gifts

  1. Hmm, I wouldn’t mind Daniel from Tiffany Reisz’s stories waiting in my bed for me. As for naughty gifts–something we could use together so some nice lube, and a lovely toy (like a really good vibrator) and I’m thinking he himself would be the 3rd gift!


  2. annie says:

    only one???? *pouts* that’s a bit unfair,you know???????
    anyway,my choice is clear…..here it is…..
    Book Boyfriend: Christian Grey
    my 3 naughty gifts would be:
    1. Leather handcuffs
    2. Strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce
    3. Gray silk woven tie
    though having him in my bed would be enough……


  3. puppymom73 says:

    I’m in a Gideon Cross place right now. Gideon, definitely chocolate covered strawberries, heated massage oils, and a blind fold. Hmmmm…


  4. Katrina says:

    Oh, You girls are on my wave link. When I read this question the first person in my thoughts was Gabriel! Awww, The Professor! The first gift was the warming massage oil! So, now to think on the other two gifts…I think the corset and pair of f@%k me shoes!


  5. Michelle says:

    Jesse Ward from this Man. Since I chose Jesse, he would have to bring peanut butter. I would also want chocolate and whipped cream like he used with Ava!


  6. Margie says:

    My pick would be The Professor! He is so smart, sexy and makes me swoon! Even when he’s an ass he’s hot! I love him! He is my modern day Darcy!
    Hot Heels for me to fall down wearing.
    Strawberries & wine…(very Pretty Woman)
    A book of his choice to read to me in bed 🙂


  7. Brooke says:

    wow, it’s hard to choose just one. But if I have to, I’d have to say Kellan Kyle. To tell you the truth all I need is him without clothes.


  8. Mary Bilowus says:

    Gideon Cross- handcuffs, whipped cream and a silk blindfold


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